NVTI courses in Ghana

NVTI courses in Ghana

NVTI courses are on high demand on the current job market both in Ghana and many other countries across the world. The course provides for online job training and equips the learners with what is most required in the job sector hence sharpening their competitive edge. There are many of these NVTI courses being offered at certificate and diploma level in NVTI schools in Ghana. NVTI courses can be of importance to those wishing to start off their career, further their studies or enhance their current jobs. They can be categorized into formal and informal, the difference between the two being substantiated further in the article.

NVTI courses
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NVTI courses offer a learner a chance to train in a given job or career according to his or her choice and qualifications. The courses are also offered to people working in various fields to improve their skills in their area of specialization. That said, there are numerous of these courses out there but it’s worth noting that some are more common and preferred than the others. At the end of this article one will be fully informed to make a substantial choice of the best NVTI course to enroll in.

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The National Vocational Training Institute in Ghana was established in 1967. Thanks to a National man power board. The board, requested the United Nation Development Program special Funds (UNDPSF) to help in the establishment of a National Vocational Training Institute. The efforts came after a comprehensive study of the country’s manpower needs and the available facilities skill training was made. The National Manpower board constituted; the government, employers and workers. They then arrived at a plan of effectively utilizing the country’s available human resource in accordance with the socio economic development of the West African country. This article therefore aims at elaborating more on NVTI Ghana courses.

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NVTI Ghana certificate

NVTI courses in Ghana
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At the end of the training program, students are awarded with NVTI certificates on merit. The certificate acts as an avenue to assist them be spotted in the flooded job market. The certificates are issued depending on the area trained. For example, if you were enrolled in the NVTI health care schools in Ghana, then at the end of your NVTI course an NVTI health care certificate will be awarded to you. The certificate will offer an advantage in your area of expertise as you look for a job.

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NVTI Ghana courses

The National Vocational Training program in Ghana has numerous courses, just to mention one; NVTI nursing courses. The courses are run in accordance with the NVTI Ghana syllabus. The NVTI syllabus vary from vocation to vocation. With these high numbers of courses, what is the objection of the program to the country?

Let’s look at the objectives for the programs

  • The program is meant to establish apprenticeship, internship training, and programs for training for engineering and office workers as well as provide training for instructors and officers for teaching.
  • The NVTI course in Ghana also present guidance and career growth in vocational industry.
  • The program improves the standards of training, and bring growth in trade testing and policies and programs of certification.
  • It also comes in to start a regular study of the requirements of manpower of the country at the level of skilled workers.

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Entry requirements for NVTI Ghana courses

NVTI that is mandated to register all public and private sectors in the country, ensures that all the activities going on in this institutes are of the required standards. Among these is the set requirements of entry into the institutions. Students wishing to commence studies in NVTI centers have to possess the following requirements.

The minimum qualification requirement

  • Be a holder of middle school leaving certificate
  • Have undergone a sponsored apprentices with elementary education background
  • Have BECE certificate with passes in General Studies, English and Mathematics
  • Have gone through Secondary education or SHS Education for at least two years

How to register for NVTI course

Students undergo about 3 steps to be registered.These are:

1. First they must obtain registration forms available at each training center.

2. When this is done then they have to sit for entrance examinations that is conducted between the months of October and December. Each institution sets its own date for the examinations.

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3. After registration training kicks off in January.

Eligibility to entry into NVTI Ghana courses

Those student who have finished their basic education are eligible to admission in to NVTI schools in Ghana. After the completion of the NVTI course and upon receiving a NVTI certificate, one can proceed to the courses named below;

  • HND courses – Higher National Diploma
  • University level for pursuing degree courses
  • Institute for Polytechnics

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NVTI schools in Ghana

NVTI courses in Ghana
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There are very many institutes managed by the national Vocational Training Institute. They fall under both the private and public sector.

The list is long. You will require volumes and volumes of paper to list them all. However, let’s mention some of the NVTI accredited schools in Ghana.

They are listed below;

  • Abetifi Technical Institute
  • Aburi Secondary Technical
  • Action Secondary Technical School
  • Ada Secondary Technical
  • Adubia Sec. Technical School
  • Adukrom Sec. Technical School
  • BOB School of Trade and Commerce
  • Afadjato Secondary Technical

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The National Vocational Training Institute conducts examinations and tests in the following areas in their NVTI accredited schools in Ghana.

  • Trade testing and proficiency tests
  • Secretarial
  • Information and Communication Technology

1. Trade testing and Proficiency tests

Test are administered to both formally and informally trained skilled people.

Trade tests are offered to those who go through formal/vocational training.

There are NVTI foundation exams which at the end one acquires a foundation certificate, then Certificate I and Certificate II.

