NSS portal login, registration, enrollment

NSS portal login, registration, enrollment

National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Ghanaian government program that focuses on deploying a pool of skilled youth to various public and private development projects. NSS works towards imparting the spirit of national service to Ghanaian youths, hence achieving sustainable development.

NSS portal login
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Do you have a problem logging in and registering for your NSS? As patriotic citizens, the NSS enables Ghanaian graduates to identify and practice their civic state responsibilities. Below is a compilation of simplified steps on how to begin the NSS registration steps, enrollment, and portal login process.

Ghana National Service Scheme

Ever since its establishment in 1973, NSS vision remains to be "leader in youth service." This is through its mission of "mobilizing and deploying Ghanaian citizens of 18 years and above for national development."

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NSS has the responsibility of providing qualified graduates with a platform of learning and exploring the job market opportunities. This is based on both public and private institutions. Correspondingly, it enables various Ghanaian firms to access an adequate skilled workforce while marginalized areas quickly access social services and development projects.

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NSS Portal Login
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NSS Ghana offers youth deployment opportunities in numerous national development sectors. These sectors include agriculture, health, education, local government, rural development, and youth programs. So, what are the procedures of registering for NSS?

Ghana National Service Scheme enrollment

All graduates who have finished their tertiary education are required by the law to register for NSS. The prospective candidates should ensure that they have achieved 18 years and above before registering. Below is the easy to follow procedure.

Get your NSS enrollment pin code

For you to activate your pin code, you have to pay for it. This is easy using your MTN Mobile Money.

  1. Dial *170#Select "Pay Bill"
  2. Select "General Payments"
  3. Key in the payment code which will be your PIN code (type NSS, click space, type your pin code)
  4. Enter deposit amount (GH ₵ 41.00)
  5. Key in NSS Reference
  6. Enter your pin to confirm payment
  7. Wait for a confirmation message

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Retrieve NSS pin code through the NSS portal

After payment, you will proceed to check the pin code in the system. The steps include:

  1. Google the NSS portal
  2. Click on the dashboard menu "Check & Pay For PIN CODE"
  3. Enter your Index No. or your School ID No.
  4. Click search
  5. A display of your PIN CODE and personal data will appear. Write down your PIN CODE for future reference

Pay the registration fee

For you to finalize the registration process, you will have to visit any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) of your choice. Pay GHS 40 before proceeding to the online registration. The second option is paying through your MTN Money service, where you will pay GHS 41.

Ghana National Service Scheme registration

After acquiring your pin and paying the registration fee, you can now proceed to the National Service Scheme portal. Ensure that you fill all the stirred fields with the correct information for you to move to the next sections. Below are the online registration steps.

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  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the "Online Registration – Enrolment" icon
  3. Enter your School Index No. or ID No. and password (payment Pincode)
  4. Click on the green icon titled "Access Registration Form" to open the application form

National Service Scheme application form

Once the form appears on your screen, cross-check all your personal information to ensure that they are correct. In case of any errors, contact the support team through the live chat. If every detail is okay, you should:

  1. Select the type of identification of your choice (Voters Card, Passport, Driver's License, or SSNIT Card)
  2. Click on submit
  3. Key in the ID No.

Identity match score

NSS portal will then run a search to compare your provided personal information if they match with your colleges/campus student data. You will then receive an identity match score.

  1. Perfect-ID data is perfect
  2. Good-ID data is good enough
  3. Fair-ID data requires further investigation
  4. Bad-ID data requires further investigation

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For prospective candidates who score "Fair" or "Bad," NSS will have to follow up on your information before you receive a final posting.

NSS Enrollment
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No matter the Identity Score Match, click on the option "Confirm and Continue" to access the next form's page.

2ND page

On the second page of the application form, you are required to provide your photo and contact information that will enable communication from the NSS.

  1. Upload your passport photo (not exceed 1mb)
  2. Current and active address
  3. Current and active contact number
  4. Next of kin contact information

Service information page

  1. Fill in all the necessary data concerning your employment history
  2. Click on the "Save & Continue" icon

Preference page

This refers to the page where your details will decide which posting best suits your profile. As a result, it is paramount that you key in accurate data.

  1. Select 3 regions of your choice that you would prefer to be posted
  2. The choices should start with the most preferable to the least preferred region
  3. Select the local languages that you are fluent in speaking, writing, ad reading
  4. Select the foreign languages that you can fluently read, write, and speak
  5. Select your "Industry of Preference" that you hope to be posted

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Preview page

The preview page consists of a compilation of all the personal information that you filed In all the required sections. It enables you to cross-check and ensure that every bit of data is correct. In case you want to change any information, press the "BACK" icon to move to the previous pages.

  • Click on "SUBMIT."

Final Stage: Congratulations

After submitting you will receive:

  • A congratulation message will appear on your screen
  • Your NSS No. will also appear on your screen.

You will also gain access to your NSS icon, which is located at the top-right titled "Sign In As Personel." By clicking on the personnel icon, you can sign in and get to know where you have been posted. You can also print your registration summary by clicking on the "Click to Print" icon that is located on the bottom page.

NSS portal login

Once the public NSS posting is announced, you can access your account to see where you will be heading and to get your NSS login credentials. Just follow the below simple steps.

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  1. Visit the website
  2. Go to the top green icon and click "Sign In"
  3. Select the option "Sign In As Personnel"
  4. Your NSS Log in your registration email address and your PIN CODE.

Support services

In case of any rising issues during the NSS registration process, you can contact the customer support live chat located at the bottom of your screen.

Ghana National Service Scheme regulations and rules

For all new and continuing candidates, it is essential to read and memories the laws and regulations provided by the NSS. The complete list is available through the National Service Scheme act 1980 Act 426. The Act contains provisions on topics such as duration, monthly allowances, posting criteria, leaves, transport, accommodations, offenses, exemption deferment, national service certificate, and many more.

National Service Scheme certificate

For individuals who have completed their service year, you can request your certificate and verify it through the icons located on the bottom right side of the page. However, there are some requirements that one must meet. These include:

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  • Completed service year
  • Annual assessment form filed
  • Assessment form must be dropped to the required District Offices
  • Provide your NSS No.
  • Provide your means of identification
  • Fill the required personal information
  • Make delivery payments
  • National Service Scheme head office

The National Service Scheme headquarters is located in Accra, Ghana. However, it bears Regional Heads in all of the ten capital cities of Ghana.

NSS Contacts

  • 46 Patrice Lumumba Road,
  • Airport Residential Area
  • Accra Ghana

National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Ghanaian youth program that every graduate is required to participate. To register for the service, graduates have to visit the NSS website portal and provide all the required information. After paying for the enrollment pin, one undergoes the portals online registration and awaits posting.

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