What are Care Bears' names? Bear names, colours, and pictures

What are Care Bears' names? Bear names, colours, and pictures

What is your favourite Care Bear character? Whoever it is, you will agree that the franchise has become an enduring symbol of love, empathy, and kindness. Its colourful characters represent different emotions or virtues. Their names carry a unique charm and message of concern, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth. Do you know all the Care Bears' names, colours, and pictures?

Care Bears names
Various Care Bears characters are on display. Photo: @carebears on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Care Bears are multi-coloured characters initially painted in 1981 by artist Elena Kucharik. Originally intended for use on greeting cards, the creators instead turned them into plush teddys and have since featured them in various media. Each character is a different colour or shade with a unique image on its stomach representing its personality and caring mission.

Care Bears names and pictures

What are all the Care Bears called? These ten original characters appeared on American Greetings cards in 1982. They include Tenderheart, Cheer, Birthday, Friend, Funshine, Good Luck, Grumpy, Grumpy, Love-a-Lot, Bedtime and Wish Bear.

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1. Tenderheart Bear

Care Bears names
Tenderheart Bear teddys from the Care Bears franchise are being displayed. Photo: @carebears_thailand, @taoounshop on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Fur colour: Brown/Brown-orange
  • Belly badge: Red heart
  • Gender: Male

Tenderheart is one of the original Care Bears characters and is their leader. He is a brown character with a big red heart and a pink belly outline. Tenderheart loves and knows a lot about helping others share their feelings.

2. Birthday Bear (replaced by Share Bear in 2002)

Care Bears names
Birthday Bears from the Care Bears franchise are being displayed. Photo: @miffyusa8899, @birdieshopp on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Fur colour: Golden yellow
  • Belly badge: Pink cupcake
  • Gender: Male

Birthday Bear (or Share Bear from 2002) is known for celebrating everyone's special day. He is a golden-yellow character with a pink frosted cupcake and a single-lit candle birthday cake on his belly. This character is famous for his party-planning and cake-making skills.

3. Cheer Bear

Care Bears names
Cheer Bears from the Care Bears franchise are on display. Photo: @taoounshop, @wonderheartbears on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Fur colour: Pink
  • Belly badge: Rainbow arch
  • Gender: Female

Cheer Bear is a pink character with a rainbow arch on her belly. She's about spreading happiness and cheering people up, using her radiant personality and infectious positivity. Her belly badge gives her the power to create tangible rainbows.

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4. Friend Bear (replaced by Harmony Bear in 2012)

  • Fur colour: Peach/ Yellow orange
  • Belly badge: Yellow flowers
  • Gender: Female (1982–2018), male (2020–present)

Friend/Friendship Bear is an orange character with a belly badge of two crossed yellow flowers with green stems and two leaves on each stem. They provide emotional support, friendship and personal growth, contributing to people's well-being. In 2012, Harmony, focused on peace and unity in the world, replaced the Friend Bear.

5. Funshine Bear

Care Bears names
The yellow Funshine teddy bear from the Care Bears franchise. Photo: @carebears, @wonderheartbears on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Fur colour: Lemon yellow
  • Belly badge: Smiling sun
  • Gender: Female (1980's), male (2002–present)

Funshine Bear is a sun-yellow character with a bright yellow smiling sun on his belly. They are all about having fun and spreading joy wherever they go. Funshine is equally ready and willing to help others, encouraging everyone to find the bright side of life and enjoy themselves.

6. Good Luck Bear

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  • Fur colour: Green
  • Belly badge: Four-leaf clover
  • Gender: Male

Good Luck Bear is a bright green character with a four-leaf clover on his belly. He is fortunate and never seems to run out of good luck due to his optimistic outlook. This character is known for spreading love, good luck, and positive vibes to others.

7. Grumpy Bear

Care Bears names
The Grumpy Bear teddys from the Care Bears franchise. Photo: @carebear.bonnie, @wonderheartbears on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Fur colour: Indigo blue
  • Belly badge: Rain cloud
  • Gender: Male

Grumpy Bear is a sky-blue character with a rain cloud and raindrops on his belly. Cynical, moody, and rarely happy, Grumpy is the family's black sheep. While he may appear grumpy on the surface, he's pretty caring and helpful. Grumpy teaches the importance of expressing and dealing with one's emotions.

