African wear styles: Trending in 2021 (photos)

African wear styles: Trending in 2021 (photos)

African wear styles have always been outstanding and appealing. The fabrics, in particular, are part of African heritage with profound cultural values. From time to time, designers have been meticulously playing around with such material in creating something exquisite. This year's styles for both men and women attest to their high level of skills and creativity.

African wear

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What are you wearing right now? Your dress or attire probably has African prints, some of the easiest when it comes to styling. The use of kente, Kitenge, batakari, among other materials, is what brands African styles.

There is always an ever-growing demand for new dresses, consequently keeping stylists on toes. Fortunately, they have not been disappointing as African outfits are pieces of art.

African wear styles 2021

Latest African wear for men and ladies are nothing short of perfection. They are professionally designed and look simply fabulous. Whether it is collard or button-down dress, the choices are innumerable.

Modern African print dresses you must choose

Indeed, you can match your African wear with whatever you desire, either a jacket, a pair of leggings or an off-shoulder top. The versatility is just impressive. African attires come in different shades like orange, green, deep red and many more. Choose your preferred fabric and style and adorn the attire of your dreams.

African wear for ladies

If you have ever attended an African wedding, you know the colourful attire worn by women to express their traditional values. Many ladies’ outfits are usually long, classy and always sophisticated.

However, in recent times, short dresses have taken back the limelight and always spotted at various events. They are usually meant for a casual look, even though some of them blend seamlessly in a traditional set-up.

Brown Kente fabric clothing

African wear

Image:, @chidera
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What would African wear for ladies be without the brown kente dress design? Brown colour in kente fabric is culturally linked to royalty and monetary wealth, and this dress depicts that. The unique design of short sleeves yet still comfortably fitting brings out the feminine curves impeccably.

African polished cotton dresses for ladies

This African wear for ladies is well-tailored for a confident and daring woman. It's made to fitting size, and everything precisely cut to give the wearer ideal appeal.

Ankara short flare gowns

African wear

Image:, @Idah Gachuche
Source: UGC

Are you looking for a simple, decent gown for a date night? Well, look no further as this decent dress will solve your dilemma. With a flare on the bottom half, it can surely give you all the comfort you need.

It can be paired with neutral coloured heels and attractive accessories. One good thing about this dress is that it blends well with any kind of body shape be it hourglass or plus size. It's one of the best African wear for ladies.

Halter top maxi dress

African wear

Image:, @Omaa Adaobi
Source: UGC

Are you looking for the best dress styles for women? Don't worry; designers have been creating incredible and artistic designs for ladies for a very long time. Without a doubt, you will find something fancy to adorn, and the halter Ankara dress is one ideal example.

Top trending African print styles for office

This is for ladies who are bold and confident in their bodies. It's a perfect outfit for flashy events. Since it is loose-fitting, it gives you all the comfort you need. You can settle on the colour you desire to match your hairstyle or headwrap that you have always wanted to adorn to an event.

Laced dress African wear

African wear

Image:, @tinta kashweka
Source: UGC

Even though it may appear simple, it perfectly complements classy and elegant women. It's a beautiful dress that gives a lot of freedom for body movement and relaxation. It also has off-shoulder straps which give enough room for conspicuous accessories around the neck.

Body-con Ankara dress

African wear

Image:, @Abigail Doyle
Source: UGC

When in need of an elegant and versatile dress, this is the right one for you. It is one of the most popular African wear for ladies because of its simplicity and multidimensional nature. The dress' tight-fitting nature gives an edgy and beautiful look yet decent and reserved.

These are the new types of African dresses which are trending in the market

It’s one of the most trending dress styles this year. It's usually ideal for lean and tall ladies who have an hourglass look, as it usually streams down the body contours enhancing the natural body image. Complementing it with a thin unique belt, a small purse, and simple jewellery will undoubtedly make you stand out in any boardroom.

Aside from boardroom meetings, with its simple layout, this dress, is very much ideal for family get-together events, especially when visiting your in-laws.

Pencil Ankara dress

African wear

Image:, @Rosemary Wanja
Source: UGC

It doesn't get better than this as this is a fantastic outfit for slim bodies. It is one of the ideal African wear styles for church, but it would fit practically anywhere else. It blends well with the body curves making you look not only bold but beautiful as well.

It's mostly preferable for evening dates, but you can as well wear it confidently into a formal meeting. Killing two birds with one stone is what this dress proposes.

African print maxi dress styles

Dashiki short dress

African wear

Image:, @Missy Pearson
Source: UGC

A fabric that was once left for loosely fitting shirts has been transformed to make magnificent and splendid short dresses, thanks to creative designers. This appealing African wear is now irresistible and makes ladies look attractive.

Long dress kitenge design

African wear

Image:, @Evana Vice
Source: UGC

Many African designers put more emphasis on long dresses because of how royal and elegant they tend to be. The prints also naturally add flavour and uniqueness in them, making them marvellous and appealing to the eyes.

When we talk about class and perfection, these dresses know precisely how to portray such elements. This design is magnificent, well-fitting and vividly reveals the feminine figure. Regardless of the African fabric used, an experienced stylist would know precisely how and where to make the right cuts.

Traditional Ankara dress

African wear

Image:, @Ngfoslara
Source: UGC

How about going deep with African wear and making it extremely traditional? It is an excellent idea considering the outrageous fashion ideas emanating from Europe and America. Traditional dresses are part of our culture and hence will not vanish from the stores anytime soon.

