How to scan for digital channels in Ghana

How to scan for digital channels in Ghana

Ghanaians can now access free to air channels via their decoders thanks to the shift from analogue to digital TV. The TV sets come with an inbuilt-decoder that eliminates the need for external set-top boxes. Do you know how to scan for digital channels in Ghana?

How to scan for digital channels in Ghana
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Scanning your TV for channels is not an everyday task. You can search for TV stations when you buy a new TV, antenna, decoder, and when a particular station changes frequency.

Why should I scan for digital channels?

Your television or decoder keeps a list of the available stations so that in future you will not have to tune time and again. Analogue TVs and radios had to be adjusted for you to access your favourite channels manually.

This is contrary to the newer models which when you initiate the scanning process, tuning is done automatically. The new model goes through every possible frequency of digital TV channels in Ghana, making a list of the available along the way. When it is complete, you can flip through the list as you watch your favourite shows.

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What frequencies are digital TV channels in Ghana?

Most satellite providers have shifted to using modern Ku-band, which has frequencies ranging from 12 to 18 gigahertz.

Knowing the frequency, polarization, and position of your satellite provider will give you smooth viewing experience. Below is a list of frequencies popular Ghanaian satellite companies use. The symbol H means horizontal and V vertical.

  • Multi TV Africa: This is one of the most reliable companies in the country with transmission rates of 12525 (H) and 2700 symbol rate
  • Eutelsat: Popularly known for MBC1, MBC2, and MBC3. Eutelsat operates at 11192 (V) 3210 and 109866 (V) 30000.
  • NSS7: With lots of free to air channels, NSS7 transmits at 10986 (V) 30000
  • Eutelsat 4/7: Serves DSTV Multichoice subscribers and has a frequency of 12245 (H) 27500
  • Intelsat 7/10: This is made for Mytv Africa users and operates at12722 (H) 26657
  • Nilesat: It has lots of sports stations that serve as a substitute for the relatively expensive DSTV super sports network. Its frequencies are 122265 (H) 27500 and 12476 (H) 27500.
  • Hotbird/13: Well known for live sports matches and a good number of free to air channels. It transmits at 11541 (V) 22000.
  • Amos: You do not need a bigger satellite dish to capture strong signals because Amos transmits at 10804 (H) 30000.
  • Astra: Serves Resurrection TV and Homebase TV. It broadcasts at 11919 (H) 27500 and 12671 (V) 3000.

How to scan for digital channels in Ghana
Source: UGC
  • Eutelsat 78/7: Transmits Zongo TV, Homebase TV and Kantanka TV at 12604 (H) 30000.
  • B Badr: It is used by Media 7 subscribers at 10970 (V) 27500. This is the satellite that conveys Kumawood TV frequency among other popular stations.
  • ViewSat: Operates at frequencies of 11010 (V) 27500. ViewSat has a fewer number of channels which include DTV1, ABC TV, FS, Virgin TV, Sunshine, and Asare.
  • SES: Signals are transmitted at 11635 (V) 30000 and 11675 (H) 30000. It houses Pasdan TV, Nation TV, Doctor Juses, Okese, Cash, Adinkra, OK TV, ATN, Starr, and CACI.
  • One TV: Has over 10 TV stations in Accra, Volta region, and the entire country at 12685 (V) 30000.
  • B Intelsat 28: Has popular TV stations such as Ghallywood, and TV Unbreakable. It transmits signals at 11015 (V) 30000
  • Ghana MUX: Serves Ghana TV, Ghana One, Joy Prime Ghana, Adom TV, Net 2, UTV, TV Africa, and ETV Ghana. Its frequencies are at 4033 R 9036.

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How to scan for digital channels in Ghana

You will need the following:

  • A digital TV with an inbuilt decoder. You can also use an external set-top box if your TV set doesn’t have the feature
  • A satellite dish with at least 60 centimetres diameter. You can also use a VHF or UHF antenna if your provider transmits in DTV technology.
  • Screws, nails and all the necessary equipment to install your dish or antenna

Follow the steps below:

1. Mount your satellite dish: Find a clear place on your roof that has few or no obstacles. Attach the dish or antenna stand to your roof then assemble it appropriately. Make sure it faces the following directions according to the channels you want to access:

  • 4.8В° East for Resurrection TV and Homebase TV subscribers
  • 7В° East for Zongo TV, HomeBase and Kantanka
  • 26В° East for Media 7, and ViewSat
  • 28.2В° East for SES, Multi TV, and One TV decoders
  • 32.8В° East for Angel FM, FS TV, Our TV, Ghallywood, TV Unbreakable, KFM TV, OFF, Bohye, Face, and 70SGH TV.
  • 18В° West for Ghana Mux decoders

How to scan for digital channels in Ghana
Source: UGC

2. Connect your decoder or digital TV to the dish: Check at the back of your television or DTV box to locate the antenna port. Insert the satellite cable carefully and make sure it fits correctly.

3. Power on your DVT Box and TV: Do not power your decoder before making all the necessary connections as doing so might result in short circuits and damages.

4. Navigate to the Menu: Use your remote to tap “Menu” or “Options” button.

5. Go to “Channels”: Use the remote arrows to move across options. Tap the middle okay button to select “Channels”.

6. Enter the “Channels Scan” mode: Some remotes might have a button for “CH SCAN” which you can use for the process.

7. Specify the country/region: This option is only available on digital TVs. If you are using a DTV box, then your manufacture has already tuned that.

8. Select “Automatic Search”: The television will not need you to input any frequencies to view channels.

9. Choose the “Tuner Mode”: This can either be an antenna or cable. This step is only for those using a digital TV.

10. Specify the signal type: You should set this to digital as analogue was rolled out sometimes back.

11. Indicate the Scan Mode: If you are using a cable provider, you can set it to either full or partial where you will set the range of frequencies to be scanned, modulation, symbol rate, and network ID.

12. Initiate the process: Tap on the “Search” button to do so. During the scan, the number of channels obtained and the percentage are usually displayed.

13. Verify channels: After the auto-scan is complete, use the buttons on your remote or DTV box to verify that all channels were fetched.

The procedure on how to scan for digital channels in Ghana is that simple. You can repeat the same steps every month or once in a while. If you notice that your TV automatically adds new channels even without rescanning, then you do not need to conduct the process at intervals unless some channels get scrambled.

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