Emmanuel Adom Quaye (Strika) of Beasts of No Nation story

Emmanuel Adom Quaye (Strika) of Beasts of No Nation story

Emmanuel Adom Quaye popularly known as Strika is a young Ghanian actor who co-starred in the award-winning movie known as ‘Beasts of No Nation’. Emmanuel co-starred alongside the boy Agu (Abraham Attah). He was able to portray the picture of ‘Strika’ as a broken boy. He perfectly brought out the emotions portraying the kind of torture young boys have to endure following the repeated war stories in Africa. However how sad the story is, Emmanuel has done an excellent job in the movie ‘ Beasts of No Nation’. Following this short Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye biography, you can be able to tell that he is a very talented young man even without having to watch the movie.But do you know that he is now a beggar on the streets. This post highlights the details.

Emmanuel Adom Quaye
Beasts of No Nation actor Strika
Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye interview
Beasts of No Nation Cast
Source: adomonline.com Emmanuel Adom -Strika(left) and Abraham Attah( Agu)

Emmanuel Adom Quaye - The streets story.

Sadly, there have been recent stories that the Strika Beasts of No Nation movie actor was not paid for his role. It was reported that he is currently begging at the streets of Accra. A facebook user Nii boye posted a picture of the Beasts of No Nation actor Strika along with a post that read:

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“I am sad this morning, I was headed to the Ghana Institute of Journalism campus and I met Strika. You would ask who is Strika? Striker starred in the movie Beast of No Nation. The said film that made Abraham Attah. Today I met him begging for money on the road leading to GIJ. I called him and brought him to campus. Speaking to him he tells me he now works with a gentleman who sells yam at the Abgobgloshe Market. He stays with his grandma at North Kaneshie”

The post was deleted but here is a screenshot that was taken before the post was deleted.

This would come as a rude shock since a fellow " Beasts of No Nation" cast , Kobina Amissah-Sam who played the role of Agu’s father said that the boys were well catered for. The actor was quoted saying

“They have not been forgotten, and they have really been taken care of. They are not lacking now as they used to, so everything is cool for them now. He has never been to school before but after the production, producers of the movie felt that they have to put him in school. I don’t think that it is Netflix that is taking care of them, it is the producer who wants to help the kids, Abraham, Strika and there is one other guy called Justice who stepped on Agu’s head when he was caught.”.

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How much was Strika given in the " Beast of No Nation " movie?

Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye net worth
Strika from Beast of No Nation
Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye biography
Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye age
Source: enewsgh.com

This is a question that seems to bother a lot of people. How much was Strika from beast of no nation paid and is the money really helping him in any way? In an interview that was held for Emmanuel Adom Quaye, he pointed out that he was told that his money was to be held up for him until he is 18 years of age. So what is Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye age now and why is he complaining about not receiving his money.

Emmanuel denied the allegations of being paid the 1% of the profits of the movie which was approximately 30,000 USD. He said that he was informed by one producer that his money was to be kept in a bank until he is 18 years of age. The actor complains that he is already heading to 19 years of age but has not received any money yet.

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During the Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye interview, the actor pointed out that he had taken part in another short film known as ‘Jungle Justice’. he said that he was paid GHC 10,000 but apparently the money was used by Mawuko to buy suits and other items but he was not given his money directly. So you would ask what really is Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye net worth? There is no exact figure on the actor’s net since the actor claims not to have received any money from both of the movies he took part in.

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Where is Emmanuel Adom Quaye money?

The MK content which is a talent management organizaton, managed Emmanuel in the "Beast of No Nation" movie addressed this situation. In a letter that was signed by the CEO Mawuko Kaudzi, the management pointed out that Emmanuel Adom Quaye’s money was kept in a trust fund in Barclay's Bank under the actors name. He would only be able to access it when he is 18 and with a valid ID.

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The management also pointed out that for the money for the short film ‘Jungle Justice’ he did, was far from being misused. It was made clear that the money was used to buy him clothes for the teen choice award that he took part in 2016. The rest of the money was the used for school items.

Where Does Emmanuel Adom Quaye live now?

Emmanuel Adom Quaye (Strika) of beasts of no nation story
Source: odarteyghnews.com Emmanuel Adom and Serwaa Of GhOneTV

The letter also pointed out that the actor Strika does not live in the streets as he had said in his interview. According to the letter, Emmanuel had ran away from Cape Coast Montessouri and that they have been looking for him. He apparently, has a fully paid apartment where he lives with his fellow actor Justice. He also goes to a private school that is sponsored by the producers of the ‘Beasts of No Nation’ movie in conjunction with Netflix. So according to this letter the actor lives a good life and was never abandoned by the producers of the movie. In the interview with Emmanuel, he also said that they are not in good terms with Abraham Attah but in the letter it is pointed out that these two are in very good terms.

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Ama K. Abebrese, who also took a role in the "Beast of No Nation" movie has also posted with a picture of Strika to deny the allegations that Emmanuel has been neglected. The actor said that Strika is just being stubborn and that he was never abandoned by the producers. The actor said that Emmanuel’s education was sponsored together with the other boy Abraham Attah at the Mountessori school in cape coast.

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