Moesha Boduong flies in a helicopter in America (video)

Moesha Boduong flies in a helicopter in America (video)

Ghanaian actress and Instagram model, Moesha Boduong, has been having a really good time of her life in the past few days.

Currently in America for holiday, Moesha has been going around the country and living her life like a queen

The actress, on Sunday June 23, 2019, had the privilege attending the the 2019 BET Awards and could be said to be the only real Ghanaian representation at the event.

Moesha continues her 'chilling' in America and has as usual updated her followers on social media with photos and videos.

In the latest photos and videos, the actress had what she described as her first ride in a helicopter.

Sharing the photos and videos, Moesha wrote: "My first helicopter ride was fun and scary at the same so scared of heights but I conquered my fears."

Interestingly, Moesha could not get out of the helicopter after her ride because she could not open the chopper's doors.

After struggling for sometime, one guy had to step out to come and open the door for Moesha.

The latter video has got many social media users commenting. While Moesha Had suggested that the door was refusing to open, some of her followers think she just did not know how to open it.

@doomdays_2mins called Moesha a villager: "You’re a villager, you don’t know how to open it @moeshaboduong"

@yngriches said: "You don't know how to open it. don't say it doesn't want to open."

@elmooreandrew also said same: "@moeshaboduong no, it's not the door won't open its you who don't know how to open the door because you are not used to these things dear."

And so did @ldaniat: "Sister sister you couldn’t open it."

@odehyeba_dada_u.k said:"The nigga used just his little finger to open and you weren't able to use both hands to open...ey."

Source: Yen News

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