Top 50 honest best friend quotes

Top 50 honest best friend quotes

The greatest gift in life is friendship. There is no better feeling in the world than having a friend by your side. Sometimes we take most of the friendship for granted, we don’t understand the importance of such in our lives. Take some time off to go through some these best friend quotes that are guaranteed to cement your relationship further. They are assured to warm the hearts of your friends no matter the situation you are in. They are packed with wisdom, inspiration and humor. We have arranged the top friendship quotes that captures the real essence of friendship. So, whether you are looking for friendship quotes that can uplift the spirit of your friend while going through difficult times or when rekindling old flames, these quotes cater for that. At the end of the day, the person you choose to share mutual affection with is someone who is a friend.

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Top 50 honest best friend quotes
friendship quotes
friendship quote
what is friendship
quotes about friends
who is a friend

What is friendship? In this case, a friendship is a relationship of mutual affection with someone else.

The best friendship quotes

Here is a list of the best quotes about friends and friendships.

Friendship arises during that moment when you realize you are not the only one in the boat

This friendship quote reminisces on the first time you laid eyes on your friend. It speaks of the situation that brought you together. It aims to rekindle the reason why you are still friends to date. At the end of the day, circumstances are what brings us closer.

Just the fact that we are growing apart has no bearing that can change the fact that since childhood we have grown side by side. Our roots shall forever remain tangled

It is always a growing concern that we grow apart with time and end up forgetting each other. This quote on friendship aims to reassure that despite the changing circumstances in our lives, we shall always hold on to the friendship that brought us together. This is best used especially when one is travelling far away and there is no certainty of ever meeting again.

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I would rather choose to walk with you in the dark than alone in the light

Is your friend going through a difficult time in their life right now? Well this quote aims to guarantee them that no matter what they are facing they always have you by their side. In case your friend is facing a long-time illness, you can accompany this as a card with their favorite gift.

Friendship is the hardest term to define in this world. It is not taught in school, but if you have not yet learnt the meaning of friendship then you really have learnt nothing

They say friendship is not meant for everyone and this quote just approves to it. Many of us spend time looking for it while it is just next to us. We don’t have to climb mountains or rivers to realize that what we have been searching for is right in front of us. Learn to appreciate the people around us who make our lives a blessing.

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In order to succeed in life, find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and this will change your life

What is the value of true friendship? A true friend is happy to see you soar in anything you do to achieve your dreams. They go out of their way to ensure that you are always on the right track in your journey to success. We should learn to recognize the effort of our friends in trying to help us accomplish the goals in our lives.

Top 50 honest best friend quotes
friendship quotes
friendship quote
what is friendship
quotes about friends
who is a friend
friendship quotes for her
best friendship quotes
quote on friendship
quote about friendship
friendship images
A true friend is one who walks in our life when the rest of the world wants to walk out

Sticking by your friend's side even when the rest of the world is judging or running away is a quality trait of a real friend. This is best proven the time you are facing troubles in your life. Many tend to walk away from you. A friend, however, steps in to alleviate the pain.

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True friendship is when you meet in total silence and walk away like it was the best conversation ever

People presume that since thy are friends, they have to spit out all the details of their lives to the other. Well this is not true. Sometimes all they need is a shoulder to lean on. Or a person to talk to about all their troubles so they can look at things with a different perspective. It is better to listen rather than to talk.

The memories of a distant friend are like the descending sun, it is spectacular but also sad

Distance is always a barrier to most friendships. Loosing contact makes it harder to maintain the friendship as we progress to meet other people who eventually become new friends. But distance should only cement the relationship as you head towards different directions in life. The thought of loosing each other is sad but the memories you had together should be a remainder of what you have in your life.

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There are no words in the world to describe when old friends meet

There is a just an impeccable sensation when you get the chance to reunite with your friends from back in the day. The memory is just awesome and lacks words to describe it. We should always strive to ensure that the memories we have while together are able to last a lifetime.

As your best friend I find it is my job to always pick you up from the ground when you fall, immediately after I have finished laughing

Laughter, is what makes memories last longer in life. We live to see the day where we can relive the memories as we melt our hearts away.

I know always being honest might not get me a lot of friends, but I appreciate it has brought me a right friend like you

Friendship these days comes with an expiry date. It has lost its meaning and many people are taking advantage of each other for the sake of being friends. In case you have a friend, who has stuck by your side all through thick and thin, this is the best message you can send to them to show that you appreciate their friendship.

