Profile: Charlotte Osei biography and pictures

Profile: Charlotte Osei biography and pictures

Mrs. Charlotte Osei or Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei, as she is also known, was born on the 1st February 1969. She formally worked as a Chairperson of the Electoral Commission in Ghana. Charlotte Osei is known particularly for being the first woman to serve in the electoral commission of Ghana since the country acquired independence. Prior to serving in the commission, she worked for the National Commission for Civic Education as the chairperson.This post looks at Charlotte Osei biography and the achievements she has had so far.

Charlotte osei biography


Charlotte Osei profile

  • Born: February 1, 1969
  • Age: 49 years old as of 2018
  • Origin: Ghana
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Famous for: Former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana
  • Instagram: Charlotte Osei (@char_osei)

Charlotte Osei biography

Charlotte Osei is a perfect description of beauty and brains. She has significant academic achievements such as a Master of Business Leadership, a Law Qualifying Certificate and Master of Law among other achievements that will be discussed in this article. The Charlotte Osei biography speaks volume about a person who is committed towards overcoming all odds to cause positive transformations in the society. Her dedication and commitment towards the promotion of lives in Africa is noticeable. She continues to inspire people from many regions around the globe.

Charlotte Osei education

Mrs Charlotte Osei biography


Charlotte Osei is one very educated woman. She pursued her secondary education at Ghana National College in the Cape Coast. She later joined the University of Ghana to pursue her undergraduate degree education. She pursued LLB Hons and achieved a second class upper division. In 1994, she was admitted to the Ghana Bar. She also studied at the Queen’s University in Canada where she achieved a Masters of Law. Later on, she studied at the University of South Africa Masters in Business Leadership. Notably, education creates a strong a background upon which a person excels in the career.

Without any doubt, many people would want to have a CV similar to Charlotte Osei CV. Achieving high educational feats such as those depicted by Mrs. Charlotte Osei requires a lot of discipline, commitment and passion for what the person wants to pursue in life. Through education, Mrs. Charlotte Osei has vast knowledge in the field of law. She has expressed this on several occasions and her prowess in this field is exceptional. Leaders such as her are mostly admired by the people they serve. At least, the public is guaranteed that it is being served by a person who understands all the details in their area.

Mrs. Charlotte Osei also stands out in politics due to the experience that she has gathered over the years. This respectable public figure has specialized in the Corporate/Business Law, investment, banking and employment law for quite a long time.

Charlotte Osei career

Mrs. Charlotte Osei has accomplished a lot in her career. For the past 15 years, she has been involved in several activities to help the country and Africa at Large. She has been a board member for several organizations aimed at improving the lives of people in Africa. She has also taken part in several partnerships and provided comprehensive knowledge on project financing, insurance, banking, corporate law and business partnerships.

Charlotte Osei CV


Charlotte also utilizes her vast knowledge in law to give legal advices and guidelines. She has provided several companies information about legal compliance and the requirements of the law in business activities.

Her expertise in the field of corporate law has not only been felt by organizations within the country but also agencies that operate internationally. Through Charlotte Osei’s advice and guidance, domestic, foreign and international companies have been in a position to negotiate and structure transactions. She also has keen interests on how the public sector organizations operate. She provides knowledge on how they can foster proper relations with stakeholders. She also advices them on the importance of providing value for the people they serve. As such, her profession has not only been beneficial to her but to the public as well, and this is a commendable thing about her.

Besides being brought to the limelight by being the first woman to serve in the electoral commission of Ghana, Charlotte Osei has worked in other significant institutions as well.

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Listed below are some of the places that Mrs. Charlotte Osei has worked

2011- 2018: She serves as the Chairperson of the National Commission for Civic Education. The goal of this institution is to provide civilians with details on their rights and responsibilities. It also educates them about voting and creates awareness about the constitution of Ghana. Doing this promotes democracy in the country. Charlotte Osei manages over 1700 staff across 200 offices in the country.

2005-2011: Charlotte Osei founded Prime Attorneys and serves as the lead counsel. The company is comprised of business lawyers who offer legal advice to companies.

2002-2005: Charlotte Osei served in the Unibank Limited (Ghana), as the General Counsel and Company’s Secretary.

1997-2002: Worked at the Ghana Commercial Bank Limited as the Senior Legal Officer.

1997-2003: Worked as a part time lecturer at the University of Ghana at the Faculty of Law. She taught in the fields of Commercial Law, Law of Contracts and Company Law.

1994-1997: Worked at Laryea & Company as an Associate Barrister and Solicitor.

1994-1995: Worked as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law in Ghana University, Legon.

As is observed from the work experience that Mrs. Charlotte Osei has had, it is clear that she has been a very resourceful person. It is her passion and educational background that have enabled her to achieve this experience in her career.

Charlotte Osei Board membership

Profile of Charlotte Osei


It goes without saying that Charlotte Osei is a very knowledgeable and can lead in the creation of an effective board for organizations. Here are some of the boards in which she has served.

2014 to date: Charlotte Osei serves as an Advisory board member in the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

2012 to date: She works at the African Capacity Building Foundation as the Vice Chair. This company is based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

2012 to date: She is a member of the Board of Governors for the Dominion University College in Accra.

