Ghana card: registration requirements, collection, commencement, benefits

Ghana card: registration requirements, collection, commencement, benefits

If you are a Ghanaian citizen by birth, registration, or naturalisation aged zero years and above and you reside in Ghana currently, you require a Ghana card. The card is also necessary for Ghanaians living abroad and foreign nationals who are legal or permanent residents in Ghana.

Ghana card
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The NIA began mass registration of citizens for the GhanaCard in 2008 up to 2013. Even if you registered at that time, you would also have to register afresh at any designated centres.

How do I get a Ghana card?

You cannot get the GhanaCard if you have not registered with the NIA and your data entered into the National Identification System.

As a citizen, you can complete your Ghana card registration process in person before a registration officer at the registration centre at the time specified by notice in the publications by the NIA.

Registration requirements

Here are the requirements for you to be eligible for the card:

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  • All Ghanaians at home and abroad.
  • All individuals that hold Ghanaian citizenship, including those that have dual citizenship.

Registration covers everybody aged zero years and above. It is also for persons of unsound mind or mental incapacity, physically challenged, persons with visual and hearing impairment, and other vulnerable groups in society. The information needed includes:

  • Name, date and place of birth, residential address and digital address code.
  • Parental information, including their Names, Address dates, and places of birth.
  • Biometrics, including your fingerprints, iris, and photograph). The NIA will take data at the registration centre.
  • Parental, partner, and next of kin information. Prepare to have addresses, names, nationality, hometown, and other personal data.
  • Primary verification documents. These include your birth certificate, valid password, certificate of acquired citizenship or naturalisation certificate.
  • Where necessary, you may have to bring other documents, such as SSNIT registration number, DVLA (licence), NHIS, TAX (TIN), passport, and EC (voter card).

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If you do not have the mandatory verification documents, birth certificates or passport, you will only complete the registration if an already registered relative vouches for you. Where a relative is unavailable and no proper documentation, you will have to find two registered individuals to vouch for you.

The NIA will also issue refugees with the GhanaCard. However, the difference is that their cards will have the inscription REFUGEE indicated on their cards.

Where can I register for the GhanaCard?

Ghana card
A woman registering for her Ghana card. Photo: @niagovgh
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Eligible individuals can register for the GhanaCard online or locally. You will have to use the NIA website to complete the Ghana card online registration. If you prefer to do it at a registration centre, you need to visit the designated registration centres. Ensure you have all the details outlined above to complete your online registration.

When will I receive the GhanaCard after registration?

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The Ghana card collection for all registered individuals aged 15 years and above is instant. However, that will only happen at all registration centres with electricity and internet connectivity.

NIA will defer the card issuance for all citizens aged 0-14 years and those living in rural and semi-rural areas without the above requirements. It can also delay if there is an appeal on your registration by any party involved, including yourself.

How to check GhanaCard

How can I check my GhanaCard? You can complete your Ghana card check in different ways. However, the easiest method is to use the Ghana Revenue Authority website.

  1. Go
  2. Click on Online Tools.
  3. Enter your Ghana card ID Number for verification.
  4. Click on Verify.
  5. All your details will display on the next screen.

GhanaCard replacement

Can I replace my GhanaCard? The NIA allows for Ghana card replacement. Nonetheless, replacements or renewal of stolen or lost cards is not free. You will have to pay a small fee as determined by the NIA. But first-time registration of the card is free.

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Before you can replace your card, you must report to the police and the NIA immediately. That assumes the card is stolen or misplaced. You will have to swear an affidavit confirming the loss and pay a replacement fee. The NIA will issue you a new card using the data you provided during your initial registration.

Note that the GhanaCard has an expiry period. Once issued, your card will expire after ten years. The reason is that technology changes, and the card body has a lifespan of ten years. When that happens, you will have to replace it or update your data. The NIA will offer guidelines on how to do it and whether citizens will incur any costs.

Can a foreigner have a Ghana card?

The current Ghana card registration 2021 exercise is for Ghanaians only. Foreigners can only register on a different system called FIMS. Like locals, FIMS registration is continuous. Foreigners visiting or entering Ghana cannot register to receive ID cards.

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The foreign visitors who have resided in Ghana for 90 days cumulatively or have residence permits can get a Ghana card number. In that case, they will have to provide their personal details and submit them to the NIA for FIMS registration. The NIA will then give them a Non-Citizen GhanaCard and pay a fee of $120.

What is the Ghana card used for?

The GhanaCard is the primary identification document for all Ghanaian citizens. You will use it for accessing all services in the country, whether in the public or private sector. Also, the Ghana immigration service will recognise it for international travel within the ECOWAS region when the regional countries begin using the e-gates at their borders.

In essence, the GhanaCard is the only valid identification document for applying for bank accounts, passports, telephone numbers, property acquisitions, driver licenses, and more. As of 1 April 2021, the GhanaCard Personal Identification Number or Ghana card PIN will replace the Taxpayer Identification Number commonly known as TIN.

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