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They say that the world is one wild journey and all you need is a companion to travel with. And I am glad that I have found that companion in you

As we go through all the steps in our lives, there reaches a time when we need to share it with someone. It takes responsibility and a lot of courage to place yourself in the center role in the life of another. But that is what it takes to be a friend, it is enduring all the hard times mixed with the good times. At the end of the day, it is the memories that count. Be ready to go miles for the sake of your friend.

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The best friendship quotes for her

No friendship is an accident

The world has a diverse way of bringing people together. It is not always about circumstances but also fate and destiny. Send this message to her especially when she is at her lowest in order to lift up her spirit. There is power in this short quote about friendship that is guaranteed to warm her heart. Make it more personal and write it in a card and accompany it with some flowers and chocolates to top it off.

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Just want to let you know that you are like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have

In case you have a shoulder to lean on, count it as a blessing. Coming by an honest and a true is once in a lifetime. Sometimes we fail to express our inner feelings to them since we are used to them. One day just out of the ordinary, let her know how much you care for her and appreciate her role in your life.

The silence of sitting besides a friend who is hurting may be the best gift we can give

Friendship is all about having each other’s back in life. Remember that friend who has just gone through a heartbreak? Or just got laid off work? Well the feeling cannot be explained but always being there for them can be the best medicine. Comfort them by letting them know even though things are going haywire, you are there for them to offer your emotional support.

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The most amazing thing about new friends is that they re-energize your soul

As we progress to new levels in life, we start to make and meet new friends. They bring with them different perspectives in life and helps us see the world from a different point of view. It is high time to let them know through a text even on their phone of the impact that they have on your life currently. We can also connect our old friends and new friends in order to expand our circle of connection with other people.

At the end of the day it does not matter the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends

Remember that moment when it seemed like the whole world was stacked on you? Where were your friends then? Did they help in any way? During hard times in our life it is the responsibility of our friends to come in and help us out. This is best used when you have been through a trying moment in life and you felt like your friend did little in trying to help you out.

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Top funny friendship quotes

Humor is the best medicine and these funny quotes about friends are meant to lighten the mood between friends. Not only are they funny but carry a deep and sincere message that can solidify your relationship even more.

friendship quotes
friendship quote
what is friendship
quotes about friends
who is a friend
friendship quotes for her
best friendship quotes
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There is nothing better than a friend, but a friend with chocolate is the best

Take for one, you are admitted at a hospital and are waiting upon a friend to pay a visit. This is the most ingenious tactic to get some chocolate brought to you. Also, a friend can know that you have a craving for chocolate once you are in a certain situation. All these small treats that you like could be provided by your friend.

One of the greatest blessings in life is having someone who you can be stupid with

The person to stick by your side is the one who knows all about you what others find weird and still hangs out with you. Finding someone whom you can be stupid around and still be comfortable with is one to keep. It is always nice to be yourself most times and let loose a little. Find a person with whom you can feel this way and you are safe for life.

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Some friends are like the waves of the ocean, they come and go, but friends like you are the octopus that sticks to your face

When we are at a certain level in life, we attract a large crowd of people who want to be around us because of what we have. But when we run out of what we used to have many begin their exodus. It is only then that the real ones stay by our side and help us stay afloat. It is hard to come by such people but the moment we find one they last a lifetime.

Some friends are there to offer that shoulder for you to cry on. Other friends are prepared with a bat to hurt the person that made you cry

What limit will you go when someone else goes hurting your friend? Are you willing to go pick a fight even if means getting a black eye? These are the sacrifices we make for friends. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fighting off but also confronting the ones that hurt them much like playing the role of a big brother.

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A real friend is one who knows you are a good egg even though down deep they know you are slightly cracked

We are all humans with flaws. It takes one to notice the flaws of another and still live with them. This nice quote can be applied to a friend who is starting out on their careers but still feel uncertain about their fit. Encouraging each other gives them the courage to face the world in a different light than before.

The good thing about friendship is the ability to talk nonsense and have your nonsense respected

True friendship is trying to understand the comments of your friend before judging them. It is also arguing when you feel they are wrong. Agreeing with everything your friend says is hypocritical since friendship cannot be built on false images. At the end of the day no none wants to be friends with someone who is perfect. We just need friends who are themselves when around us and remain real to us.

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A good friend is the one who will help you move. But a good friend is one who will help you move a dead body

Loyalty has become so rare in the world we live in today. It is a main ingredient in building of a long-lasting friendship. True loyalty can go to extreme limits just to cover up the deeds of their friends. Not necessarily covering up a murder in this case but be willing to help your friend out of their troubles in life.

