5 nice, easy jobs for every unemployed university graduate in Ghana

5 nice, easy jobs for every unemployed university graduate in Ghana

Just recently, a local report suggested that over 40% of Ghana's university graduates are jobless. As disturbing as the development sounds you may find out that this list of moderately decent paying jobs in Ghana can best save you from unemployment as a young college graduate.

1. Project work assistant

Being a university graduate gives you the needed capacity to make a living out of assisting final year college students with their dissertations.

All you need is a clear way of making your offer known at the various colleges of education universities in the country and trust me, you could be making hundreds of cedis just before the end of a semester. As at now, dissertation writers make at least 2000 cedis per project work.

2Door-to-door cleaning

This kind of business has revolutionized the traditional dry cleaning model. All you need is a sense of  quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery guarantee just so you get your foot rooted in such a business.

This business can take the form of laundry, car-washing, ironing, dry cleaning and so on. The most amazing fact about this venture is that you tend to determine your own pricing!

3Private home tuition

Do you have any idea how parents are in search of private home tutors? Private home tuition in Ghana remain one of the lucrative jobs most Ghanaian graduate youths can ever have themselves into.

Pricing of students are often based on the discretion of the tutor so you would have much say in how much you will be making either per day or per month. Private tuition is one of the most expensive services in Ghana with some tutors even charging in dollars! All you need is to be an expert in the very field you would love to teach.

4. Blogging 

The good old blogging always makes it to the list of moderately decent jobs for unemployed university graduates. Blogging is a form of entrepreneurial journalism which gives the writer (Blogger) the chance to electronically write about any issue of interest through the use of either a customized or free blog.

The interesting thing about this venture is that you get to win juicy advertisements on your blog should the content of your blog or website appeal best to a specific audience.

5Real estate agent

This job is taking much ground among young and buoyant graduates in Ghana, especially Accra where the renting of apartments remains very tedious and expensive. You would need no qualification for this this job as you remain your own boss!

Succeeding in this business means being able to swiftly figure out various vacant apartments which are up for rent and advertise them manually (through posters) or electronically (advertisements).

Per recent agent agreements, a prospective tenant would have to pay a whopping 10% of the total rent he or she is paying to their landlord - that's quiet a mouth watering payment.

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