Electoral Commission of Ghana contacts and offices

Electoral Commission of Ghana contacts and offices

The Electoral Commission of Ghana is the authorized entity in Ghana accountable for elections. It also undertakes the preparation and provision of voter identity cards after registration of voters. It is an important body of the country's government as it ensures that voter registration is carried out in a free and fair manner. They serve the country diligently when it comes to the selection of a new batch of leaders. This is an important process as it is responsible for ensuring continuity of a nation through vetting and selection of current or new leaders.

electoral commission of ghana contacts
contacts of electoral commission of ghana
electoral commission of ghana district offices in accra

Elections, therefore, is one of the basic bodies of the government. The Electoral Commission of Ghana contacts are available to the public in case of queries and comments. Other functions of the electoral commission are:

  1. To collect the register of voters and revise it at different times as the law may require.
  2. To define the electoral confines of both state and local government polls.
  3. To hold and supervise all elections and referenda.
  4. To teach the people on the electoral procedure and its importance.
  5. To assume programmes for the extension of the registration of the electorate.
  6. To execute such other roles as may be set by law.

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The Commission also performs other duties in different parts of the constitution. This includes a role in the formation of new regions or the mending of existing areas. It also allows the Commission to make rules for the effective performance of its roles. With Electoral Commission of Ghana regional offices, the work of both electorate and its members have become simpler because they can reach out to each other easily.

Any registered voter who has lost his or her voter registration card can have it replaced at Electoral Commission of Ghana district offices in Accra or at any of the Electoral Commission of Ghana branches dotted throughout Ghana. Voting in any country is a democratic right which any citizen should be allowed to practice. Voting for your representatives also means that you are a responsible and patriotic citizen who cares about the welfare of the country. The voter’s identity card is used to prevent electoral malpractices such as multiple voting, in a bid to improve accuracy in the process.

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Voters should ensure that on the day of the polls, they arrive with all the necessary documents required. Registered voters can check their status by sending a text including their identification number to 6363. This makes the work of the commissioner simpler and the process faster and more accurate.

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electoral commission of ghana regional offices
electoral commission of ghana contact number
electoral commission of ghana branches

Contacts of Electoral Commission of Ghana

The head office is in located in Accra. Here is the address of the office.

Physical Address

Opp. Ridge Hospital.

Eighth Avenue Ridge, Greater Accra, Accra.

Postal address: M214

Electoral Commission of Ghana contact number

Telephone: 0302 228421, 0302 228652, 0302 228452, 0302 222126, 0302 228432

Fax: 0302 249112, 0302 254465

Website: www.ec.gov.gh

Below are registration centers for various regions and the number of polling stations.

contacts of electoral commission of ghana
electoral commission of ghana district offices in accra
electoral commission of ghana regional offices

Ensure to reach out to them for any issues you may need help with. You can either visit their offices, send them a letter or call through the mobile phone numbers provided so as to be assisted accordingly. For more information, feel free to visit their website.

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