List of online payment systems in Ghana
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List of online payment systems in Ghana

Online transaction enhances convenience when making payments. The presence of internet shopping in Ghana is made better by reliable online payments in Ghana. With these systems, people are only able to view products and buy the them with ease. For this reason Ghana has introduced different online payment transactions where Ghanaian can pay for the products online as well as make reservations. The following is a list of online payment systems that can come in handy for your online transactions. Select the most convenient method for you.

List of online payment systems in Ghana

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Online payment systems for e-commerce

Ghana already has some level of e-commerce or internet shopping going on but without a payment system the exchange of goods and services has to be done physically. People in Ghana will enjoy this national switch but they are advised to make comparisons of economic criteria, and also they should be certain that the service they select has good reputation among its users. Here are the Top online payment systems

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List of online payment systems in Ghana



This is a designed secured online payments that enaables businesses and institutions to make or receive payments online from their homes or offices via the use of a mobile wallet, Visa MasterCard and Gh-link. Getting Myghpay you can register here and provide the required information and this is for the first time user so we can be able to keep a history of your transactions and to make it easier for subsequent transactions. If you need it for business and you want to become a business merchant tick the box on Merchant Agreement after providing the needed requirements submit to complete the process. Myghpay is among the types of online payment systems in Ghana.

List of online payment systems in Ghana

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It is hard to do a comparison of online payment systems without mentioning Ipay. IPay makes it easier enabling individuals and businesses to accept and make payments for a variety of services in Ghana. This is the fastest and safest means of receiving and sending money like using mobile like Mpower services. To register for the ipay online channel sign here and provide with the right information for the requirement area this is for the merchants. Register this for the new signee.

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List of online payment systems in Ghana



The gateway payment has some benefits like all payment cards including debit and credit cards are applicable and it also secures, reliable fast and real-time transactions in Ghana. Ghanaian cedi will be settled into the merchant’s local Ghanaian bank account. This is the best online payment systems for you can process online payment in Ghana using MyGate’s online payment gateway. There are advantages of using Mygate;

List of online payment systems in Ghana

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  • It will help you to increase your sales
  • protecting the financial details of both the customer and the company
  • protects the customers information
  • Mygate is designed for use and all the web enabled mobile phones and portable devices, such as tablets

Benefits of using debt order system

  • Get paid when payment is due
  • Better cash flow
  • Decreased delinquency in accounts
  • Lower cost than credit transactions
  • Better budget planning

Debit order is processed the Same Day Value service provides the ability to submit and deduct a debit order on the same day that the debit is to take place and it must be submitted to the MyGate not past 11:am of the action date. The Two Day Value service requires debit orders to be submitted to MyGate two full business days prior to the action date and it should be submitted at 11:am to Mygate

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Naedo file collection has benefits also for it helps MyGate Pro solution enables companies to directly upload;

  1. Decrease delinquency in accounts
  2. Better budget planning
  3. Increase collection rate and control debit order costs
  4. It allows you to pay for only the successful or unsuccessful debit hence reduces costs
  5. It reduces internal collection costs overhead

This is your chance to apply for a merchant account.

GT pay

List of online payment systems in Ghana

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All transaction amounts are deducted from the user’s card instantly while the merchant’s account is credited immediately as well. In Ghana this means of payment promotes cashless transactions in the economy. It has some benefits like accepts both local and international cards, increased sales, convenient payment, global reach for merchants and many more and also merchants can view transactions as it occurs. What you need to know before you register is that customer must open a domiciliary account for a period of 6 to 12 months for it to be approved. Here are the requirements;

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  • Fill in your details in the GTPay Application form
  • Send the filled form along with Certificate of Incorporation to your Account officer
  • For further enquiries, send an email to

Here are the charges for the GT pay

  • MasterCard or visa (international): TRANSACTION FEE IS 3% of transaction amount
  • Inter switch verve (local) transaction fee is 1.5% of the transaction amount
  • Master card or visa (local ) transaction fee is 1.5% of transaction amount
  • International gateway monthly charge is 5000

Inter pay

This is used in making it possible for merchant and consumers to make and receive payments of bills, invoices, and fees. This also makes transactions and e-commerce simpler, secure, and more convenient as an electronic payment platform which makes it great online payment systems for small business.

List of online payment systems in Ghana


There are benefits of inter pay for merchants;

  1. When payment is made you will receive instant notification
  2. You will receive all your payments from your customers in Ghana and all over the world 24/7
  3. You can have access to your transaction history and track and reconcile all payments any time
  4. It has features such as ability to broadcast notices of discounts and sales, new products, and new services customize your interplay dashboard
  5. It reduce loss through instances such as theft, fire, and flooding for it operates in a paperless environment
  6. Improve sales by receiving payments through local and international payment channels and grow your customer database
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Inter pay also has benefits for the customers;

  • When a merchant makes an announcement such as a massive sale or discount Be the first to know
  • Inter pay will never expose your bank account
  • You can top up your Interpay wallet from anytime and from anywhere
  • You can track your transactions and all your payments by having real time access
  • When it comes in payments reduce risks of using cash and exposing your bank account
  • Pay all your bills, fees and invoices securely and instantly from anywhere and anytime

As a merchant of inter pay you can sign up through here. The inter pay is also so convenient and the money can be received any time it doesn’t matter the hour. Using this for online payment systems for charities can be suitable for it acts as a one way of helping in emergencies.

List of online payment systems in Ghana

The payment system in Ghana entails the institutional infrastructure arrangements and processes that enables individuals, organizations, business and government to transfer and initiate and also links them with the commercial and central bank liabilities when they monetary raise any claim. You might be asking how do online payment systems work, it works by payment switch through;

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  • Mobile Payment System
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  • POS system
  • Internet based commerce portals

And through all the processes that online payment systems use it consolidate all electronic transactions and then intelligently channel them to one or more payment processors for authorization and settlement.

With this Switch, consumers will pay lesser than what pertains in the current pricing scheme. No costs will be transferred to the customers. All the expenses will be handled by the operator. Therefore, as the platform expands the cost is reduced.

List of online payment systems in Ghana


The government of Ghana passed law to ensure tight regulation and supervision of the payment sector and this is in the Payment System Act 662. They established funds transfer, operate, and supervise payment, clearing and settlement systems subject to such rules as it may publish. The Bank considers being in the public interest for the Bank to supervise under this Act.

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Now working with any e-commerce online payments in Ghana should not worry you for the money and your personal information will be kept privately. There are more benefits in doing your business in Ghana through online for you will save much time and money for the products will also be delivered to you upon request. There is also security from the government for there is a law concerning the online payments. Feel free to use these Lists of online payment systems in Ghana and you will not be disappointed. Happy selling for you will increase your sales using Ghana payment system and make lots of profit.

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