Woodin styles for ladies: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Woodin styles for ladies: Trends in 2020 (photos)

What makes African print fashion dresses unique is that they are locally made; hand woven and evenly dyed. The dresses also borrow heavily from the African culture, and each design carries some attachment or meaning. Besides, these unique styles are among the best fashion African exports to the world. There are many African print fabrics ranging from the Ankara, kitenge, Batakari, Kente, Gele, and Dashiki. In this piece, you will read about various woodin styles for ladies.

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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The woodin fabrics are classically one of the African fabrics that are very vibrant and elegant. There are many designs made from the same, which means there is always a design for everyone. Woodin is one of the African fabrics that traditionally was hand-woven and stitched together to make a cloth, which turned into a wrap up kind of wear. Today, the industry has developed technologically, hence making woodin Ghana in bulk has become limited. Woodin fashion is owned by the Dutch Wax Powerhouse since 2010 when the company was sold off. However, it is operating under the trademark of Vlisco.

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Well, if you are looking for something colorful, distinctive and of high-quality for your ceremonial wears, then you just got covered. Woodin fashion has withstood the turbulence caused by the Western world that somewhat introduced a new wave of things and has really taken toll on the production of woodin. The woodin African wear has been the unshakable element and its popularity keeps increasing, although there is a threat from other textile companies that manufacture relatively cheap and poor-quality fabrics. Customers easily fall for the cheap options and disregard the quality of the fabric. Nonetheless, there are still remarkable features of the African fabrics that make the materials easy to use. Below are the woodin fashion designs you should learn about.

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Woodin fashion designs

You should note that woodin style, unlike other fabrics, is striking, eye catching, and vivid. These features make woodin more popular and that is what are looking for in their wear styles. In addition, woodin is a good fabric as it is worked on in a procedural manner from knitting all the way to adding color. Clearly, looking at the fabric shows that indeed manufacturers are keen on details and committed to bringing forth a fine cloth without any flaws.

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Just like all other African fabrics, the woodin fabric can be cut to tailor make different and diverse African wear for ladies. For instance, the fabric is used to makes dresses, skirts, tops, pants, African print accessories and so on. However, this fabric is not solely limited to the African styles for women; men can also rock this resilient, durable and a 100% natural cotton fabric. However, women woodin collection is better than the men's because of the latter's hesitance in trying out new things more so when color and patterns are pronounced. Below are the woodin clothing styles that are trendy for the modern woman.

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1. Long maxi woodin dresses

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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The long maxi woodin dresses with brilliant African prints is the way to go. The dress is long but around the waist is a band or straps that bring a unique design to the attire making it more feminine and not just plain. The fashion dress can take the design of a zip up, button up or be worn as a pull over. There are many fabric patterns one can choose from as per their preference or the meaning of the fabric attached to it. This means the picky to easy shoppers the market has something unique for them.

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These African styles can be worn to weddings, customary events, graduation, religious ceremonies and parties. Some dresses can have side pockets, high slits, varied necklines as subject to the customer’s tastes. This is never a boring style. Actually, it is one of the modern African dress styles that any modern woman can wear. It is very prevalent among the plus size women whose natural curves effortlessly flatter with enticing folds.

2. Short ball woodin dresses

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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Short ball woodin dress styles are woodin fashion designs that surprisingly have a popularity among young women. It is common to see a teenage girl or young female professional in this style. The dress is easy to wear and offers maximum flexibility as it can be worn to any occasion and still be decent and classy. The short ball woodin dresses flare out around the waist and have a circular cut done as per the body size.

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This is a perfect wear for summer since it is more or less like a party dress. The sleeveless and off shoulder is the current trend although there are many designs that can be stemmed from these woodin styles. The dress can be worn with high-heeled shoes and a matching handbag with other accessories.

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3. Short wrap up woodin fashion

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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A short wrap up woodin dress is an unconventional African wear with the wrap up design. Ordinarily, wrap up designs are common with waterfalls worn on other attires. This is a new taste in the fashion industry where the fashion dress is worn independently.

Essentially, the African fabric is cut into a fine dress but the front part is not stitched but is rather left for the wearer to wrap around their body as they prefer. The dress primarily resembles a winter coat in that it has an ironed out collar, which makes it wearable to the office and is in a skater design all the length down. A bold color belt can be used to bring the waist band into shape and hence the elegance. These woodin clothing styles can be worn to both formal and informal occasions depending on the design although most are decent enough to be comfortable. The petite woman will be sexy in one of these dresses and the curvy woman will be awesome rocking it as well.