8. Love-a-Lot Bear

  • Fur colour: Magenta pink
  • Belly badge: Two hearts
  • Gender: Female

Love-a-Lot is a pink bear with two intertwined hearts on her belly. She's all about spreading love and affection to others. This character believes in the power of love but is not afraid to help it along. She is pretty, loves everything about affection, and tries to make it grow wherever she goes.

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9. Bedtime Bear

Care Bears names
The Bedtime Bear teddys from the Care Bears franchise. Photo: @98carebearstudio, @theb_premiumstore on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Fur colour: Aqua blue
  • Belly badge: Crescent moon
  • Gender: Male

Bedtime Bear is a light blue character with a crescent moon on its belly. He is known for helping everyone have sweet dreams and a good night's sleep. This character often carries a magical sleepy time staff that helps him ensure peaceful slumbers.

10. Wish Bear

  • Fur colour: Turquoise
  • Belly badge: Shooting star
  • Gender: Female

Wish Bear is a turquoise character with a smiling shooting star which forms a yellow rainbow on her belly. She likes to make wishes come true and believes there's nothing in the world that a desire can't help. Her character encourages everyone to make wishes and believe in their dreams to make them come true.

Female Care Bears' names

Female characters in the franchise are significant in teaching life lessons and spreading positivity and affection. Here are some of the most popular:

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  • Baby Hugs: Light pink
  • Cheer: Carnation pink
  • Friend: Peach (1980) or yellow-orange (2020)
  • Funshine: Lemon yellow
  • Grams: Gray/Dark blue/Turquoise
  • Harmony: Violet
  • Love-A-Lot: Magenta pink
  • Share: Lavender/Magenta
  • Wish: Turquoise
  • Wonderheart: Dark pink

Additional Care Bear characters

In addition to the original Care Bears, there are several other characters, all bears, that the creators later introduced. They include:

  • Baby Hugs: Light pink
  • Baby Tugs: Light blue
  • Champ: Tan/Royal blue
  • Grams: Gray/Dark blue/Turquoise
  • Harmony: Violet
  • Secret: Tangerine/Magenta
  • Share: Lavender/Magenta
  • Take Care: Honey yellow/Light hot pink
  • True Heart: Light yellow/White/Pale pink
  • Daydream: Pale pink/Blue-violet
  • Forest Friend: Forest brown
  • Sea Friend: Sea blue
  • I Love You: Golden yellow
  • Surprise: Sky blue/Amethyst Purple

Care Bear Cousins

Care Bears names
The Care Bear Cousins from the Care Bears franchise. Photo: @CareBears on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Cousins are characters who are animals other than bears. They originally lived in The Forest of Feelings, but in the newer series, they moved to Care-a-Lot to protect the Earth from evil. Here is a list of the Care Cousins:

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  • Brave Heart Lion
  • Bright Heart Raccoon
  • Cozy Heart Penguin
  • Gentle Heart Lamb
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant
  • Loyal Heart Dog
  • Noble Heart Horse
  • Playful Heart Monkey
  • Proud Heart Cat
  • Swift Heart Rabbit
  • Treat Heart Pig


  1. How many Care Bears are there? There are ten original characters, with additional ones, including the Cousins, joining them over time.
  2. What is the purple Care Bear name? Two female purple characters are Share Bear, with a lavender/magenta colour and Harmony Bear, with a violet hue.
  3. Is Share Bear a boy or a girl? She is a female character.
  4. Who is the villain in Care Bears? The several villains include No Heart, Dark Heart, Professor Coldheart, Grizzle and The Spirit.
  5. What is the meaning behind Care Bears? The creators conceptualised them to help people express emotions and serve as role models to children and adults.
  6. Which Care Bear is love? Love-A-Lot is love. She is a pretty, pink teddy character who believes in the power of love.
  7. What do Care Bears teach? They teach the importance of caring for others and sharing their unique feelings.

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Care Bears' names are the characters from the fictional anime Care Bears franchise. Each character has a unique name reflecting their personality and special devoted mission. These characters are known for providing valuable life lessons while spreading messages of kindness and empathy.

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