2009 to date: Charlotte Osei serves Ghana Reinsurance Company Ltd as a Non-Executive Director.

2009-2012: Charlotte Osei served as a Non-Executive Director for the Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd.

Charlotte Osei family

As is with some public figures, Charlotte Osei does not reveal a lot of information to the public. Not even Charlotte Osei pictures shed some light on details about her family. As such, details about Charlotte Osei tribe and some aspects of her family cannot be easily got.

Charlotte Osei parents

Mrs. Charlotte Osei is a Ghanaian. Sources reveal that Charlotte Osei parents were from two different nationalities. Her father was a Ghanaian and her mother a Nigerian. Things did not go well between her parents since they later got divorced. Her mother and stepfather raised her until she was grown.

Charlotte Osei husband


Charlotte Osei husband

We can tell that Charlotte Osei is a wife and has children.Even since she became famous for becoming the first female to lead the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the public has always wanted to know who the lucky man, Charlotte Osei husband is. However, Mrs. Osei has not done anything to reveal who he is. But we can clearly tell that she is married. This is because she addresses herself using ‘Mrs.’, meaning that she is married. Additionally, we can also guess that she leads a good marriage life based on her bold, beautiful and courageous nature to address matters facing the nation and Africa at large.

It is also quite hard to talk about Charlotte Osei hometown. All that is know is that she is a Ghanaian, who resides in the country.

Charlotte Osei children

Just as is with other aspects of Charlotte Osei, not much can be told about her children. However, one year ago, details about Charlotte Osei daughter surfaced online. A user who goes by the name @Chelsea_in_me posted a photo of herself with the words ‘"I present to you Madam Charlotte Osei's daughter. #LikeMotherLikeDaughter." She looked exactly like her. Her hairdo increased the resemblance to this famous political figure. Her complexion also resembled that of the former Electoral Commission chairperson.

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Charlotte Osei awards

Charlotte Osei pictures

Source: Charlotte Osei (Centre) after receiving United States Department of State’s Women of Courage Award for 2017

Charlotte Osei’s expertise and engagement in transformational activities has not gone unnoticed. Besides the fame she has gathered within and beyond for being the first woman to chair the Electoral Commission of Ghana, she has been recognized on other occasions. One thing that is clear is that despite the challenges that she faces, she has utilized every opportunity to elevate companies and the whole society at large. The recognitions and awards are clear depiction that passion, hard work and dedication never go unnoticed.

Here is a listing of some of the awards that Mrs. Charlotte Osei has gathered throughout her career.

  • In 1991, she got the Volta Hall Award. She had the best art results in the University of Ghana.
  • In 1992 she excelled in the Ghana Bar Association LLB Final Examinations from the University of Ghana
  • In 1994, she received an award as the best student in Company Law & Practice from the Ghana School of Law.
  • In 1996, Mrs. Charlotte Osei was recognized and awarded by the Queen’s University Faculty of law in Canada.
  • The Ghana School of Law recognized Mrs. Charlotte Osei as the best student in the Conveyancing & Drafting.
  • In 2009, she was awarded for her competency and PPP skills by Institute for Public-Private Partnerships, Arlington, VA, USA
  • In 2010, she was recognized in the Notary Public by the Republic of Ghana.

Publications by Charlotte Osei

Charlotte Osei has dreams of Africa and the whole world becoming better places for people to live in. As such, she has conducted researches in several fields to highlight problems, their causes as well as some insights on how they can be addressed. All these information has been published and many people have had the chance to read them. Among the areas that she focuses on include youth challenges and empowerment, governance, the educational system, employment, citizenship, socio-economic growth, international trade, the plight of women and widows in the country among others.

Charlotte Osei CV


Charlotte Osei’s publications are a major contribution towards individuals and the society. They can be used as guidelines by leaders and people who have interests in solving some of the problems that Africa faces currently.

Here is a compilation of some of her publications:

  1. “Challenges Facing Ghanaian Youth”. This paper highlights the problems that the youth in Ghana are facing. She presented this publication in 2010 to the University of Ghana’s 61st Annual New Year School.
  2. “Governance in the Past Fifty Years & Challenges for the Future: Examining The Relevance of Ghana’s Educational Policies”. This publication gives insights on the challenges that the country is bound to face with regards to the educational system. It was presented in January 2007 to the University of Ghana’s 58th Annual New Year School.
  3. “An Assessment of the National Labour Commission of Ghana”. This was dissertation presented to the University of South Africa in 2006.
  4. “Citizenship, Customary Law and a Gendered Jurisprudence: A Socio-Legal Perspective.” She wrote this publication together with W. Tettey in 2001.
  5. “Remedies for International Sellers of Goods in Ghana”. This publication focuses on how international trade can be made effective. It was released in 1998.
  6. “Reclaiming Ourselves’” Re-examining the Status of Ghanaian Women Under Customary Law.” This paper was submitted to the Queen’s University in Canada as a dissertation in 1996.
  7. “Property Rights of Widows in Ghana- An Assessment of the Intestate Succession Law, PNDCL 111

Mrs. Charlotte Osei is an inspiration to several people in the society today. She has proven that any person can use their passion and knowledge to make positive changes and improvements in the society. She also shows that gender does not determine how successful a person can be. Women and men can become pioneers of change in the society.

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