Shatta Wale and wife issue

Shatta Wale and wife issue

Shatta Wale and wife seemed to be doing so good and their relationship seemed to be going strong. They even went ahead to post their love affections on their Snapchat accounts. With a son and the wealth they had accumulated, many fans would want to know what could have really gone wrong in their paradise.

Shatta Wale and wife issue

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Earlier this year, there were rumors that the couple had broken up after Michy was thrown out of their home for cheating. Days later, Michy came out saying that she and her man were doing good and that she was truly committed to him. Shatta Michy went ahead to give her fans some tips on how a relationship can remain successful especially in this millennial generation where commitment is a big issue.

This time round, reports show that things between Shatta Wale and wife are quite bad since Michy, his wife and also baby mama posted on Facebook accusing him of him threatening her with a gun and also abusing her. Shatta claimed that she had a tendency of chasing him with a knife. This seems dangerous and scary! However many fans speculate that is just mere publicity that has been done by the ex-couple since the posts in April last month. Michy went on to say that she was relieved being single and they are both living their lives differently. It will be interesting to watch what will happen since the couple share a son named Shatta Majesty.

Shatta Wale and wife issue

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According to some shocking claim made recently Shatta left because Michy was having affairs outside their relationship with another man. This claim was from a woman on Facebook who did a video telling those that cared to watch the video. The video done by the woman known as said that the reason why Shatta claimed to have been abused was just to cover up for her strange ordeals. The drama seems to be getting juicier by day.

The drama has been going on for a while since Ara B, Shatta Wale’s former friend and colleague, dragged Michy in his fall out with Shatta claiming that she was even having sexual relations with other women who allegedly were her friends, she was addicted to drugs and simply a cheat who having sex with her man’s friends.

Shatta Michy as many would describe is a beautiful hot lass who many men would want her by their side. Even though they were not officially married their loved ones understood their situation and were in support of the relationship. According to Wale, the mother of one was still undertaking her studies and he was also focused on doing other things that would take up their time hence, they had not settled for marriage. However from the drama, marriage seems like a big thing for them, huh!

Shatta Wale and wife issue

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Shatta Wale seems to have moved on

After ending their relationship online, Shatta seems to have found a new catch who is also said to be a musician and from her twerking video, she is good!. Bigail, the new catch seems to be enjoying the attention and publicity that are coming with Shatta to her life. However it seems she may not be headed anywhere since the fans are team Shatta Michy as they continue to hope there will be a makeup process. Some fans have gone ahead to call her out as a lesser beauty as compared to Michy and saying that she cannot be a perfect replacement of Michy. With Bigail being new in the industry she seems to have lots to learn in order to be as ‘classy’ as Michy according to the fans. Here is a photo of Bigail the new catch.

Shatta Wale and wife issue

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Latest reports indicate that Michy has told her mother that she will not be reconciling with the rapper and baby daddy. She said that she had had enough of abuse however the rapper has said that the claims are not true. She used her Instagram account to say what she had told her mother and that is why it may not be possible for them to get back together. This is heart breaking for the fans that were rooting for a reconciliation between the two.

Also the rapper has boasted of having sexual relations with another woman which may also cause more tension between them. It is also reported that the rapper was seen kissing another woman. Too much heartache for Michy there!

More juicy drama for Shatta Wale’s girl

Some time back, Shatta Wale’s feud with fellow colleague Criss Waddle led to fans comparing their girls Michy and SaabaThe heated debate among fans was between their beauty and the machines they were driving. Michy was driving a 2011 Hyundai sedan whereas Saaba had a Mercedes at the time of comparison. Michy had received this car from Shatta and replaced it with her old Camry. Both cars are unique in their own ways and very expensive in purchasing as well as maintaining. When it comes to beauty, we all know that our definition of beauty is not standard and again it is up to you to judge.

Shatta Wale and wife issue


Shatta Wale and his daughter

Did you know that Shatta also has a daughter who is ten years and the beautiful little girl is Cherissa. His baby girl could have been born when the dad was struggling and trying to make ends meet. Wale love for her daughter is seen through the sweet words he posted on her birthday.

