Ghana Air Force Ranks and Insignia

Ghana Air Force Ranks and Insignia

Security both internal and external is key to the prosperity of any nation. Most nations in the world including Ghana boasts of a strong and able defense force that comprises of the Amy, Navy and Air Forces that help keep peace and tranquility in the country’s land, water and air respectively. The following article seeks to educate readers on one of the most important aspects of Ghana’s defense force; the Air Force and will touch on its ranks and Insignia. Read on to find out more.

Ghana Air Force Ranks and Insignia

Air Force Ranks in Ghana

When it comes to the disciplined forces, power and authority are very important. It’s said in the disciplined forces that an order is most important that the one giving it. In order to be able to give such orders one needs to hold a higher rank in the army. Ghana’s Air Force ranks are first subdivided into two; the Officers and the Airmen officers.

Briefly, the officers are the day to day problem solvers, managers, planner and key influencers who are responsible for training and leading airmen officers in all situations around the airbase. Airmen officers on the other hand, are the military officers given authority by the officers and are not in any way considered to be in technical command.

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Note Ghana’s rank structure was derived from RAF’s rank structure and hence the huge similarity between the two. Below is the Air Force ranks list for both the Officer and Airmen officers in their descending order of importance.

Air Force ranks for officers

  • Air Marshal
  • Air Vice Marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain
  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Flying Officer
  • Pilot Officer

Air Force ranks for Airmen officers

  • Warrant Officer Class I
  • Warrant Officer Class II
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Leading Aircraftman
  • - Aircraftman I
  • -Aircraftman II

Air Force Ranks Insignia

The other thing you ought to know about Ghana’s Air Force is the Air Force rank insignia and uniforms. Just like with any disciplined forces around the world, Ghana’s uniforms and Insignia vary across their different forces, that is, the Army, Navy and Air Force. Like with their ranks, Ghana’s ranks Insignia’s have a striking resemblance to that of Britain with the only variation being the substituted Ghanaian coat of arms or a black star in the place of the British crown.

Aside from the above fact, the other thing you need to know about the Ghanaian Air Force ranks and symbols is these badges are worn on the shoulder of their different uniforms. The field uniform for the Air Force team is always light blue in color. With the above information in mind, the following is a list of the Air Force rank Insignia you should know.

Ghana Air Force Ranks and Insignia

Ghana Air Force Ranks and Insignia

Ghana Air Force Ranks and Insignia

Ghana Air Force Ranks and Insignia

The above information should be able to give you some detailed information regarding the Ghanaian disciplined forces and in particular the Air forces. In addition to feeding you with knowledge, the above information should also guide you when making an application to the forces.

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