Bank tellers salary in Ghana and qualifications for employment

Bank tellers salary in Ghana and qualifications for employment

Bank tellers in Ghana and the world are very important to the bank and to its customers. The bank teller job includes handling money transfers, money orders, deposits, withdrawals, and transactions. Bank tellers are one of the most influential groups of people in the bank as they interact directly with the customers, and the bank tellers salary in Ghana reflects this. But is it a lucrative career?

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So, who is a bank teller? A teller is a bank employee who interacts directly with the customers. This position is referred to using different names, the most famous being a cashier or a customer representative The average bank tellers salary in Ghana ranges from 749 GHS to 1584 GHS. The exact amount that you will get will depend on the bank you are working for and the number of things you are responsible for. However, the amount should fall in this range.

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Application for employment as a bank teller

Application for a bank teller job is not something that should be taken lightly. It is important to be well prepared before you take the first step. You will need to know what is required and what the job description is so that you can plan your way forward. It is important to remember that not everyone is cut out for this job. However, if you have all the requirements plus the qualities that will make you better at your job, then go for it.

The job description of a bank teller

Job descriptions are basically what your employer will expect from you if you get the job. It is important that you read it thoroughly and include as many of the qualities listed as you can in your resume. This will dramatically increase your chances of employment. Here is an example of a job description:

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We are looking for a bank teller that will provide exceptional services to our customers, accept deposits, process payments, and handle withdrawals. You will also respond to customer requests and inquiries, recommend bank products, maintain and balance cash supplies, and keep track of all bank records. A professional and customer-focused attitude will be appreciated.

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Bank teller duties and responsibilities

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At the beginning of a shift, a teller takes note of the amount of money that is in their drawer and does the same for the remaining cash at the end of their shift. This is to ensure that deposits are accounted for accurately. Tellers work from stations where they handle all of the customer transactions. Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Check cashing, deposits, transfers
  • Savings deposits and withdrawals
  • Issuing negotiable items: cashier's cheques, traveler's cheques, money orders, and federal draft issuance
  • Payment collecting
  • Bank product promotion
  • Business referrals(trust, insurance, lending, e.t.c.)
  • Cash advances
  • Listening to customers issues
  • Balancing the vault, cash drawers, ATMs, and TAUs
  • Ordering products for the customers like cheques and deposit slips
  • Batching and processing proof work like payment coupons and counter slips

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Bank teller requirements for the job

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Contrary to what most people believe, getting the bank cashier job is not easy. You will be required to provide documents that prove you are qualified for the job. The qualifications are vital since the bank will need to confirm that you can be trusted to handle the clients' funds. To land this job, you will need:

  • High school diploma, or any equivalent documents.
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred).
  • Experience with handling cash. There are banks that offer on-the-job-training.
  • Basic math and computer skills.
  • To pass a background check.

Qualities of a bank teller

The customer’s view of the bank entirely depends on the teller. Because of this, there are qualities that the bank looks for that help tellers interact better with customers. Tellers are also the people most likely to spot fraudulent activities taking place at the bank and are solely responsible for preventing losses at a lot of banks. These are only some of the reasons why banks are very careful when hiring them.

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Apart from the academic requirements, success in this job needs some qualities that not everyone has. This is the most important part to consider when applying for a position. Since the employees are vital to the performance of the bank, banks put a lot of emphasis on hiring the best tellers. This job involves interacting with customers during every minute of your shift. Every customer is different, therefore, you will need to have a different approach to keep each of them satisfied.

To be a great bank teller, you will need to have:

  • Excellent people skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Great attention to detail. In this job, mistakes can be very costly.
  • Ability to provide speedy service.
  • The ability to multitask.
  • Discretion. Bank tellers handle a lot of information that should remain private.
  • Motivation and enthusiasm for work.

A teller's job is a crucial one. They are the point of contact between the institution and its clients. Look up the banks near you to see which one you would like to work in. Ensure that you find out all the amounts they pay and pick the one you prefer to the others. Learn about bank tellers salary in Ghana and get your dream job today.

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