30 hilarious Animal Crossing memes to brighten up your day

30 hilarious Animal Crossing memes to brighten up your day

In 2020, Animal Crossing (AC) underwent some structural changes. For example, the game now has more fun pieces of furniture, unique gender-neutral customisations and other new tools. These improvements make the game more fun to play. Besides the upgrades, Animal Crossing memes have been another source of entertainment for AC fans, especially on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Animal Crossing memes
Animal Crossing characters. Photo: @animalcrossing_official
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How are people making Animal Crossing memes? Besides using ready-made templates, people are using other ways to generate AC memes. Adobe programs, for example, are the most popular tools Animal Crossing fans use to make hilarious memes on Twitter.

Hilarious Animal Crossing memes

Which are the hilarious Animal Crossing memes of all time? The following are the 30 memes to brighten your dull day:

1. The types of Animal Crossing players

One of the biggest debates among AC players is whether to travel or play honestly and wait for the time to pass. Alex on Twitter summarises it as a witty meme.

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2. Same energy

Remember when a kid interrupted her father’s interview on BBC? “Same Energy” is a perfect recreation of that famous moment.

3. “So close yet so far”, feeling

Like in other games, decision-making in Animal Crossing comes with its fair share of tension. The “so close yet so far” summarises the experience better.

4. This is fine

Every Animal Crossing player understands the brave face when everything is going south. The meme received another life during the pandemic after the release of the Nintendo version.

5. The fishing meme

One of the most challenging activities in Animal Crossing is fishing. Every AC fan knows the disappointment of taking the rod out of the water too early. The meme makes the experience funnier.

6. Respect the drip!

After millions of “Respect the Drip” memes on TikTok, Animal Crossing fans now have a better and funnier version of it.

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7. Bell Gates

Selling turnips at the right time gives one a “Bill Gates” feeling, especially when it is over 620 bells. Also, the similarities between Bell and Bill make the meme hilarious.

8. My island vs other players’ islands

Just like in other games, the temptation to compare your island with other players’ progression can be discouraging. However, it is one of the funniest Animal Crossing memes.

9. Disbelief

The new Nintendo Switch players are more likely to have moments of disbelief, especially if they play the game for the first time.

10. Snoop Dogg moment

The meme is a perfect representation of a happy moment after creating something incredible. Every player wants to first “thank themselves” after an impressive performance.

11. Nothing but Animal Crossing

The release of the Nintendo version coincided with the onset of the lockdowns. The meme captures the popularity of the game, especially on Twitter.

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12. Mean Girls crossover

One of the funniest Animal Crossing Isabelle memes is the Mean Girls crossover which explains every AC fan’s frustration in explaining the game to friends and relatives.

13. Nothing to report

The savage reaction from Isabelle when you turn the game on is disappointing, especially if one has not played the game for long.

14. Submitting payment details to Nintendo eShop

The Nintendo Direct announcement created a perfect ground for hilarious Animal Crossing memes. Like other major changes, submitting payments details to Nintendo eShop created a perfect meme.

15. Look around you!

Look around you is one of the best Animal Crossing Villager memes. Even though “Look around you” is a recreation of Drake’s popular meme, it represents the feeling when your island is in tip-top shape.

16. Me still processing 2016

Nobody, including Animal Crossing fans, was prepared for 2020. The meme captures the frustration and uncertainty, especially amazon, the game’s fans.

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17. Holding Nook’s son hostage

Owing money to raccoon businessman Tom Nook is tiring. But what about holding his son hostage for him to cancel the debt?

18. Seeing the Animal Crossing ad for the 50th time

Before the new release, AC fans were smitten by the latest leaks. The temptation to watch the advertisement more than once was too strong for most players.

19. Anything other than black bass and sea bass

The Bernie Sanders’ recreation is one of the best Animal Crossing Pocket Camp memes. Nobody wants the two options.

20. Into another world

The perfectly looking photo is one of the best Animal Crossing New Leaf memes considering it is almost impossible to achieve it.

21. Preorder vs digital download

Remember when those who had preordered for a physical copy had to wait longer? This meme captures the frustration and the banter by most players.

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22. Flower breeding

One of the best moments on AC is watching flowers breed. The watering meme represents every player’s temptation to continue watering them.

23. Tired mind

The “tired mind” meme represents everybody’s after-gaming experience. We often tend to overthink certain aspects, such as the best way to do with the island.

24. The pure joy

The “pure joy” meme is a perfect picture when minor upgrades bring a massive difference to the game. For example, when fruits stack themselves, one experiences unexplainable joy.

25. Getting emotional

The Animal Crossing new horizons created perfect moments for all players, especially those who played the game for years.

26. A million frog chairs

Do you remember when the game leaks showed the frog chairs as one of the features? Apart from creating excitement among fans, the feature gave birth to a new meme.

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27. Befriending neighbours

Befriending neighbours creates an ideal environment until they start calling you a fashionista.

28. Debt to a racoon

The meme recreates Bernie Sanders popular begging meme.

29. Bullying a villager

Bullying neighbours is a perfect way to force them out. However, the irony is when they get angry instead of them going away.

30. Octavian with a moustache and glasses

Some mistakes, such as giving Octavian a moustache and glasses, makes a perfect meme. The errors also stretch the games customisation limits to the end.

There are thousands of hilarious Animal Crossing memes on the internet. But the 30 highlighted are timeless, regardless of the player’s experience in playing the game. Also, the memes are created by enthusiasts who have played the game before and after the major update.

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