Ashesi university students write exams without invigilators to uphold honor code

Ashesi university students write exams without invigilators to uphold honor code

At a time when people's personal ethical cabinets have diminished, students at Ashesi University, Accra Ghana, are being taught to be intentional in molding their own moral character by upholding the university's "Honor Code".

In a photo that has gained traction, a popular University in Ghana's capital, Ashesi University, has disclosed via Facebook that students are being taught to shape their moral character and uphold the highest "ethical posture" by keeping true to the university's "honor code".

The students at the university are writing exams in the absence of invigilators or supervisors as part of efforts to imbibe a culture of superior ethics.

Perhaps, this signals hope for global leadership at a time when most heads of institutions and key world players appear not to have a sense of obligation to national values and humanity as a whole.

The university disclosed via Facebook that students have vowed to guard the honor code by holding themselves accountable and also ensuring their colleagues do not breach it.

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"Under the Ashesi Honour Code, exams on campus have no invigilators or supervisors. Students pledge to hold themselves to account during exams; to not cheat or tolerate those who do," the university disclosed.

And further emphasized that "the Honour Code encourages students to take responsibility for their own ethical posture, and learn to do the right thing even when no one is watching," the post further said.

The university explicitly conveys the narrative that we must be intentional in raising leaders.

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And one of the sure ways to do so is via education to condition and shape the paradigms or thought patterns, mind-sets and belief systems of students to uphold the highest ethical standards and posture which would help them to rise into prominence and remain there.

The powerful symbolic message cannot be overstated in shaping a society with people who have a sense of duty and obligation to the state and its values.

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