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4. Short girly skater woodin dress

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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Women naturally have a unique ingrained girly or should I say womanly look they want to achieve. This becomes the central focus if the occasion or the purpose intended for the dress demands or subconsciously calls for a woman to be more feminine than contemporary. Rocking a short girly skater woodin dress is the easiest way to achieve a girly look and still be gorgeous for any occasion with the decency already factored in.

The skater design is fondly worn by women today. Its circular design and the upper body fitting cut to make the woman nothing less of being attractive. The woodin fashion designs in this style are playful and a decent look that depletes a woman full of demeanor and class who is proud of their feminism and body. This is a must wear for any woman who regards themselves as fashionable and stylish. Besides, there is no harm having a chic and easy wear for your casual dates and social events.

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5. Sundress woodin styles

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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In as much as ladies wear the woodin fashion to ceremonial events, this design can also be worn for leisure to vacations. The secret to the fabric is that it is all 100% pure cotton, versatile to withstand harsh conditions and be durable enough without wear and tear or even fading off. Besides, when you are having some good time, you want to be in easy, light, comfortable but stylish African wear. Here is the way to go.

One can still strike a balance with Sundress woodin styles thanks to the skills and thought that went deep into making such outfits. Ideally, sundress woodin styles are short and moderately flared with many possible designs of the same dress in the woodin collection. It gives one a unique glow and a non-routine aesthetics away from what one is defined by on normal occasions. The feminine closet should have at least one of this design.

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6. Body con fashion dresses

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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In as much as women dress to look good to get the attention and praise, they also dress to feel good. Double standards you would say but this is plainly the truth. A woman fairly or unfairly is judged by how they look from head to toe. This explains why women try to give their best looks and do not mind spending a few dollars to purchase a trendy outfit at the boutique.

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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Thanks to the woodin fashion designs, women can choose what they want. By the way, did you know that some fabrics would be good with petite women and others with plus size women? I am sure most women fall into the two categories. You are either in one of the two groups, which means not all styles and African prints would work for you.

Ideally, a woodin fashion body con dress is tight-fitting. The dress reveals the body curves of a woman leaving nothing to the imagination. It is a clean cut as per the body. From the collar to the bust, down to the waist line and the hips. The dress generally is a body suit just like an hourglass. This style has been very trendy in the last one decade and seems to hold its place. There are varied woodin fabrics designs such as the peplum, off shoulder, long sleeved just to mention but a few that are available in the market up for grabs.

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7. High low woodin fashion designs

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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Notably, woodin fabrics are discerning. You must have observed the color tones and shades used are those with ultimately good saturation and contrast, which means that the fabrics are awesome in all their spheres. The green, bright red, tasteful orange, trendy red wine, royal purple, sky blue and many others are some of the major colors on the woodin styles. They never get old, they never get boring, they never fall out of fashion and never are there any options to work around with. A superior product it is!

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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The high low design is not something the fashion world is afraid to mention. It is one of the artistic designs that women are hunting up and down to have in their closets with all the impressive ideas needed in the end product - African wear designs. The high low designs for the fashion dresses can either be single or multiple layers and the obvious asymmetrical cut that leaves behind a trailing cloak. This makes the woman queenly.

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The up to the minute trends have the high low woodin dresses with the off shoulder design, yet another playful and womanly feature that has taken the toll on the fashion industry today. There is also the use of lace fabrics on the woodin fabrics, which altogether improve the aesthetics and the value of the dress. This great style that would win you a show stooping appeal is accessorized properly and the cut is polished to avoid flaws on the African dress.

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8. Cultured gowns woodin styles

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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From time to time you may have been invited to a function were you need to have that outstanding and cultivated look of an African woman. Well, the tension usually leads you to find that chic fashion dress to wear to the occasion that will be both decent and be in line with the event in question. Have you fallen out of ideas? Or are you looking for inspiration? The cultured gowns wooding style in Ghana is the ultimate solace for you. Woodin Ghana has over 300 vivid designs you can consider and then have a stately gown custom-made for them.

