ABC transport Ghana contact number, price list and offices

ABC transport Ghana contact number, price list and offices

ABC Transport is a company that offers transportation services to road passengers and goods within Nigeria and the neighboring West African countries, for instance; Ghana. The company was established in the year 1993 in Nigeria bearing the name Associated Bus company Plc. This content will provide you with the actual details for ABC Transport Ghana contact.

ABC transport Ghana contact
ABC transport online booking
ABC transport contact number in Ghana
ABC transport Accra
Accra to Lagos bus

For the 23 years that ABC Ghana has been in operation it has continued to grow. The transport has become a favourite of many people across Ghana and Nigeria since it offers quality transport from shuttle to cargo services. However, Cross Country transport Ghana just like ABC transport is a leading transport service provider in Ghana and a very strong competitor. This post gives you details of ABC transport Ghana contact numbers, price list and office location.

ABC transport online booking

ABC Transport Company initiated an easy way for passengers to book their tickets online. Interestingly, with online booking services, travelers are saved the hustle of visiting the terminal offices. In addition to that, you can book the bus ticket three days before the traveling date, giving you an opportunity to select the best seat.


  • A mobile phone or a computer with internet access
  • The ticket booking charges
  • Your ATM card
ABC transport contact number in Ghana
ABC transport Accra
Accra to Lagos bus
ABC transport online booking

Below is the procedure to book a bus ticket online

  1. Login to ABC transport to access the ABC transport homepage. Choose (by right-clicking on the preferred field) whether to travel one way or round trip
  2. Select on the ‘from’ field to select your current location and the ‘to’ option to enter your destination
  3. Enter your date of departure on the field ‘departing on.’
  4. Click on the button, ‘Search.’ A page should be displayed bearing the following details; The bus service, bus type, departure time, duration, categories, fare and seats
  5. Click on the button ‘book.’The home page will reload allowing you to choose your preferred seat among the available ones
  6. On the right side of the page, an option ‘select boarding’ is displayed. Select the branch or the terminal you prefer booking form.
  7. Click continue. Another page will load displaying a form where you will enter your details such as; your name, age, email address, mobile number, alternative number, your next of kin’s name, the next of kin contacts and the additional offers.
  8. After you complete the form, click on the ‘proceed to payment’ button. You will a notification asking you to confirm your details.
  9. In case of an error, you can cancel the process. If everything is correct, click on ok. Another pop- up notification will appear bearing the transaction reference number.
  10. Click ok to continue. Another page is opened, bearing the title; ABCPAY Direct...
  11. Ignore the login fields and click on the ‘select your card type’ button
  12. A drop-down menu consisting of; Verve, freedom card, Master card Naira debit and visa options will appear
  13. Click on your preferred ATM card. Continue and enter your card number on the next page, and its expiry date
  14. Enter the last three digits found at the back of your ATM Card (CVV2 number)
  15. Lastly, confirm the details of your ATM Card and click on the ‘pay’ button.

ABC transport contact number in Ghana

If you’re within Ghana and want to book a traveling ticket with the ABC transport, below are their contacts and address.

  • Location: R5 Bus stop (caprice), opposite price way hotel, Avenor, Accra
  • Pin: 0027
  • Telephone: 0208765930 or 233244268611 or 021227236 or 009233243708737
  • Email:

For general inquiries, you can also contact the ABC Transport customer care service via the below contacts.

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ABC Transport Customer service contacts

  • Telephone: 07042226222
  • Mobile: +2348142552436
  • Email:

Accra to Lagos bus

Besides using ABC transport and cross-country transport, other express means to travel from Accra to Lagos include; by bus, plane or car hire.

The distance from Accra to Lagos is 462.7 km, which is approximate, 8 hours 21 minutes drive. The inter-city STC coaches may charge a ticket cost of between $35 -$55 depending on the distance, operator, and the route followed. However, to book a ticket, compliment, complain, or for general inquiries, contact the company via;

  • Telephone number: +233557943605
  • Email address:
ABC transport Accra
Accra to Lagos bus
ABC transport online booking

Services rendered by the ABC transport Accra

The ABC transport Ghana offers the below services to their clients;

  1. Executive express: This is a traveler’s class where the passengers enjoy, comfortable and adjustable seats, on-board lunch, toilet facilities, express travel services. The buses have fully installed and working air conditions.
  2. Shuttle services: Travelers using the shuttle services enjoys air-conditioned vehicles installed with tracking mechanism, speed governors and stereo entertainments.The service is available to the following ten destinations; Enugu, Owerri, Umuahia, Onitsha, Awka, Warri, Abba, and Calabar.
  3. City Transit INN services: This is a prestigious hotel managed by the ABC transport and located in Utako. This hotel is booked with N6, 400 and available to interested travelers and the general public.
  4. Coach West Africa: This is a dignified service that has made it possible for passengers to travel to other West African Countries. You only need a current yellow fever vaccination card and an active international passport or an ECOWAS Passport.
  5. Cargo services: This department provides express handling of the transportation items of various shapes, weight, and sizes across the country. Also, they offer home delivery by direct charter or cargo.
  6. ABC haulage: They collaborate with several manufacturing companies by conveying their client’s goods to their depots.
  7. Sprinter services: These are spacious 14-seater vehicles that offer dignified transportation to travelers with fewer or without luggage.

Finally, among the various ABC Transport services your choice is determined by the cost, urgency, and the available services among other preferences. In case of a misunderstanding, you can confirm from the customer care via the ABC Transport Ghana contact given above. Secondly, besides travelers can book their tickets via an ABC Transport app available in the Android phones or by visiting their nearest bus terminal.

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