120+ unique names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls

120+ unique names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls

Many tribes and ethnic groups consider the end of life a taboo subject. As a result, many people are afraid of it. Even so, there are numerous names that mean death in various communities. Some parents choose not to give their children names with negative meanings, while some are okay with it.

last names that mean death
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A name is the identity given to a person, usually at birth. Many parents prefer names with positive meanings. There are parents who choose names that mean death for their kids for one reason or another.

Names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls

Names that mean darkness or death are scary to numerous people. However, some parents have opted to use them because they are unique. Below is a collection of boy and girl names associated with demise and darkness.

Boy names that mean death and darkness

Loss of life and darkness are seldom mentioned when people choose names for their newborn babies. Some parents choose names with dark meanings for spiritual and traditional reasons.

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Male names starting with the letters A to J

Below is a collection of unique boy names that mean darkness or demise starting with the first ten letters of the alphabet.

  • Abaddon: Doom in Hebrew
  • Abdulbaith: Servant of one who brings forth sorrow
  • Achmetha: Brother of grief
  • Admatha: A cloud of demise in Persian
  • Ahimoth: Brother of demise in Hebrew
  • Ajal: Dying hour
  • Amartya: Deathless or immortal in Sanskrit
  • Ankou: The spirit of the last person who has died in a community
  • Anpu: The god of demise and destruction in Egypt
  • Archemoros: The forerunner of demise in Greek
  • Anubis: To decay in Egyptian
  • Arius: Darkness without an end
  • Athanasius: Immortal or defies the inevitable
  • Azrail: Angel of sorrow and suffering
  • Azvameth: Powerful and strong destruction
  • Baladan: Son of the grim reaper
  • Benoni: Son of sorrow
  • Berodach: Son of demise
  • Cain: Father of murder
  • Claeg: One who is subjected to the demise
  • Clay: A mortal doomed to fail
  • Dearil: Call of demise
  • Djall: The devil in Latin
  • Donn: The dark one in Celtic
  • Doyle: A dark stranger
  • Ernesh: Battle of life
  • Erysichthon: One who is cursed and doomed to death
  • Fedude: Death has ended in Ijaw
  • Hades: Dark god of the underworld
  • Hadeon: Destroyer in Ukrainian
  • Hazarmaveth: Dwelling of demise
  • Jabez: Hebrew for sorrow
  • Janardan: Liberator of the cycle of life and extinction
  • Javaraya: The god of suffering and demise
  • Jolon: Valley of the dead oaks

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names that mean death
Names that mean death. Photo: pexels.com, @Truth Enock
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Male names starting with the letters K to Z

Here are some first and last names that mean death or darkness starting with the letters K to Z.

  • Kalakuta: Potion of death
  • Kalaraja: Lord of extinction
  • Kalayavan: Dreadful as death itself
  • Kaliya: The end of time
  • Kek: Egyptian god of darkness
  • Lefu: Death in Sotho
  • Letum: Destruction in Roman
  • Mabuz: Ruler of the non-living castle
  • Manes: To the spirits of the dead in Roman
  • Maveth: Death in Hebrew
  • Melwas: Prince of demise in Welsh
  • Meremoth: Bitter myrrh of death
  • Merripen: To die
  • Methusael: One who demands his demise
  • Morte: Death
  • Mot: Extinction in Ugaritic
  • Mortimer: Dead water in French
  • Mortis: Death in Latin
  • Mrithun: Lord of demise
  • Nastrond: Show of demise
  • Osiris: The judge of the underworld and the god of the non-living
  • Runihara: The destroyer
  • Sephtis: Eternal death in Persian
  • Shi: Death in Chinese
  • Shinigami: The Japanese god of demise
  • Shiryo: Dead spirit in Japanese
  • Supay: The god of demise in Inka
  • Tartarus: A hellish place
  • Than: The end
  • Thanatos: To die in Greek
  • Tomoe: Japanese for demise
  • Tuwile: Death is inevitable
  • Voldemort: Fight of death
  • Yama: Hindu god of demise

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what are some names that mean death
What are some names that mean death? Photo: pexels.com, @Anna Shvets
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Female names that mean death or darkness

Many parents will not give their little princesses names with negative meanings. However, some choose such names because of cultural, spiritual, or other reasons.

