Legon admission list 2018 -2019

Legon admission list 2018 -2019

Every young person dreams of getting an education from one of the most sophisticated and advanced learning institutions. In line with this, the University of Ghana Legon is one of the best institutions in Ghana that aspiring students can look up to for higher education. However, to gain entry into the institution, you must have made it to the Legon admission list. This list comprises of the selected students that the school wants to be part of their fraternity. This article is a detailed breakdown of what this list is all about.

when is the legon admission list coming out
ug legon undergraduate admission list
legon admission list third batch

Basic level education does not cut it any more in today's competitive world. However, due to the nature of limited resources and the increasing number of learners daily, not everyone has the privilege of joining institutions of higher learning. The competitive spaces are only able to accommodate the very best. The University of Ghana works hard to ensure that all the applicants get to know their admission status by releasing the list of names of all successful applicants in good time. This is important as it helps the students to manage their expectations in addition to making necessary arrangements if they have to find alternatives.

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UG Legon admission list contents

when is the legon admission list coming out
ug legon undergraduate admission list
legon admission list third batch

UG admissions list is very important as it enables the applicant to know their admission status. The 2018/2019 admission list was released in three batches. The first batch had the highest number of considered applicants while the second and the third batches had the rest of applicants whose details were reviewed a bit later by the admissions board. Below are the admission contents for the 2018/2019 academic year.

UG Legon undergraduate admission list

In all the institutions of learning in Ghana, University of Ghana Legon receives the highest number of undergraduates every academic year. Their range of first-year students in school is about 8000 students every year. The total numbers of students who have secured admission in this academic year are 8,128 for the first and second batch.

The university admissions make sure that the undergraduate admission list is released on time to give room for any adjustments that may arise. All needs for correction are handled before learning resumes. UG Legon undergraduate's admission list contains information vital to all the applicants. It serves to inform the applicants who have been successful in their application that they have been given a chance to study at the university. The list contains the following important information.

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  • Serial number

In the admission list, the serial number is the admission number for the applicant's letter of admission. This number is unique to every applicant, and it serves as a reference number to the specific student.

  • Surname and other names

The correct names of the applicant are indicated on the admission list starting with their surname then followed by other names.

  • Programme and programme option

The programme, which the applicant is to undertake at the university, is indicated on the admission list. The options within the programme also shade some light on what the applicant is expecting once inside the campus.

  • Campus/ college

Due to the nature of the University having many branches, the admission list indicates the campus that the applicant will be.

  • Student type

Finally, the list should indicate the type of student the applicant is. This shows the mode with which the applicant will study. This may be a regular, sandwich, weekend or school-based mode.

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Check your Legon admission list status- Legon admission list 2018/2019

The release of the admissions list in the University of Ghana Legon is done after a thorough screening of the applicant's information by the admissions board. The admissions list is merely a list with names of all successful applicants who have secured a provisional admission in the given institution. All the successful applicants who obtained a chance to study at the University of Ghana Legon feature in Legon admission list 2018/19.

The release of the admission list by the University of Ghana 2018/2018 comes in batches, featuring three categories. These are the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd batches. In case you do not find your name appearing on the first batch do not panic, all you need to do is to keep check using your pin voucher and hope to appear on the 2nd batch.

Additionally, the institution releases the names of people in various departments and various programs ranging from certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. You need to keep checking what your status is online.

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UG admission list second batch

when is the legon admission list coming out
ug legon undergraduate admission list
legon admission list third batch

The most frequently asked question by all the applicants is, when is the Legon admission list coming out? The fact that it had been mentioned earlier that the admission list comes in batches, once the first list is out, applicants who don’t see their name in this list tend to panic. There is no need to worry though. After the release of the first batch of the admission list, the next batch of admission list is expected to be out soon after.

After the release of the first batch on Sunday 13th, August 2018 where 7800 applicants were featured, the University has released the second batch recently featuring 400 students. The school further clarifies that all admitted students should complete their registration process to seal their place in school.

Applicants should take note of the fact that there is no provision for an exclusive list in the second batch of admitted students. Their names got added to the list of the first batch, which was previously released earlier making the total of all admitted students to be 8128. The 2nd batch of students is requested to confirm their names in the first list to avoid any inconveniences.

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Legon admission list check

If you are not lucky to appear in the first batch, do not give up. The University ensures that you are aware of how to check your admission status to ensure you are updated. Here is the process of reviewing your admission status.

  • Visit the UG Legon undergraduate's admissions checking portal and click the link for the undergraduates’ international admissions list.
  • A search box appears where you enter your serial number and the surname to check your admission status
  • Finally, a 'check admission status' button appears where you click and access your UG admission status.

After checking your admission status and finding that you are successful, many applicants always want to know what to do next. It is important not to lose your admission. Here are the things you must do to secure the chance you have been given permanently.

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UG admission list details

  • Printing of the provisional admission letter

All students are to log into the University's website using their serial numbers and their surnames and print their provisional admission letters.

  • Payment of fees

All students are supposed to pay fees within 24 hours after registration. This includes the academic fees and accommodation fees payable at any branch of the Standard Chartered Bank or ECOBANK in cash only. Students should quote their index number, the level of study and the University on the payslip.

  • Selection the hall of residence

The University provides a student with accommodation. Students who are admitted are supposed to select the hall they want to reside in as well as the room numbers. The list of all halls available is provided on the website. Students who do not pay their fees within 24 hours after admission are supposed to forfeit their rooms. Those not willing to reside in the hall are to indicate it online and those who are going to live there should provide their hall allocation letter.

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  • Academic and residential registration

After the payment of the school fees for the first academic year and the residential fees for the first semester, the students are to take the academic and residential registration within 48 hours before arrival on campus through the University's website. With this information, you have a complete academic year settled with minimal disturbances.

Legon admission list third batch

The third batch of the admitted students in the University of Ghana is out. The applicants are requested to check their admission status and confirm their details online. The admitted students should download their admission letters from the University of Ghana website and pay their school fees to any of the banks indicated in the admission letter. The student-reporting day at the University is on the 21st of August 2018 as per the schedule. This is after completion of all other registration procedures.

Legon admission list deadline

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The University has set the following deadlines for the applicants 2018/2019. All applicants who will not have met the subsequent periods are prone to be left out. The University announced to the public that the closing deadlines for the admissions list would be on July 15th, 2018. This change of deadline was due to the anticipation for the release of WASSCE results by the West Africans examinations council.

All the applicants for the various undergraduate programs were to take note of the deadline, as those who would not have applied by then will not find their names in the admission list. The change of the deadline was also to enable the admissions board to start processing soon after the exams were released.

Education is one of the critical factors taken into consideration when striving to achieve a sustainable development in any economy. Being the premier University and the largest in Ghana, UG Legon provides opportunities for young and ambitious people to pursue their dreams. The cooperation of the administration with the admissions board ensures that timelines for the application as well as set deadlines are in place. This gives everyone an equal chance to join the University.

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They also make sure that the selection process undergoes a thorough screening and no form of discrimination or corruption is involved. This ensures that the admission list produced is accurate and fair to all applicants. In conclusion, the details discussed herein about the Legon admission list should get any interested applicant ready for the next phase of life. Those who have been accepted should prepare for campus life. If anyone has been left out, they have ample time to explore other options in life.

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