Rev Obofour cars, wife, house, biography and latest facts

Rev Obofour cars, wife, house, biography and latest facts

Ghana has been famous for being home to the most controversial pastors. The pastors have been bold to boast of the richness and the wealth that they have accrued despite being in service. One such man of God is Rev Obofour.

Rev Obofour cars, wife, house, biography and latest facts
Image:, @Rev-Antwi Obofour
Source: UGC

In the world of controversial pastors, Rev Obofuor is a name that pops up first. He has been involved in a lot of controversial acts that have stirred a debate about the legitimacy of his ministry. He is famous for his bold nature in showing off his affluence, especially when it comes to cars. He has also made statements that have made people raise people raise eyebrows about his ministry.

Who is Rev Obofour?

In case you happen to have gotten carried away by the wind of the actions of the man of God without knowing his identity, these are some of the important details about Rev Obofour biography that you ought to know of;

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He is the leader and founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC). He is also the CEO of Sweet TV. His fame grew in 2018 when he decided to show off that he is one of the richest pastors in Ghana. In a series of occasions, he has gifted different people expensive cars, a move that made him the talk of the town.

Rev Obofour latest news

The controversial pastor has been on the limelight for the past few months for reasons that have left people in awe. These are some of the instances that he has topped the headlines;

1. He "met mammy water"

The controversial pastor stirred another debate, about eight months when he stated that he had met "mammy water" who is the water goddess. It was during a church service in October, in his church, that he gave details about how the Holy Spirit had led him to meet the goddess.

In a speech, he said; "God led my spirit to one of mammy water's'meetings deep in the ocean, it was last Sunday evening, the number of people who attended the meeting was enormous and no church has ever seen that much crowd. No one would really comprehend what 'mammy water' says except those who live and work with her, because she sounds like a sea wave."

2. He does not believe in heaven

In August, there were claims that the leader and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel, stated that he does not believe in heaven. According to the claims, the latter was preaching to his congregation saying, “For me, I don’t know heaven, it is this earth I know. Even if I like I will not believe in heaven. Where is heaven? Do I know there? I have travelled to America, Washington, everywhere but didn’t see heaven there.”

He went ahead to praise the self-proclaimed king of dancehall music; Shatta Wale, for addressing the things that affect the society in his music, something that Gospel artists do not do.

He went ahead to state that the content that most gospel musicians sing about is jaded. He said that he prefers listening to songs that would make him dance and help his congregation burn calories.

3. Purchasing an expensive Rolls Royce Phantom

Rev Obofour cars
Image:, @Rev-Antwi Obofour
Source: UGC

The controversial reverend has hit the news for yet another instance of being extravagant and showcasing his affluence by purchasing another experience ride. This comes months after he had bought himself another ride that cost him a fortune. Early in January, the latter was spotted sitting in the expensive Rolls Royce which looked like it had just landed in the country.

The latter appeared to be excited about testing his latest machine, in what appeared to be a test drive. Behind him were the leaders of the APC who were cheering him on. The ride has an estimated cost of $600,000. It is the latest ride in his fleet of vehicles.

The controversial man of God carved a name for himself after he gave out fifteen cars to the church. This was during the event where his son; Obofour Junior was being named.

Four months prior to the purchase of the expensive vehicle, the pastor had gifted Wayoosi, the Kumawood actor a Nissan 4*4.

4. Insinuating that Bishop Obinim's Rolls Royce is fake

In 2018, Bishop Obinim went on to social media to show off his luxurious lifestyle by showing off a Rolls Royce that he had bought. The estimated worth of the vehicle was $300,000. Days after the Bishop was trolled on social media, Reverend Obofour posted about buying the same make of vehicle. To prove that he was Bishop Obinim's rival, he posted about his vehicle not being fake and that he had purchased a piece of land for his church.

5. Buying his nine-year-old daughter an expensive ride for her birthday

It looks like the controversial pastor is out to show off his affluence. Days after he had bought the expensive Rolls Royce, the pastor went ahead to prove his extravagant lifestyle when he bought his daughter a Ford Mustang. the vehicle has an estimated worth of $400,000. The fact that he was gifting his nine-year-old daughter the vehicle was the main concern.

6. Playing Shata Wale's "taking over" in church

Man does not have the mandate to judge. However, the Bible speaks about righteousness and lawfulness in the house of God. In 2018, a video about Rev Obofour went viral. In the video, the church band of the controversial pastor was playing Shata Wale's "Taking over" in the middle of the church service.

7. The only true angel of God

Rev Obofour latest facts
Image:, @Rev-Antwi Obofour
Source: UGC

In May 2018, Rev Obofour went up to proclaim that he was the only true angel of God. The basis of his argument was from his name, Obofour, which hen translated to English, means angel.

The self-proclaimed 'true angel of God' went ahead to affirm that the other preachers were fake. These are allegations that landed him into a bad place as Obinim, another pastor in the country, used to refer to himself as an angel of God.

Religion is becoming a debatable issue in the current society, especially since many churches are coming up. The lives that the leaders of the churches lead is another issue to debate about. The flashy lifestyles that Rev Obofour lead is becoming a bone of contention.

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