Girl names that mean death or darkness starting with the letters A to L

Check out this collection of female names that mean death or darkness starting with the letters A to L.

  • Abiba: First child born after the death of a grandmother
  • Adaliah: Poverty and cloud of demise
  • Achlys: Death mist in Greek
  • Adrienne: The dark one
  • Agrona: Goddess of strife and slaughter
  • Allani: The Hurrian Goddess of the underworld
  • Amaia: The end
  • Angerona: Roman goddess of fear, extinction, and silence
  • Asaka: Japanese for a beautiful demise
  • Bacia: Family demises that ruined the home
  • Bashemath: Confusion of death
  • Bronach: Sorrow, sadness, and darkness
  • Cessair: Sorrow and affliction in Irish
  • Chiwa: Eternal rest or demise in Japanese
  • Clotho: Spinner of the thread of life
  • Coatlicue: Skirt of snakes
  • Dabria: Angel of demise and sorrow
  • Darci/ Darcia: The stubborn and dark one
  • Deianeira: Slayer of man
  • Desdemona: Ill-fated in Greek
  • Deyanira: The destroyer of man
  • Dolores: Sorrow and darkness
  • Ereshkigal: Sumerian goddess of the non-living and the underworld
  • Ernaline: Battle to the end
  • Freyja: The lady of demise
  • Hecate: Greek goddess of evil, crossroads, tombs, demons, and the underworld
  • Ilamatecuhtil: Aztec goddess of fertility and demise
  • Kali: Hindu goddess associated with death, doomsday, and time
  • Kalma: The stench of a corpse in Finnish
  • Keket: Egyptian goddess of darkness
  • Keres: Doom in Greek
  • Kritanta: Indian god of fatality
  • Libitina: To die in Roman or the Roman goddess of funerals and extinction
  • Lilith: Of the night in Akkadian
  • Lola: Spanish for sorrow
  • Loralai: Lurer of demise
  • Loreley: The demise of a man
  • Louhi: A goddess of death

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what are girl names that mean death
What are girl names that mean death? Photo: pexels.com, @Sasha Kim
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Female names starting with the letters K to Z

Here are unique names for girls starting with the letters K to Z.

  • Mallory: Ill-omened or unfortunate in French
  • Mara: Bitterness or sorrow
  • Marama: A death goddess
  • Marzana: Death in Polish
  • Morana: The goddess of winter and extinction in Slavic
  • Morella: To die
  • Morrigan: A goddess of suffering and war in Irish
  • Naenia: The Roman goddess of funerals
  • Nekane: Sorrows in Basque
  • Nephthys: The Egyptian goddess of the air, non-living, and mourning
  • Omisha: Spirit of birth and demise
  • Orcus: Bringer of demise in Greek
  • Persefoni/ Persephone: Bringer of extinction
  • Proserpina: Bringer of death
  • Smierc: Demise in Polish
  • Solikha: Flower of demise in Sanskrit
  • Tamasvi: One who has darkness inside
  • Tamela: Dark
  • Tamisra: Full of darkness
  • Tanda: Seer of life and death
  • Thana: The end of life
  • Tristana: Sadness and darkness
  • Valdis: The dead

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What Greek name means death?

Archemoros, Thanatos, Achlys, Desdemona, Hecate, Keres, and Orcus are Greek names that mean demise or darkness.

What name means eternal death?

Sephtis means eternal death in Persian.

What are some names that mean death?

Many names from different parts of the world mean demise. Check out the collection of over 120 options listed earlier in the article.

What are girl names that mean death?

Adaliah, Angerona, Chiwa, Desdemona, Kali, Louhi, Smierc, and Proserpina are female names associated with demise. Check out more names in the previous sections.

What are last names that mean death?

Most of the names listed in the article can be used as last names. Ensure you check them out and pick the one you like best.

For many people, names that mean death are scary and should not be used. However, some choose them for their children for cultural and spiritual reasons.

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Yen.com.gh recently published names that mean innocent and pure heart for boys and girls. It is indisputable that kids are born pure and innocent.

A name is one of the most important things in life because it gives a human being identity. Many parents want names that mean innocent for their little boys and girls because names affect the adoption of behaviours and mannerisms.

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