6 hard truths about why most Ghanaian women don't like a guy with 6 packs

6 hard truths about why most Ghanaian women don't like a guy with 6 packs

Let's be honest with ourselves, it is the dream of all men to look stunning and fit. t becomes more fulfilling when they are even able to keep a flat tummy or a 'six-pack'.

In fact, if you hit the gyms in Ghana today, you will find our dear brothers and fathers working out just to have this feature of a flat and muscular tummy.

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But there are concerns, most ladies, interestingly, do not and will never go in for a guy with six packs especially when what she wants is something more from intelligence and power and not looks.

6 hard truths about why most Ghanaian women don't like a guy with 6 packs
6 hard truths about why most Ghanaian women don't like a guy with 6 packs

These 6 pointers could help us understand why some Ghanaian ladies are not interested in guys with a six-pack.

1. All these guys think about is their looks

Ask most ladies out there about what they think about guys who spend days or even hours at the gym and they will make u understand that such guys are not dating material. It is a fact that most young men who are always regular at the gym for the purposes of looking good do so to please their ego. That is all they think about. This could have a negative effect on the relationship.

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2. Beauty does not bring food to the table

Times are hard and every woman will want to have a man who is concerned about putting his family first and not that of his stomach. Most Ghanaian women will tell you that looking good is only a plus in a relationship an not a necessity. It is all about being able to support your family as a man and not how many packs you have on your tummy, who cares?

3. Most gym folks are broke

What do you think about this perception that most young men who always regular the gym are not financially stable? Well, some women feel this way. That most young guys we often see at these gyms working out for the muscles and six packs are as broke as a church mouse! Maybe this perception is because of the fact that most guys who regular the gym are unemployed folks who use the metals and treadmills as a means to keep them busy all day rather than staying home doing nothing.

4. Infidelity

One of the major reasons women doubt men who look like models is the issue of infidelity. There is no denying the fact that men who regular gyms are proclived to have some attraction with other women at the gym as well. This is the fear of most single women.

5. Insecurity

This fear of women as explained above is what creates the panic and insecurity. The fear of him dating the gym instructor or someone else who looks fitter and beautiful than they normally look. Unfortunately, this often ruins a relationship.

6. Competition

It has been seen that most relationships where one partner is actively involved in gym classes suffer issues of competition. In fact, most men who regular the gym always urge their woman to do same and look good. But what if she is not the gym kind of woman? This is where issues of competition and trying to look better than your partner steps in.

Please note! We are not saying men who gym are not marriage material or bad and terrible liars, in fact, gyming is a good thing to stay healthy. All we are trying to say is that most women will never consider a man with six packs who looks like a Hollywood model, simple!

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