Ghana national service: allowance and salary 2020

Ghana national service: allowance and salary 2020

All recruits look forward to the Ghana national service allowance especially for the first timers. Formed in 1973, the National Service Secretariat (NSS) is the body that was delegated the duties to ensure that all citizens of the country offer national service for one year before they are employed elsewhere. Being part of the Ghana constitution, under act 426, the body was delegated with the mandate to ensure that the youths, regardless of their gender offer their service to the country upon which they would be paid an allowance on a monthly basis for the one year that they will be in service. Normally, the duration of national service in Ghana is one year within which the youths get something to survive on.

Current Ghana national service allowance and salary 2018

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Upon reporting to the stated places of duty, the terms of payment are that the allowances are calculated from the first day that the subject starts to work. For those National Service Personnel that are posted to work in learning institutions, their allowances shall be the government through the National Service Secretariats. For those who shall be posted to Corporations and churches, their allowances shall be paid from the money that those corporations and churches make from their day- to-day activities. For those personnel that get posted to private companies, the companies will be responsible for their allowances. These private companies will again be required to pay a certain percentage to the National Service Secretariat. This amount is 20% of the basic service allowance and the payment is made to the Executive Director. Therefore it is very clear that the NSS salary varies depending on the place that the person has been posted. The placement majorly depends on the course pursued.

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Looking at it at a larger picture, most of the sectors in the country have benefited so much from the creation of the Ghana national service. The National Service Personnel has helped curb the problem of inadequate teaching staff in most parts of the country. The education sector has ended up benefiting so much. This has generally been of great impact to the country at large. One perfect reason why the national service should be applauded.

However, looking at it five years ago, it is saddening that the average amount of money that was allocated to a National Service Personnel was not able to meet their basic needs, let alone save a few pennies for the future. This was so devastating since the allowance earned at the end of the month did not match the amount of effort put it in building the nation at large. In as much as the candidate was gaining exposure and experience in their specific fields, it still posed a burden on them since their efforts did not bear the kind of fruits they are supposed to. It ended up killing their self-esteem.

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It was more demoralizing to learn that the Ghana national service allowance was 243 cedis back then. In as much as the national service is aimed at encouraging the spirit of national service, the amount that is paid as allowances to the National Service Personnel could be gauged as below average with reference to the rising cost of living. In most places, for instance, the cost of housing ranged from 45 cedis to 150 cedis. Considering some of these personnel are posted in areas where they are required to commute to their places of work. This was an additional expense to the cost of basic needs. At the end of the month most of these National Service Personnel ended up with zero to very little savings. This was not a good picture since the government is supposed to encourage its citizens to always plan for the future.

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Has the Ghana national service allowance been increased?

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For months the quest on national service allowance amount has flagged the news headlines with the need for Ghana national service allowance increment. A lot has been said on the same. Pledges have been made with the aim of quenching this thirst. However, it is never done until it is done. That is why the question, ‘has the Ghana national service allowance been increased ‘has been in the news headlines and is the talk of the country.

The cry for the increment of the Ghana national service allowance began way back in 2012. After numerous talks, it was agreed that the national service allowance would be increased from 202.90 cedis to 243.45 cedis. This was implemented in 2012. Those who benefited were the National Service Personnel who joined in 2012.

However, it was realized that the allowance still could not sustain the lives of the national service personnel and there was the need to increase the allowance a bit more. That was when the proposition for the increment to 350 cedis was made. This did not take so long before it was implemented.

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With the rise in the cost of living, the country still faced the challenge of increasing the national service allowance further since the 350 cedis did not make a big difference. This marked the start of a new journey to request for a 40% increase on the current Ghana national service allowance amount which by then was 350 cedis.

In December 2016, the country’s National Democratic Congress (NDC) through the ministry of finance had signed an agreement to increase the Ghana national service allowance to 559.40 cedis. According to the memo that was issued, the increment was to take effect in January the following year. The following year, the increment was not implemented and this caused a feud between the National Service Personnel and the government. The government later came out and said that the increment would be implemented in April that year. As per this allowance agreement, the current national service allowance in Ghana should be 559.40 cedis and this could affect the nss allowance paid.

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Ghana national service allowance form

Current Ghana national service allowance and salary 2018

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The Ghana national service scheme under the ministry of finance is the body that is responsible for disbursing Ghana national service scheme allowance to the National Service Personnel. The personnel is expected to download and fill the Ghana national service allowance form, fill it and submit it on time for payments to made on time. Apart from making it easier for payments to be processed on time, the form also helps test one’s competence after being assessed by the supervisor. The forms are available on the National Service Scheme website. The nss allowance payment is made to the bank accounts of the personnel. The nss allowance check is a simpler way of checking for allowances. All you require is to provide your nss number and you can check your allowance details.

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Latest news on NSS allowance

The numerous hiccups that have been in existence with regard to the low national services allowance are soon coming to an end, since the government of Ghana is working tirelessly to streamline issues in that sector. The latest news on NSS allowance is that the government of Ghana has released funds to take care of August, September and October allowances. Speaking through the Deputy Director of the National Service Scheme, the government apologizes to all those whose allowances delayed. In its defense, the government blames the presence of ghost works who have heartlessly been draining its pockets, eating where they did sow. He also promised that NSS November allowance would be disbursed after auditing had been done and no loopholes for corruption had been created. In his speech, he assured the National Service Personnel that the accrued amounts would be paid. He did not specify when the nss allowances paid would reflect in the accounts of the personnel.

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The feuds that existed between the National Service Personnel and the government of Ghana has since then since the government made effort to ensure that their grievances had been taken into consideration and like other citizens, they would be treated equal. The government of Ghana refuted the claims that it had denied the Ghana national service scheme allowance increment. It stated clearly that the increment had not been clearly stipulated in the budget and that was the main cause of the hiccups that had arose.

Current Ghana national service allowance and salary 2018

Ghana national service allowance 2020

Like the previous years, it is the responsibility of the Ghana National Service Scheme in conjunction with the ministry of finance to ensure that payment of Ghana national service allowance 2018 are promptly made to the National Service Personnel. The Ghana national service salary basically depends on the place and field that the National Service Personnel has been posted to. There are a couple of factors that determine the place and field where the national service personnel is posted. Among these factors is the course pursued. For instance, a candidate who pursued education in his A level gets posted to a learning institution.

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It is evident that Ghana as a country is concerned about the well being of its citizens and is creating opportunities for them to get experience and also increase their chances of getting employed.

In spite of the latest news on NSS allowance, stating that NSS didn't pay allowances to its members; which it has strongly refuted, the scheme continues to offer solution to unemployment menace in Ghana while preparing the youth for fruitful working years.

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