“My Father Would Not Have Denied Onsy”- Samia Nkrumah

“My Father Would Not Have Denied Onsy”- Samia Nkrumah


“My Father Would Not Have Denied Onsy”- Samia Nkrumah
Samia Nkrumh


Samia Nkrumah, the daughter of Ghana's first president, has said that his father would not have denied paternity to the man alleging to be his brother, Onsy Nkrumah.

She added that the late Kwame Nkrumah would never refuse anybody who is his son. Questioning why Onsy Nkrumah is alleging to be the late President’s son, Samia said that “why is Onsy  claiming to be Nkrumah’s son now, especially many years after the demise of my father”.

She added that his brother seeks to tarnish Nkrumah’s image.

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“Our father would not have refused to recognize any son or daughter who came up to him. Everybody knows that he wouldn’t have denied Onsy or anyone this recognition so why now, many years after his passing without any proof, you just come out."

Reacting to a publication in the Daily Graphic, Samia said that Onsy Nkrumah has a more sinister agenda. She added that Onsy could not truly be her father’s son.

An Egyptian and close associate of the Nkrumah Family, Mrs. Souad Mohammed El Rouby Sinare, told the Daily Graphic, Onsy Nathan Kwame Nkrumah, is the biological son of the late President and must be treated as such.

Throwing light on some aspects of the life of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Madam Sinare, 89, stated that prior to his marriage to Madam Fathia, Dr. Nkrumah had befriended an Egyptian woman by name Isis Nashid who was brought down to the Gold Coast to work for the colonial establishment.

She said before Ghana’s independence, Madam Nashid became pregnant for Dr. Nkrumah but the pregnancy and their relationship were kept secret because of her association with the colonial establishment which brought her into the country, adding that the woman had to leave the Gold Coast for Egypt.

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The publication further added that a nephew of Dr. Nkrumah, Nana Bulumiatwum Kwasikutuah, a retired accountant at the University of Ghana, Legon who spoke on behalf of the family hinted that the family had already accepted Onsy Nkrumah as a son of the late President. He added that it has been established that the late President Nkrumah had six biological children, made up of four gentlemen and two ladies, namely, Francis, Gamal, Sekou, Onsy, Samiaa and one Elizabeth Koranteng.

Reacting to the publication on Citi Fm on Friday morning, Samia would not have any of such stories.

“It is clear that he is getting back; there is no doubt about it. Because for the Daily Graphic to refer to him without question, as Nkrumah’s son, I think it’s very puzzling”.

She added that the known legitimate children of Osagyefo will meet over Onsy who is on record to have said he returned to Ghana with hopes of following in his father’s footsteps to become president of the Republic.

“So we the known children, we are going to respond according to the estate of Osagyefo. We want to protect the legacy.”

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By Eyra Doe

Source: YEN.com.gh

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