100+ Greek girl names and meanings

100+ Greek girl names and meanings

Greek names are an ideal choice for any parent who is looking for monikers that are inspired by ancient roots and a strong cultural background. The gods, cultural practices, and heroines give a myriad of options when it comes to choosing a name for your baby girl. There is no doubt that Greek girl names are outstanding and will give your baby an edge among her peers while growing up.

Greek girl names
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The pantheon of Greek gods and deities has for many years been the basis of most literature and a well of ideas when it comes to naming people, places, and even historic features. When it comes to naming your children, it would be creative enough to go beyond the obvious settings. Get your baby girl a unique Greek name with a strong backing both culturally and in meaning.

Greek girl names and meanings

Are you looking for something different for your baby girl's name? Greek names are the most unique and have the best inspiration. Once you know the names and their meanings, nothing can hold you back from giving her a unique identity.

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  • Loanna – Gracious God
  • Fotula – God’s light
  • Junia – June baby
  • Karisa – Beloved one
  • Kasiani – Cinnamon
  • Lenore – The morning sun
  • Lex – Defender of men
  • Lois – Desirable and most charming
  • Lydai – Gorgeous one
  • Lysandra – The liberator
  • Malva – Delicate and slender
  • Melania – Dark, black queen
  • Melia – Sweet, honey
  • Naida – Nymph
  • Neri – Ocean spirit or burning light
  • Niki – Celebrations of victory
  • Penthia – Rose
  • Peta – Stone, golden eagle, tough
  • Photine – Brightness
  • Sirena – Entangler
  • Tana – Goddess of the light
  • Xena – Visitor
  • Yolanda – Sweet violet rose

Pretty Greek girl names

Greek girl names
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The Greek culture has some of the cutest monikers you can call your sweet pretty one. Do you want the prettiest names to call your baby girl? Here are the top monikers:

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  • Alexandra - Helper of humankind
  • Alexa – Defender of men
  • Althaia – Healing
  • Amaltheia – To soothe
  • Amar – Grace
  • Anastasia – Resurrect or rise again
  • Andromeda – Ruler of humankind
  • Angeline – Rose from the foam in the sea
  • Ariana – Holy
  • Ariande – Most holy
  • Athena – Goddess of war and wisdom
  • Berenice – Victorious
  • Calista – Most beautiful
  • Callie – Beautiful one
  • Calliope – Sweet voice
  • Cassandra – Insightful
  • Cora – Servant
  • Cynthia – Moon goddess
  • Danae – The judge
  • Daphanae – Water nymph
  • Demi – Follower
  • Dorothy – Gift from the highest
  • Eleanor – Shining light/ lighthearted
  • Elena – Bright light shining
  • Eliana – God has answered
  • Ella – Fancy, beautiful, light
  • Georgia – Farmer
  • Helena – Gorgeous one
  • Hermione – Gods messenger
  • Hera – Protector
  • Ida – Mountain goddess
  • Iris – Colorful
  • Jacinta – Beautiful
  • Katherine – Pure
  • Khloe – Blooming or verdant
  • Lois – Great
  • Lydia – Pride and prejudice

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Latin Greek girl names

Greek girl names
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Names give your children a better identity and make them stand out on various spheres of life when growing up. Do you know what name means princess in Greek? Go ahead and read the names to understand this and many more.

  • Abelia – Breath
  • Abril – Nice
  • Abbatissa – Lovely
  • Acatha – All loving
  • Adreena – Lovely
  • Adora – Respectful
  • Astria – Cutest
  • Astella – Outstandingly gorgeous
  • Aura – Light
  • Aurel – Peace at home
  • Austina – Beautiful
  • Aveen – Sunshine
  • Benita – Most loved
  • Barbary – Cute
  • Barbot – Bunny
  • Barbra – Committed
  • Beatrice – Noble princess
  • Beileag – Lovely
  • Beitris – Flower
  • Bellerose – Rose flower
  • Bella – Blooming
  • Vasiliki – Queen

Greek mythology girl names

Greek girl names
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Greek culture is rich in names that are representative of features, art, and beliefs. What is a badass name for a girl? Here are some badass names for your baby girl:

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  • Melody – Sweet song
  • Mya – Famous
  • Myra – Sweet smelling fragrance
  • Myrine – Swift
  • Nicole – Triumphant
  • Nike – Goddess of victory
  • Olympia – Heavenly
  • Ophelia – Wise and helpful
  • Penelope – Thread weaver
  • Phile – To love
  • Phoenix – Dark red
  • Rhea – Flowing stream
  • Roxane – Dawn
  • Sara – Princess
  • Selena – The moon
  • Sophia – Wise
  • Stephanie – Victorious
  • Thalia – Blooming one
  • Thelma – Godly
  • Theodora – God’s gift
  • Theresa – Hunter or harvester
  • Tiffany – God’s manifestation
  • Xanthia – Lover of yellow
  • Xenia – Hospitable and welcoming
  • Yolanda – Modest
  • Zephyra – Wind of the west
  • Zoey – Life
  • Zosime – Survivor

The Greek culture has been used as a benchmark for many societies in terms of their regard to norms, belief, and statues for living. Go ahead and embrace this rich culture by checking the above Greek girl names and find a suitable moniker for your baby girl.

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