Matching African print styles for couples to try in 2019

This dress is mainly worn during ceremonies. They are usually simple and incorporate many traditional accessories for a typical African theme.

You can have the dress designed in orange, green, blue and purple colours to depict royalty, love, harmony, and femininity. All colours and patterns have a deeper meaning and therefore, are worn according to the nature of the ceremony. For instance, this was a wedding. There are also other patterns and colours for a similar wedding ceremony that are equally beautiful and stunning.

Men African wear

Fashion styles and trendy outfits are not only for ladies and the female gender. Men can also be as stylish as women, and it is quite easy with numerous men African wear from different designers. For a very long time men seemed dormant and conservative, but no more, they can now be as elegant as ladies.

This notion has taken a different turn as African wear for men has been well explored by today's designers. There are varied designs, many of which are simple but fascinating.

Best African prints styles for attending a graduation

Simple dashiki suit

African wear

Image:, @Asara Alah
Source: UGC

A while back, dashiki outfit was mainly worn by Muslim men. It then went on to become a loosely fitting shirt that acted as a trademark for African heritage. It was mainly worn by African diplomats in foreign countries, musicians of African descent and many African-American human rights' activists.

That aspect drastically changed in this modern era, as stylists came up with dashiki outfits that are so marvellous and well-tailored for robust African men. This design is one of the most contemporary, giving a unique blend of a modern and traditional look. Give this African wear a try; you will love the fantastic appeal that it accords the wearer.

Three-piece Dashiki shirt

African wear

Image:, @Olusegun Jason
Source: UGC

There is nothing as great as wearing something so elegantly designed by the crème del a crème in the clothing industry. This three-piece Dashiki shirt is nothing short of amazing. It can be adorned with brown or black shoes to complement the traditional, yet classy look.

Latest skirt and top styles in Ghana

This is for the men who want to keep classy yet casual. It's a modern man's attire. The choice of colour is also bold and edgy.

Batakari wear for men

African wear

Image:, @Theresa Nartey
Source: UGC

Aside from Dashiki, there are also other inspiring African wear styles for men. Batakari has been trending for some time now, and it is a nationally recognized attire in Ghana. From the below design, you will notice that Batakari has some close resemblance to Dashiki. However, it has stripped smocks that are specifically made of thick, hand-woven cloth with black and white stripes running a full course.

The black and white stripes usually alternate in a manner that brings a varying shade of colour and overall intensity. The helm is also deliberately left with some short lengths hanging free as a way of uniqueness and dazzling work of art.

Kente print

African wear

Image:, @aniah Whittaker
Source: UGC

Kente is another amazingly popular African wear style for men all over the world. It is highly exploited by ladies when coming up with their traditional attire styles. But then again, ladies need to be complemented by a matching gentleman right by their side, and so men are equally considered.

Latest African wear styles 2020

It's an exclusive print mainly worn for traditional ceremonies, but aside from that, it's also among the standard pieces of cloth known to generate latest fashion styles. The style may be as simple as adding a patch of print at a very conspicuous section of a shirt or sweater or sophisticated.

You can wear this traditional attire to a royal party, for instance, or even a wedding. The fabric is simply wrapped around the body while crossing over the chest region. This considerably signifies cultural African wear styles for men. Some accessories such as a traditional necklace and wristband may be used to give the outfit an antique touch.

African wear for kids

Of course, African dresses styles could not have been that successful and stunning were it not for the creative touch of talented designers. They make beautiful designs for men, women and children as well. Imagine wearing matching outfits for the entire family – is it not amazing?

Best Men African Wear For Engagement For A Unique And Memorable Wedding

Dashiki top for girls

African wear

Image:, @Africa Imports
Source: UGC

This attire is probably one of the best and fashionable African wear for kids. Dashiki is a renowned ethnic style adorned by native Africans, and they look amazing on these mini fashionistas. One can choose any style they desire, and it can be embroidered sleeveless or a v-neckline design.

Kaftan design

African wear

Image:, @Jennifer Reid
Source: UGC

One of the greatest things about kids is that you can dress them whatever style you desire because of their versatility. Even if you get it wrong the first time, you have probably not outstretched your budget to try another look and make your child look amazing.

The Kaftan look is one of the most vibrant, and one can embellish with pearls or crystal stones to make them look beautiful. You can even do mixed colours to make it appear more picturesque. If you want to match it with your child's hairstyle, you can go for a matching shade – options are endless.

Ankara blazers for boys

African wear

Image:, @Nozzie
Source: UGC

Boys do not have to be left out in the African wear craze, and with just a simple blazer, they can look great. The blazer blends well with a simple button-down shirt and any matching trouser. They can even adorn the fantastic African wear with boots to boost their look.

Ankara shorts

No parent can resist this incredible African wear for kids because of its versatility and comfort. Even better, Ankara shorts can be worn by both boy and girls. You can pair them up with comfortable plain t-shirts or anything else that matches the desired appearance.

What African wear do you fancy? You can choose whatever style you find suitable for your desired appearance. Don't forget your kid when selecting African attire; they can look as good as you if you make the right choice. explored the numerous Agbada styles for men in 2021. The African wear style is one of the most popular in Africa and has been given different upheavals by designers all over the continent. It is ubiquitous in the western region of the continent but is fast being adopted by other parts of the continent.

Whether you prefer the all-black agbada design or the brown, short-sleeved look, the style will look amazing when worn. African men wear the design to express their traditional African values wherever they go.

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