Rawlings:10 major achievements during his rule for 20 years

Rawlings:10 major achievements during his rule for 20 years

Former President Jerry John Rawlings was reported dead exactly a year today, leaving many Ghanaians in tears and broken-hearted, and in utmost shock.

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The longest-serving ever Ghanaian president passed away in the early hours of Thursday, November 12, 2020, at the Korle-Bu Hospital.

During his tenure in office as the president, not only did he rule over the country, he also achieved a lot for the people of Ghana in various sectors.

YEN.com.gh has listed some major achievements of the late former president during his tenure in office for 20 years.

10 major achievements of former president Rawlings during his rule
10 major achievements of former president Rawlings during his rule Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

1. Agricultural programme

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During his tenure, the NDC agricultural program and policy from 1994 to 2000 saw Ghana on the map as one of the leading food producers in the world. This was the third-highest achievement to be experienced in the country.

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2. Electricity expansion

The former president helped with the expansion of electricity to the Northern parts of Ghana which was initially not connected to the national grid.

The northern parts of Ghana before Rawlings' intervention, were ignored by ruling elites since 1957.

3. Peacekeeping

The late JJ Rawlings played a significant role in peacekeeping and dispute resolution in various unstable countries in the sub-Saharan West African region and the entire African continent.

4. Re-integration of Ghanaians

He came to the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians living in Nigeria who were expelled.

He ensured they got somewhere to stay at El-Wak stadium in 1983 and then assisted them to relocate to their family homes.

5. Health

The late former president Rawlings constructed the modern regional hospitals in Sunyani, Cape Coast.

District hospitals were also built during his time as president, to cater to the medical needs of the citizens of Ghana.

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6. Established the University for Development Studies

Former president Jerry John Rawlings helped with the establishment of the University of Development Studies in the north to make education accessible to the youth in the North instead of traveling down south to acquire tertiary education.

He used his Hunger Award Prize Money to buy books for the University’s Library.

7. Housing

The popular SSNIT flats estates found all over the country including the ones at Dansoman and Ho, were built during his era as president.

The sprawling housing sector in Lashibi, Sakumono, Adenta, and the ones on Spintex Road, all came up during his era.

8. Potable drinking water

It is reported that before his tenure in office came to an end, a lot of Ghanaians who hitherto had no clean source of water, finally had access to clean water.

Guinea worm which was rife during those days in Ghana was gradually eradicated within the shortest time.

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9. Establishment of more educational facilities

During his tenure of office, in a bid to ensure continuous education at the disposal of every Ghanaian youth, he introduced the administration of one region, one Polytechnic spearheaded the policy of allowing the establishment of private tertiary institutions, including Universities, to cater to the public, for each Ghanaian to be involved in higher education.

10. Smooth Transition of Power

Due to his background as an ex-military official, Ghanaians feared that he would not hand over power to former president Kufuor after he won the general election in 2001.

To the surprise of many, like a true statesman who was passionate about democracy and nation building he peacefully handed over power without any hitches.

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