Shatta Wale and wife issue

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How Shatta Wale rose to fame

His real name Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr and he has been able to get a huge following from people that enjoy he’s dance hall music, but he still got some haters. He has been in the industry over a decade and he is still impressing and adored by his fans. He’s best song according to fans so far is ‘ Dancehall king’ which made him win the best artist in 2014. He’s hard work and positive energy was finally appreciated and noticed following the release of many songs that hit the airwaves in Ghana. He’s now rubbing shoulders with high and mighty with the industry the likes of Joyce Blessing.

What is Shatta Wale net worth?

Shatta Wale is reportedly to have signed a great mega deal with a well-known entertainment record label. The deal is said to be massive which is good and the artist totally deserves because his journey in the music industry has not been easy. According to a report from once the news have been verified as truehe will be pocketing 1.5 million dollars which will make him the highest signed Ghanaian musician. This deal ofcourse is under a certain period of time and he will receive a brand new luxury car as well as a modern beautiful house. The car is estimated to cost around 450,000 dollars. This news are mouthwatering and he is finally living a dream.

Other reports have also showed that he is set to venture in a movie where he will be the main star. The movie set to be directed by the able KobiRana is also another source of income to Wale especially if the movie does well in the market. His songs, his involvement as Gunniess Ghana Breweries and Rush Energy drink as their main ambassador has increased his income which according to Forbes 2017 was approximately 6.2 million dollars. This will continue to increase since he’s active in the industry.

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Shatta Wale and wife issue

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Here are some of Shatta Wale songs

Having been present in the music industry the controversial star has had some a good number of his songs being successful. Here are some of them:

Shatta Wale- Taking Over featuring Joint 77, Addi Self and Captan.

According to fans the song makes them feel proud to be part of that country. The song has been done so well which has earned them 4million plus views on Youtube.

Shatta Wale- Ayoo

This is more of a battle song which addresses the issues in the country from politics to the music industry which he is involved in more. However this song did not go well with some but he is used to this kind of controversy. Ayoo is one of his most popular songs that he has done.

Shatta Wale featuring Michy- Low Tempo

The couple is not only good in relationship affairs but even in the music studio.This song was done by the two love birds which boosted its popularity and made fans want more collaboration in the future. It was more of the Jayz and Beyonce drunk in love! Their different input to this song also made it better and a great hit which he personally produced. However with their current relationship struggles another future collaboration may seem impossible. Who wants to work with an ex anyway? You can find the video on youtube and you could leave your comments there.

Shatta Wale and wife issue

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Shatta Wale with Burna Boy- Hosanna

This song was a great success as it featured both the Ghanaian and Nigerian celebrated Burna Boy in it. The song has over 3.2 million views on YouTube which according to many fans describe as dope and a mad tune! They should definitely do more collaboration in the future.

Shatta Wale- Umbrella

The song’s message was directed to people with partners and its importance to act as an umbrella to your significant partner. This song was a success and hit the airwaves more than most songs.

Shatta Wale new songs

If you are still thinking that 2018 is still young and passing time it is not the same case with Shatta Wale who in four months now has produced these songs.

Shatta Wale- Gallis Party

The song was released at the start of the year 2018 has garnered close to 29,000 views with fans appreciating their dancehall king. You should listen to the song in case you have not.

Shatta Wale- Shito

You can find this song on youtube which is a 3minute11 second song produced by Damaker. It currently has over 90,000 views which have both critics and lovers. We urge you to listen to it and be the judge.

Shatta Wale and Shenseea- The way I move

Some fans describe this song as an international material which shows how good the music has been done. With more than 1 million views the song is fire and you need to watch the video on Youtube or any other source of your interest. Shenseea impact to this song is amazing with its release being in February of this year.

Shatta Wale and wife issue

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Shatta Wale- Gringo

Despite his songs failing to receive many views his latest release Gringo has sparked various reactions. The song only being one week old is close to having 1 million views. Just to give you a hint the video is more of a movie and has been named gringo which is an abusive name for white people. We urge you to watch the video, it is worth your time.

How many followers does Shatta Wale have on Instagram?

The self- declared king of African dance hall has a huge massive following with over 700,000 followers. Shatta wale Instagram has over 2113 posts which most include fans dancing to his music.

We do hope that this information has given you more details on your superstar Shatta Wale.

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