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woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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The woodin collection gowns ideally are a sight to behold ranging to the elegant floor sweeping to the fairy tale African wear, both of which are modern and glaring. The gowns have varied designs at the upper part, which is all the discussion of customer’s preference as guided by the fashion designer. The current trend today have the shoulder cloak that equally flows to the floor length, which can be detached to give it a new look. This means that the gown is wearable in different designs hence more purposeful.

This kind of fashion dress is mostly worn for ceremonial functions like dinner parties, evening outs and night outs but can also be worn for contemporary off-corporate events such as anniversaries or any other event in cocktailed night themed. You must have seen this style on the runways and how it is popular even entertainment celebrities attending gala events have been frequently spotted in these woodin styles for ladies.

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9. Jumpsuit woodin fashion

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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Away from the woodin styles dresses, the woodin fabrics are not limited to dress-making. Nonetheless, there are other womanly designs that can be made from it like the woodin styles jumpsuit. This is more or less like an overall but is artistically made to bring out modernity and class. Ideally, a jumpsuit is a wear that comprises a top and pants all in one. These are common in the market but the woodin fashion is more than the conventional style you are used to. It has a whole new and glowing dimension in the fashion industry.

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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There are two ways the jumpsuit woodin fashion designs can be worn. It can be worn as an official wear or as a casual wear. Of course,ordin the designs are different and are flexible wear a modern woman can buy. If the design covers the body and less playful then that is perfect for formal environments and the opposite is very true. The sexy girly designs like strapless, cleavage-showing, open back among other designs are preferred when worn casually. However, even with the corporate-like jumpsuit, one can wear it for social events and still fit in well.

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It is still possible to have the jumpsuit with the peplum design or a mixture of fabrics. These are some of the creative and artistic worlds that have characterized the industry giving us some irresistible great designs. It should be minimally accessorized to avoid winning yourself a confused look. A nice handbag and shoes should also complete the look. The versatility in style makes it popular and cordially embraced by women of all ages - it is just a smart wear for all.

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Top woodin styles for ladies

The following are some of the trendy top African wear for the ladies to be worn with a skirt or a pair of pants:

1. Peplum woodin clothing styles

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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Peplum woodin clothing styles are among the latest woodin collection wear. The top wooding styles for women are brilliant in color and even in design. The layered out fabric brings a unique feature of the outfit and makes it all eye-catching. It can be worn with slim fitting pants or jeans and can also be worn with a pencil skirt. To achieve the corporate look with these you will need to tone down the print by wearing bold monotone color pants or skirt then complete the look with a nice handbag and heeled shoes. The hair and makeup should also be flawlessly done.

2. Crop top

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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This is yet another ground-breaking style that has remained relevant since it was incorporated into the fashion industry. This woodin fashion provides for an upper cut on the top just above the waist although some designs extend up to the waist line. The outfit is to be worn with high waist pants or skirts. The modern women have expressed an outright liking for this woodin Ghana design.

3. Off shoulder tops African wear

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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I need not say more. This design allows the woman to show off some skin around the neck. This is unconventional but increasingly becoming popular. The infinite number of designs in the woodin fabrics makes them good options for everybody as the patterns are in range waiting for your selection. The off shoulder tops and dresses are the current big thing in fashion.

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4. Fancy tops woodin clothing styles

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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There are many crazed up ideas in the fashion industry today. However, the many ideas in the woodin fashion allow the designers to reach out to all target customers. There are picky customers who would leave this style for the other and vice versa. In addition, there are yet another bunch of customers who want to be unique and will go overboard just to achieve that. Here are some of the spectacular, contemporary and chic woodin shirts and blouse designs. Ordinarily, these are African wear to rock in informal environments although that choice does not mean they are indecent but just a little offbeat.

5. Coat woodin fashion designs

woodin styles for ladies, woodin dress styles, woodin styles
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Well, there is yet another design in the woodin collection that just had to get mentioned. The African wear can be arrived at in many ways. For instance, there are woodin fashion designs for the coat or the woodin shirts, which are worn with other outfits but still bring out the awesomeness. The shirt is worn with a skirt or pants and this has greatly shaped the fashion industry. However, the interesting bit is in the woodin styles for the coat. Primarily, the length of this coat can range from waist leveled to very long designs. If it is for the skirt, then the coat is shorter. On the other hand, it can be long in length when wearing it with a dress or pants. These woodin styles for ladies have become a classical signature wear for business executives because it is more courtly and elegant.

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