Biskit Picks Endurance Grand Over Afronita, Shares Account Of How She Joined DWP Academy

Biskit Picks Endurance Grand Over Afronita, Shares Account Of How She Joined DWP Academy

  • Talented Kidz contestant Biskit has opened up about her relationship with dancers Afronita and Endurance Grand
  • The prodigy, in a recent interview, weighed in on the trending debate about who between the two dancers has had the most impact on her journey so far
  • Biskit took the opportunity to hail Endurance Grand for her role in helping her hone her craft and ensuring she reached the top
  • In the wake of issues between Afronita and the DWP Academy, spoke to Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh, an entertainment analyst, about Biskit's interview and whether it could take a toll on her later

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Talented Kidz contestant Biskit has fast become one of the most promising young dancers in Ghana.

Her electrifying performances on the Talented Kidz reality show's stage, fueled by Endurance Grand and the DWP Academy, continue to take the prodigy closer to the competition's ultimate prize.

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Recent issues between the DWP Academy and its former members have sparked a debate online about who is to be credited with her discovery and development.

Biskit sets the record straight about Endurance Grand and Afronita's role in her growth
Biskit talks about her trainer, Endurance Grand. Photo source: Instagram/BiskitWorld
Source: Instagram

Biskit hails Endurance Grand

According to Biskit, she was in Sefwi, far away from Accra, when she shared a dance video online. The video caught the attention of Afronita, who requested that she come to Accra in the comments.

"We shot videos, but she wasn't my trainer," Biskit said in an interview, shedding light on Afronita's short-lived involvement in her journey.

She established that the former DWP Academy member didn't discover, help or manage her at any point in her career.

She named Endurance Grand and Real Cesh from the DWP Academy as her trainers and went on to recount how the female dance superstars have helped share her trajectory in the dance world.

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"Endurance Grand is a good person. She is kind-hearted, and she helps people. Sometimes, when I go to dance classes, she takes us out. She is the sponsor behind all the outfits for my TV appearances," Biskit disclosed in a recent interview.

Before Biskit's interview, DWP Academy's cofounder caused a lot of tension between Afronita and Endurance Grand with his recent interview.

In the wake of the issues surrounding both dancers, some netizens argue that Biskit's interview might affect her career.

In an exclusive conversation with entertainment analyst Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh, he told that,

"As a creative, it's important always to have an open door policy. It helps to work effectively with brands and colleagues with emotions set aside. But there's nothing wrong with what Biskit said. She cleared the air and set things right. For now, she's part of the DWP family and remains their responsibility, as she said. I hope that doesn't change anytime soon. If it does, that's where the real problem will arise."

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Netizens react to Biskit's appreciation of Endurance Grand gathered a few comments from fans as they shared their thoughts on Biskit's appreciation for Endurance Grand.

Abena Owiah Danquah noted:

Awnnnbiskit is honest. God bless endurance

Selina Nyan wrote:

please we should listen well, if it was not Afronita , Endurance may not know biskit. peace ️

Kindness Pays said:

God bless Endurance Grand. May the Almighty God enlarge her coast. She will live to enjoy the fruit of her labour. Amen

Over 100 kids join Afronita's dance school shortly after launch

Earlier, reported that Afronita had finally launched her dance academy, her next big venture, after leaving the DWP academy.

At the academy's launch, the dancer unveiled over 100 kids who had registered to be part of the dance class.


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