Colin Farrell net worth 2021: Earnings, house, car, lifestyle

Colin Farrell net worth 2021: Earnings, house, car, lifestyle

Colin Farrell is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors. His life off-screen through charities has also proven equally entertaining as his characters in films. Mainstream recognition came early in his career with American Outlaws (2001) and Minority Report (2002), his second-best highest-grossing movie. Because of his success, many people want to know Colin Farrell net worth and how he makes his money.

Colin Farrell net worth
Actor Colin Farrell attends a photocall for "The Lobster" during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain
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Colin Farrell is an Irish actor from Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland. Farrell started working as a professional actor in the late 1990s when he starred in Ballykissangel as Danny Byrne. He followed it up with a role on TV playing Daniel McCarthey in Falling for a Dancer. His first appearance on film was in 1997 when he portrayed Click in Drinking Crude, followed by The War Zone.

Colin Farrell net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actor has made $80 million throughout his lifetime. Overall, he ranks at number 162 in the worldwide aggregate box office earnings for all the films he has been a leading actor.

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How did Colin Farrell make his money?

Colin Farrell net worth of $80 million has come from his acting career. Even early on in his career, he commanded a fee of an estimated $2 million per movie. For example, he received $2 million in 2001 for playing Jesse James in American Outlaws. The film grossed $13,601,109 in worldwide box office sales.

In 2002, Colin Farrell appeared in three movies, including Hart's War as Lt. Thomas W. Hart, Minority Report as Danny Witwer, and Phone Booth as Stu Shepard. The films did well in the box office, grossing $33 million, $356 million, and $98 million, respectively. The actor received $5 million from Hart's War and Minority Report.

Farrell’s rise through the Hollywood ranks became more meteoric after impressive performances in 2002. He started working with some of the best actors and producers in the film industry, including Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Joel Schumacher, and more. That also meant his salary soared in subsequent years. In 2003, he allegedly commanded a fee of $8 million per film.

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In 2003, Farrell appeared in five movies. These include The Recruit, Daredevil, Veronica Guerin, SWAT, and Intermission. The actor received $5 million for playing James Douglas Clayton in The Recruit and $8 million for playing Jim Street in SWAT.

His highest-grossing film in 2003 was S.W.A.T. at $207,154,748, followed by Daredevil at $182,782,518. Veronica Guerin was his lowest-grossing film at $9,438,074 and also made a loss since it had a budget of $17 million. In 2004, Colin Ferrell appeared in several independent films.

The movies received a limited theatrical release in many countries, including A Home at the End of the World. It remains unknown how much the actor made from the film. However, it grossed $1,038,228 in worldwide box office sales. His second movie in 2004 was Alexander.

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How much was Colin Farrell paid for Alexander?

Colin Farrell net worth
Actor Colin Farrell visits SiriusXM Studios in New York City. Photo: Slaven Vlasic
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Alexander is a 2004 epic historical drama film based on the life of the Ancient Macedonian general and king Alexander the Great. Colin Farrell played Alexander the Great in the movie. At the box office, the film grossed $167,297,191 worldwide. It had a budget of $155 million. For his part, the actor received $10,000,000.

When you break down the $80 million net worth of Colin Farrell, it becomes clear that Alexander was his first highest-paying job as an actor. In 2006, Farrell reportedly received $10 million playing James "Sonny" Crockett in Miami Vice. The film grossed $164,920,076 in worldwide box office sales.

He also played Arturo Bandini in Ask the Dust. However, his salary from the movie remains unknown. Between 2007 and 2012, Farrell appeared in 14 movies. Five of his highest-grossing films in that period were:

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  • Horrible Bosses (2011) as Bobby Pellitt - $212,417,601.
  • Total Recall (2013) as Douglas Quaid/Hauser - $211,856,088.
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) as Tony (3rd Transformation) - $64,352,607.
  • Crazy Heart (2009) as Tommy Sweet - $47,417,251.
  • Fright Night (2011) as Jerry - $40,520,649.

Ideally, most actors receive a flat rate to shoot a film. Only a few have deals where they get a percentage of box office revenues from the first dollar the movie makes. In the case of Colin Farrell, it is unknown whether he gets some money from the sales at the box office.

Between 2013 and 2015, Farrell appeared in several top movies. Most of them were box office successes, including:

  • Epic (2013) as Ronin - $262,794,441.
  • Saving Mr Banks (2013) as Travers Goff - $114,962,525.
  • Winter’s Tale (2014) as Peter Lake - $29,575,033.

In 2016, Farrell appeared in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a fantasy film and a spin-off and prequel to the Harry Potter film series and portrayed Percival Graves / Gellert Grindelwald in the movie. The film had a budget of between $175 and 200 million. It grossed $811,724,385 in box office sales. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is Farrell’s highest-grossing film.

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Also, the $80 million Colin Farrell net worth of 2021 has come from his appearance in the movie Dumbo (2019). Dumbo is the third-highest-grossing film in which Farrell has made an appearance. It earned $358,824,714 at the box office. Apart from acting, Farrell has a company called Chapel Place Productions. The company handles both film and television productions.

Colin Farrell endorsements

Colin Farrell net worth
Actor Colin Farrell attends the Taste of Summer Opening Night Party during Maui Film Festival at Grand Wailea. Photo: Andrew Goodman
Source: Getty Images

Colin Farrell does not have a long list of endorsements. However, he appeared in a 1998 FIFA World Cup ad for RTE. In 2015, he worked with Dolce & Gabbana to advertise a new fragrance called Intensonew.

Colin Farrell house and cars

In 2006, the actor bought a house in Los Angeles, California, at $4.3 million. The actor also purchased a cottage in Hollywood Hills for his girlfriend in 2010 at $1.2 million. However, he sold the house in 2019 for $1.3 million. Colin Farrell owns a Ford Bronco valued at $11,000.

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Colin Farrell is an Irish actor known for playing Alexander the Great in Alexander. As of 2021, Colin Farrell net worth is $80 million. He has made a significant portion of his money from his career as an actor and endorsed different products and brands over the years. His movies have grossed $1,423,333,943 in worldwide aggregate sales at the box office. That puts him at number 162 in the highest-grossing stars of all time. shared LeBron James net worth, salary, endorsements, cars, house, and billionaire. He is one of the most celebrated players in basketball. He made his professional debut in 2003 playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Today, he is the only player in NBA history to record at least 34,000 points, 9,000 rebounds, and 9,000 assists.

As of 2020, Lebron James net worth is $480 million. The NBA MVP has accumulated his wealth from years of earning a salary as a professional basketball player, businessman, investor, and ambassador to leading brands.

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