100+ best paladin names for your Dungeons & Dragons characters

100+ best paladin names for your Dungeons & Dragons characters

Whether you wanted to play a noble paladin, a winsome elfin bard, or something else altogether, what name would you have preferred for your character? The beauty is that several paladin names exist, which you can pick from.

paladin names
The Paladin of Quel'Aranal. Photo: @TheHighblade
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Giving your dungeons and dragons characters names, depending on what each means to you, is essential. It becomes more interesting when they have a paladin name. You know why? Your fantasy stories won't be complete without paladins since they are well-known characters for many fantasy stories.

What is a paladin?

A paladin denotes a leading champion of a cause. According to the French language, the word "paladin" means a warrior. It is traceable to the late 14th century as it was the name given to a person who always renders help and support to everyone, especially when there is a battle.

A paladin is not just any warrior who swings his sword to strike his enemies; it is considered a holy warrior having a blend of a warrior and cleric. Because of what it represents, it uses its weapons and magical powers to assist in battles.

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Female paladin names

Female paladins are different from male paladins, who engage the enemies with weapons and arms. They are considered holy warriors who win their battles without any arms or weapons but through magical powers.

The female paladin is not an enemy fighter but can help other soldiers fight their enemies by employing spells. So, what are the best paladin names female characters can bear? Besides considering the names below for your fictional character, they can be substituted for human paladin names also.

  • Alexia the Dragonheart
  • Tetty the Warrior
  • Mathe of the Summer
  • Brigette the Giant
  • Giselle the Outsider
  • Anchoret the Champ
  • Shusan the Weak
  • Macée the Illuminator
  • Ymanie the Confident
  • Malkin of the Ice
  • Duraina the Fair
  • Mahaud the Rude
  • Millesenta the Selfish
  • Cristian the Timid
  • Edelinne the Confident
  • Guener the Pygmy
  • Ema the Bruiser
  • Auisia the Confident
  • Gaunlaya of the Snow
  • Oriolda the Bold

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paladin names
A male paladin. Photo: @SavixIrL (modified by author)
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  • Oriolt the Daring
  • Magdalen of the Lake
  • Tomson the Slayer
  • Auriol of the Dark
  • Emota the Weak
  • Matildis the Tracker
  • Tibb the Cold
  • Gabella the Shadow
  • Emma of the River
  • Branwyne the Dragon
  • Bessie the Titan
  • Roese the Dragonheart
  • Tilda the Unbreakable
  • Mathila the Humble
  • Esabel the Bodyguard
  • Johanna the Faithful
  • Aanor of the River
  • Thomasin the Wolf
  • Ela the Pygmy
  • Berengiere the Friendly
  • Sukie the Sentinel
  • Madlyn the Maneater
  • Lisa the Talented
  • Juliana the Courageous
  • Milisant the Paladin
  • Belon the Enigma
  • Evelina the Strong
  • Hawisa of the Light
  • Helissent the Ghost
  • Mareoun the Valiant

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Dnd paladin names for male characters

Compared to their female counterparts, male paladins are known for fighting their enemies with weapons and arms and are considered one of the emperor's personal guards. Here are some dnd paladin names that can suit a male character

  1. Battista Lumis
  2. Amory Lightbringer
  3. Gautier Mornward
  4. Birch Mornward
  5. Harmon Sunwalker
  6. Ingomar Mansfield

Famous paladin names

The famous paladins are the heroes of any battle. As they win in their battle against the enemies, they ensure the nobles' lives are saved by defending them and even fighting to the end of the battle. These beautiful famous paladin names are worth considering if you need any for your characters.

  • Dedraehulda Earthhorn
  • Safraetrude Darkfall
  • Krabrare Iceshaper
  • Kutdrebelynn Sapphiregrog
  • Tudearra Blackshaper
  • Snakolynn Largebrand
  • Thokheatalin Blackfinger
  • Agruibelyn Forgemace
  • Ukotalyn Greattoe
  • Udgragaer Beastfoot
  • Derfolsia Heavybrand
  • Weranmalin Copperhood
  • Groondeawynn Flaskblade
  • Darergoda Amberbasher
  • Nurassuthra Orehand
  • Bramdatryd Leatherheart
  • Ognutalyn Bitterfeet
  • Gammutalyn Icemaster
  • Toreghangrid Leatherbrewer
  • Nometalin Coalarm
  • Aradelsia Giantbrewer
  • Thrarreatrude Largehand
  • Ughebera Warforge
  • Groutgrotelyn Goldfury
  • Vomrarra Oresunder
  • Dourroulsia Caskriver
  • Kulmabyrn Boulderbeard
  • Umighutelyn Grumblebrewer
  • Snazztryd Blackshoulder
  • Nommuserd Chaosforge
  • Darethutrud Caskmaker
  • Dholagaer Greatchin
  • Barsingrid Anvilshoulder
  • Savrihulda Boneshield
  • Thirdoubo Woldchin
  • Nardrearika Goldenbraid
  • Deddubera Shatterfinger
  • Gruvrugrett Barbedbrand
  • Thrarnelydd Steeltoe
  • Krozmotelyn Leatherbreaker

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paladin names
Female paladins. Photo: @PaladinsGame
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Funny paladin names

Some paladins have the responsibility of enticing their enemies with jokes. They don't carry swords and ammunitions; yet, they win their battles. Once the enemies start to laugh from the effect of their jokes, they signal to other paladin warriors who come around to attack.

Check out these funny paladin names dnd that you can use for your characters

  1. Lukrobo Jadebranch
  2. Katgreanelyn Beastgrog
  3. Alforrobo Flintcoat
  4. Kignaekara Graniteshoulder
  5. Sarfohilda Kragfinger
  6. Grubreren Dragonview
  7. Akwuigit Darkbane
  8. Eriznibena Blessedjaw
  9. Korhegit Darkborn
  10. Brabula Anvildigger
  11. Darengraerika Barbedmaster
  12. Hufurika Windbeard
  13. Reisdrotrud Noblebranch
  14. Werastrealine Barbedchest
  15. Singroulin Brightmantle
  16. Torendruigit Lightpike
  17. Kordarra Marblefoot
  18. Houmdegith Largeforged
  19. Douzolydd Largeshoulder
  20. Jokhigret Boulderbreaker
  21. Thrangrithra Amberbelt
  22. Nondrogrett Flintspine
  23. Sizmodeth Coalshaper
  24. Hokraetryd Blessedstone
  25. Udmowynn Cragshoulder
  26. Kodminelyn Blazingchin
  27. Bodgrohilda Bonepike
  28. Ussaedeth Bluntchin
  29. Lobeahilda Ashbuster
  30. Skamwogit Amberdelver
  31. Werfaebena Boulderfeet
  32. Krotaegrett Axemantle
  33. Bofaetalin Sapphiremaul
  34. Kadmotalin Lavabrow
  35. Yoghaetalyn Stormfeet
  36. Gotdrubela Goldbuster
  37. Thedgrahilda Shatterbane
  38. Urhebo Hillbrand
  39. Bekwilin Onyxfall
  40. Bumnealynn Bristlefeet

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With the paladin names you have above, choosing names for your dungeons and dragons characters just got better. Feel free to choose any of them, and have fun with your friends. If for any reason, you prefer something more unique to the existing names, you can use a paladin names generator to your advantage online.

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