FedEx Ghana contact, branches, working hours, jobs

FedEx Ghana contact, branches, working hours, jobs

FedEx is an international logistics company that provides transportation solutions for individuals, companies and e-commerce to 220 countries throughout the world. FedEx Ghana is one of the states, with the main branch in Accra Ghana. Unlike other logistics companies found in the country, this one specializes in all types of goods and can reach various destinations around the world.

FedEx Ghana contact
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The main goal of FedEx is to connect people to goods and services. It offers the advantages of reliability, convenience and efficiency. With the company, products and services reach their desired destination within the agreed timeline and in the best condition possible.

There's no need to worry about when and how your goods will arrive at your relatives in the U.S. or any other destination of choice, this company have you covered. The FedEx Ghana Accra branch offers, among other things, local goods deliveries, international connections up to 220 countries globally. You will enjoy rapid, reliable, punctual delivery at the click of a button.

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FedEx Ghana contact

The company operates on a round-the-clock basis, meaning that your parcels will be delivered anywhere and at any time. Their network reaches far and wide to ensure that none of its customers is disadvantaged. If you need to reach the company, use the following contacts:

  • Company: Integrated Air Services
  • Physical address: #138 Airport West Residential Areas, Accra, Ghana
  • Tel: +233 501605000 / +233 501631000
  • Service available: Export/Import

Further, you can write to the company through their website by filling a form. Once you submit the form, a response will be sent back to you through your email and a short message to your phone.

FedEx Ghana Accra working hours

Like most businesses in Ghana, this company operates on all weekdays save for weekends. The opening hours for weekdays are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 17:30
  • Saturday: 08:30 to 12:30
  • Sunday and public holidays: Closed

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FedEx Ghana branches

FedEx Ghana contact
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If you are in Ghana, you are not only limited to the Accra branch. It has several branches in major towns and cities across the country.

1. Federal Express (FedEx) Branch Office

Address: 1st Floor, Swanzy Shopping Arcade, Accra

2. FedEx

Address: P.O.Box KIA 9518, Accra

3. IAS Ghana Federal Express (FedEx)

Address: No. 60, Mango Tree Ave., Asylum Down, Accra

3. FedEx Ghana airport office

Address: At The Yellow Container, Airport Post Office, Accra

4. IAS Gh. Federal Express(FedEx)

Address: 1st Floor Kenroses Bldg., Collins Ave., Takoradi

5. IAS Gh. Federal Express (FedEx)

Address: Ground Floor, SSNIT Bldg., Sunyani

6. IAS Gh. Federal Express (FedEx)

Address: SSNIT Bldg., Wa, Wa

7. IAS Gh. Federal Express (FedEx)

Address: 1st Floor, GCB Bldg., Cape Coast, Cape Coast

8. Federal Express (FedEx) Airport-AFGO

Address: Courier Dome, Accra

9. FedEx Ghana Kumasi

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Address: Opp. Presby Adum, Kumasi

Contact: T 0322 023545 / M 028 9117655

These are the contact details for customers seeking the location of the company branches. The FedEx Ghana address for different branches comprises of both the location and contact details.

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FedEx Ghana jobs

Do you have the desire to work in a challenging yet rewarding working environment where you get to nurture your professional and personal attributes? It offers you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Currently, there are no jobs specific to Ghana, but registering with them and posting your CV will see you receive regular updates on the available openings. Some of the specialities applicable in the company include:

  • Quantity surveyors
  • Clearance agents
  • Management specialists
  • Software developers
  • Customer care specialist
  • Customer coordinators
  • Operations agents
  • Logistics coordinators
  • Drivers
  • Vendor assistants and many more.

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FedEx Ghana rates

Fedex Ghana location in Accra offer a myriad of services and solutions for customers. Their portfolio includes transportation services, business services, and e-commerce solutions.

The charges are variable depending on the type of goods, services needed and the distance covered to deliver the goods. Also, the rates are determined based on the history of usage.

One of its advantages is the all-in-one shipping solution it provides to customers. While on their website; you can actually estimate the time and amount chargeable to ship goods from one destination to another.

Some of the details that you will need to key in the form include the place of origin, and the destination desired. You will also provide additional information, including the weight of your goods, and the date of shipping. Finally, you will receive the package and shipment details, and the transit times. This will enable you to not only make crucial decisions regarding your shipment but will also allow you to plan for the future.

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Parcel specification for shipping and charges

For a parcel, you will need to provide the dimensions of the box, its weight, and address. For example, exporting a package weighing 20 kg, and measuring about 40 centimeters all round, from the U.S. to Accra, Ghana, you will pay about $422.22. The package will arrive in the destination within 2-5 business days. That means that if you send a parcel on Monday, it will be delivered within the same week. However, it would be best if you excluded holidays and weekends in the count.

For a comprehensive list and breakdown of FedEx Ghana charges, write them through the provided details or make contact through the available FedEx Ghana contact number. From there, you will be directed by their customer care personnel on the exact charges.

Federal Express is your home of convenient shipping solutions to more than 200 countries across the world. If you need any help with getting your goods moved from one destination to another without having to seat it out, then FedEx Ghana is here for you. So far, they have several branches in the country and offer all the services internationally.

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