7 bad habits Ghanaians must not enter 2021 with

7 bad habits Ghanaians must not enter 2021 with

Ghanaians are known for maintaining peace, tolerating one another in spite of their differences and being hospitable

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Having said that, though, there are certain bad attitudes that Ghanaians have become known for in recent years.

We're talking about attitudes that often undermine the country’s growth, development and other national interests.

As we prepare to enter a new year, there are some attitudes that need to be halted before 2021 kicks off.

7 bad habits Ghanaians must not enter 2021 with
7 bad habits Ghanaians must not enter 2021 with YEN.com.gh'; Facebook, Nana Akufo-Addo
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Here are seven attitudes Ghanaians must leave behind in 2020:

1. Littering

The filth and rubbish that fills many streets is one thing that Ghanaians need to halt ahead of 2021.

In Accra, especially, rarely do you take 10 steps without finding filth somewhere. And the beaches are even worse.

It’s been dozens of months since President Akufo-Addo said he was going to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa, but that doesn’t look close to happening.

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But if all Ghanaians could make an effort not to litter around and partake in national cleaning exercises, then we could be looking at a cleaner Ghana in 2021.

2. Trolling

Making fun of people, commonly known as ‘trolling’ on social media, has become the order of the day in recent years.

While that is not entirely a crime, there are certain lines that should never be crossed. Trolls are meant to create humour, not to be offensive to their intended targets.

So, while it is all fun to create memes and all sorts of funny skits, it should never be about the target’s personal life or family. Also, Ghanaians often makes jokes out of even the most serious issues.

The recent alleged coup plot is an example, where many Ghanaians on social media ridiculed the weapons which were found on the alleged coup plotters. Such an attitude should definitely be left behind before the year 2021 begins.

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3. Mob Injustice

Mob injustice is another issue that needs to be critically looked at. The gruesome murder of the 90-year-old widow in the name of her being a witch remains fresh in our minds.

Many other innocent people have lost their lives as a result of mob injustice and that should never happen again.

Thankfully, the public to beginning to accept that mob justice is not the way to go and that attitude should be the order of the day in 2021.

4. Paying no regard to COVID-19 protocols

After Ghana confirmed its first two cases of COVID-19 in March 2020, several advocacies have gone on to educate Ghanaians on how to keep themselves safe.

Many started paying regards to them but these days, fewer people wear nose masks, practise social distancing and wash their hands regularly.

This must stop in 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet overcome.

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5. Non-payment of tax

Every working citizen is expected to pay his or her tax, but the situation is far from that when it comes to Ghana.

Due to the majority of Ghanaian workers being in the informal sector, they are not tracked and that makes it easy for them to escape tax.

However, for the country to develop, there is the need for every citizen to begin paying taxes willingly. In fact, refusing to pay your tax is a crime.

The non-payment of taxes has been one of the biggest challenges to successive government and, if we can put a stop to that, then the country should see better development in 2021.

5. Paying bribe

The issue of bribery and corruption is a very controversial one. In an era where many systems are not working, many resort to paying bribes in order to get things done.

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It happens everywhere: in schools, at the passport office, the licence office, at police barriers and even in courts.

However, such a practice is flawed and only serves to further disadvantage the lower class who do not have the means to pay their way out of things.

Just like non-payment of taxes, bribery is also a crime and, in this case, both the giver and the taker are equally guilty. For a canker which impedes national development, it is only right that Ghanaians drop such an attitude before 2021.

6. Noise pollution

Perhaps the most ignored national challenge in Ghana is noise pollution. While many are quick to condemn the noise from cars and parties, religious bodies are equally guilty.

Mosques and churches remain the biggest agents of noise pollution, but there are laws to check these things.

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind and it is only right that Ghanaians learn to respect the privacy of others without disturbing them.

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