Proficiency tests are offered to those who have not followed any formal training but have acquired skills through a workshop. They are divided into;

  1. Proficiency test I
  2. Proficiency test II

Those with proficiency tests certificate are eligible to acquire trade test certificate in the same grade after writing a paper to qualify for them

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Candidates are tested in;

Building Skill, Dressmaking and Tailoring Skills, Catering and Lodging Skills, Craft skills and Automotive Skills, Agriculture Skills, Electrical Skills

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2. Secretarial Examination

The NVTI set and conduct the secretarial grading Examinations in its NVTI schools in Ghana

The areas graded are Typists, Stenographer Secretary and Private Secretary.

3. Information Communication and Technology

The examination is administered to personal computer users who need to be certified for their knowledge in Information Communication and Technology and also those who want to pursue a career in Information Technology.

The examinations are graded as below;

  • Level I (Certificate)
  • Level II (Higher Certificate)
  • Level III (Diploma Certificate)
  • Level IV (Advance Diploma Certificate)

In the above test offered, each candidate will receive his record of performance given the grade of performance for the examinations taken. These are:

  • Distinction
  • Credit
  • Pass
  • Referred/Failure

Certificates would be issued to candidates who will have a minimum of a pass in all the components. However, there will be another change for those who fail or are referred to re-sit for a different exam come the next examination period.

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NVTI health care schools in Ghana

NVTI health care schools in Ghana offer certificate in health care. The persons with NVTI health care certificate work in hospital and community facilities. The roles of these certificate holders in this two places can be varied depending upon the setting of the health care facility.

Individuals with these certificate most commonly work alongside hospital nurses and are at other times referred to as nursing auxiliaries or auxiliary nurses either way. The individuals work with the experienced midwives in maternity wards to assist in offering maternity services. The Health care (NVTI) help the staffs by

  • Making visits to clients
  • Preparing reports and verbal reports
  • Helping clients and careers with personal care tasks.

Students pursuing an NVTI health care certificate are taken through NVTI courses such as

Health Psychology, Health Education, Basic Care, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Health Service Management, Infection Prevention, Geriatric Nursing, Client Care, Nutrition, Community Health, Reproductive Health, Pharmacology and Entrepreneurial Skills.

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The courses are meant to equip the student with all the required skill for function well in his role to assist in health facilities and community affairs.

NVTI health care schools in Ghana provides for NVTI online registration of the courser they offer. The registration can be done through an existing eportal.

The entry requirements in this school are;

  • SSSCE/WASSCE with five {5} passes or equivalent (SSSCE: A-E WASSCE: A1-E8)
  • Adult student with enough working experience in the health care sector

NVTI nursing courses

nvti accredited schools in ghana
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The NVTI Ghana syllabus under provides for the following. At the end of the nursing course, an individual will have gone through the following in the schools;

  • In-depth practical training
  • Experienced nurses, doctors and pharmacist as lecturers
  • Attachment at a hospital
  • Employment opportunities at hospitals and home care
  • Course materials

The grades tested by the National Vocational Training Institute under this course are provided below;

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  • Nursing (NVTI) - Certificate 1
  • Nursing (NVTI) – Certificate 2
  • Diploma in Health Care (Home Nursing)
  • Specialized Diploma in Health Care
  • The IVQ Diplomas in Health Care. These courses are designed to equip the workers with a broad program of learning and assessment in their specific field of work

The NVTI Ghana courses, provides that care workers are equipped with the knowledge to deliver the best possible standards of service and provide an elaborate structure for an ongoing career development. These therefore provides the students with internationally recognized qualifications available in a wide range of countries not only for Ghana but around the world.

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These IVQ Diplomas in Health Care are designed for people who work in various health and social care settings. Depending on qualifications, the areas covered are:

  • Managing individuals’ needs in a care setting
  • Helping individuals in their personal daily living
  • Understanding physical and emotional comforts of individuals

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NVTI training and development courses

In addition to the nursing courses, NVTI has additional courses offered by its training and development department. These courses essentially are meant for people who are engaged in their offices therefore offering them with skills to better perform in their duties. Currently according to NVTI official website, there are 12 courses in which an individual can enroll in. These courses include;

  1. Receptionist and Front Desk Officers Course
  2. Book-keeping Course
  3. Instructional Techniques Course
  4. Secretarial Proficiency
  5. Upgrading Printing Course
  6. In-plant Training (custom made)
  7. Safety and Security Course
  8. Instructional Techniques Course for Driver Instructors
  9. Transport Management Course
  10. Strategic Driving Course
  11. Defensive Driving Course
  12. Driver Instructor Course

Below are the course objective, content and the target group of people who would wish to enroll.

NVTI courses in Ghana
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NVTI courses in Ghana
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NVTI courses in Ghana
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NVTI courses in Ghana
Source: nvtighana.org

NVTI courses in Ghana
Source: nvtighana.org

NVTI courses in Ghana
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NVTI courses in Ghana
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NVTI courses in Ghana
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