Geomatic Engineering – meaning, courses, careers, jobs, and salaries in Ghana

Geomatic Engineering – meaning, courses, careers, jobs, and salaries in Ghana

Geomatic Engineering is a field that aims at developing and using different spatial techniques based on the latest technologies. Its contribution is very important to humankind as it helps people to better understand, organize, monitor, and manage our habitat through careful scrutiny. The applications of Geomatic Engineering are very broad and may include areas such as defense, planning, and property. It is Geomatic Engineering that enables us to determine horizontal and vertical positions of space or even land.

Geomatic engineering
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Geomatic Engineering blends the knowledge of science and engineering with information technologies to solve complex, real-world problems. Let us now focus on the meaning of Geomatic Engineering, courses, careers, jobs and salaries in Ghana.

What is Geomatic Engineering?

Geomatics Engineering is a field that deals with the surveying of the whole or part of the earth by applying various techniques. Such surveys may employ the use of satellite positioning, processing of satellite images, and many other techniques. The resulting data from such surveys is useless until it is evaluated and expressed as maps or plans in a computer interface. Geomatics Engineering can also mean a department in engineering that handles all forms of position-dependent measurement, calculation, analysis, and visualization studies.

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Geomatics Engineering courses

Some of the schools offering Geomatics Engineering courses include:

1. Alpha College of Technology

This college runs a four-year degree course in Geomatic Engineering. The Geomatic Engineering Department is one of the four others in the Faculty of Mineral Resources. Students are trained in setting out designs as well as maps for construction and registration of lands. For one to be enrolled in this College, he or must meet the minimum requirements of passes in 3 core subjects at senior high level as well as three elective sciences. Also, you can be admitted if have a pass in GCE ordinary and advanced level. Get in touch with the school by using the following contacts:

Official website:

Physical location: Green Hill, Oyarifa

Postal address: P. O. Box KN 5847, Kaneshie-Accra

Official email address:

Telephone numbers: 233 050 673 4420 / 026 243 7772

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2. University of Mines and Technology

At UMaT you can enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree in Geomatics Engineering at Tarkwa Campus. The course lasts for four years. The course is one of six others that run in the Faculty of Mineral Resources Technology. Here are the contacts for the school.

Official website:

Physical location: Tarkwa, Ghana

Telephone number: +233 3123 20324/20280

Fax number: +233 3123 20323

Email address:

Postal address: P.O Box 237, Tarkwa.

3. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

The Department of Engineering offers degree and postgraduate certificates in Geomatics Engineering. You can get in touch with the school through the contacts below to inquire more about the course.

Official website:

Telephone number: 233-3220-60317

Physical location: Provost Office, College of Engineering, KNUST-Kumasi

Email address:

Fax number: +233-3220-60317

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Geomatics Engineering careers

Many fields benefit from geomatics. This opens up the range of careers experts can explore in this field. The demand for geomatics experts is very high, and experts in this field enjoy the benefit of choice to work in public parastatals as well as in the private sector. Opportunities can also be found in educational institutions, GIS firms, National army and police, telecommunication companies, and consultancies. Below are some of the careers you can pursue as a Geomatics Engineer:

Geomatic engineering
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  1. Construction surveyor: As a construction surveyor, you have unlimited options of careers to choose. You can specialize in buildings, bridges, highways or any man-made structure you might be called upon to work on. A construction surveyor’s role is to perform measurements and give advice to architects, engineers or any other professionals working on a construction site. It is construction surveyors that verify the accuracy of constructions.
  2. Boundary surveyor: Also referred to as cadastral surveyors, their career involves measuring, marking, and mapping boundary lines of land ownership. It is mandatory that anyone who has some property will require the services of a boundary surveyor. Boundary surveyors have the responsibility of tracing deeds and other public records that verify the measurements of that particular property.
  3. Hydrographic surveyor: A career in this field deals with the measurement and description of features that directly impact on maritime navigation, construction of marine structures, marine exploration and drilling, and dredging.
  4. Geodesist: In this career, the emphasis is placed on the size, shape, and gravitational field of the earth. These experts measure the average depth of oceans, establish benchmarks, measure heights of mountain peaks, and study abnormalities on the surface of the earth.
  5. GIS analyst: GIS analysts use internet applications for mapping, hence the need for programming skills. This field requires a strong understanding of various server technologies and network protocols.

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Geomatic engineering
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Geomatics Engineering jobs

Those who pursue this field can find jobs in the following companies in Ghana:

  • Golden Star Resources Limited
  • Chirano Gold Mine Limited
  • Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
  • STPA Tropical
  • Newmont Ghana Gold Limited
  • Walulel Limited
  • Local Government service
  • Seaweld Engineering Limited
  • Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

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Geomatics Engineering salaries in Ghana

How much does a Geomatics engineer make? Their salary could vary depending on many things such as experience, the hiring manager, location, and the nature of the project. In Ghana, Geomatics engineers take home salaries that are very competitive. Discussions on an online thread under the name reveal that Geomatics Engineers are paid not less than GHc 1500 per month in Ghana.

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Geomatics engineers must always work towards two goals – problem-solving and developing new ways of doing things. Geomatic Engineering is presented with many ways of accomplishing goals. This could be working in land development, communications, utilities, or even in government with roles related to spatial considerations.

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