The capacity of friendship is God’s way of apologizing for our families

This quote about friends better narrates the true reality of the state of families today. We share most of our time with our friends than with our family. The strong bond that once used to exist between family has now been replaced with the relationships we have with our friends. All the things that used to be done by family are now carried out by the family. It takes heart that friendship is the closest thing we have to feeling the love of a family.

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I like you because you are the only one who is comfortable with my weirdness

This is a cute quote to dedicate to your friend with whom you have been through thick and thin. Especially the one with whom you are comfortable with even with your awkward behavior. It is true friendship that sees the beauty in the differences of people since variety is the spice of life.

It took me time to realize that you are my non-biological brother. Thanks for everything you have done in my life. You mean a lot to me

Suitable for giving gratitude to a friend for being there when needed the most.

The best discovery I have made in my life is noticing that as friends we can grow separately without necessarily growing apart

Though you maybe going different places, it does not necessarily end your friendship

Only a true friend can hear you even when you are quiet and all alone

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True friends always pull through, even to unspoken wishes.

A true friend is one who can come over to your house and all you want to do together is take a nap

By simply being there, its all that counts.

A million memories, hundred thousand jokes, a thousand shared secrets, one main reason: best friends

Often suitable when celebrating the times you have been together as friends.

You do not need a certain number of friends to make it in life, all you need is just a number of friends with whom you are certain of

Suitable to give to a friend who needs encouragement

True friendship is when you take their hand and remind them they are not alone in their journey
Every time you are faced with hard times, it is the time you will recognize your true friends

When going though a tough time, its good to have a friend with whom you can depend on.

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Friends these days have replaced family, they have become our aunts, uncles and cousins

Suitable when showing a friend how important they are in your life.

A good friend knows all your stories and experiences in life, but a true friend helped you in the first place to write them

Suitably delivered when celebrating true friendship, for all the times you have been together.

A true friend is not one whom you have known the longest. It is about the one who came and never left you

Seldom do we appreciate our friendships with others. To best show your friend you appreciate them, a thank you card with this quote would touch their soul.

A girl’s best friend is not diamonds but it is your best friends who are your diamond

Often we go out searching for what we already have. This quote is suitably delivered when appreciating friends for being priceless.

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In the cookie of life, friends make up the chocolate chips

Though life may be tempting and challenging, its sweetened when experienced with a friend.

Many of the people in life will walk in and out of your life, but in the end, it is only the true friends will leave the footprints in your heart

An appreciation friendship quote; its only those who matter who leave a lasting impression on us.

A real friend is one who knows the song that is in your heart and can sing it back to you whenever you have forgotten the words

Through life's challenges, we may forget our true self, but with a friend, we have someone to remind us who we really are

A friend is one who arrives and makes such a beautiful impact on your life, then it becomes hard to picture what life was without them

Say thank you to your friend with this quote, it can be best used when nostalgic about your experiences together.

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The moment you realize a good friend is when someone loves you for your imperfections, the confused part of you, the wrong side of you because that is what friendship means

True friendship is not about changing the other, its embracing them for who they are. Uplift your friend's spirits with this quote to show them you love them, just the way they are.

Even when I cannot stop the downpour from hitting you, I will gladly join you for a walk in the rain

Though times may be hard, being there for your friend during those times is comforting and shows dependability

A true friend is one who loves you unconditionally even when you forget to love yourself

True friendship does not require conditions to hold you together. Best give this to a friend when they have wronged you and you forgive.

A real friend is not one who speaks and acts right in front of your face, but a real friend is one who remains true behind your back

Having a friend who can be depended on is beneficial to friendships. To appreciate your friend who stood by you in trying times, this quote will come in handy.

At the end of the day, it is the friends that you can call at 4 a.m. that matter most

No matter what time of day, a true friend will always be there.

It is not the amount of time that you have spent that makes one special, but it is what they have brought into our lives

Best given to a friend when celebrating friendship and the impact they have in your life.

True friends are like the stars, you do not always have to see them but you know they are there

When faced with a difficult situation, trust in friendship will deliver. It can used to comfort a friend facing a difficult situation.

A friend to all in real life is a friend to none

Used to highlight the important traits in friendship that make one matter as a friend.

Share these best friendship quotes with your friends and be ready to melt their hearts away. It is not every day that we get to be appreciated for the friendships we have in our lives. It is high time that we take charge and solidify our relationship in order for them to last a lifetime. Especially in today’s evolving world, friends are the people who can keep us together and prevent us from falling apart.

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