Kofi Gabs Shows Off Room Full Of Shoes In Video: "I Need Money To Buy More"

Kofi Gabs Shows Off Room Full Of Shoes In Video: "I Need Money To Buy More"

  • Kofi Gabs, in a video he shared on TikTok, showed off his room full of shoes and said he needed money to buy more
  • The Netherlands-based Ghanaian influencer, who has been trending on social media for weeks now, drank beer as he showed off his collection
  • Kofi Gabs has been flexing and showing off his properties and the lifestyle he lives in the Netherlands after claiming that his Dutch passport was more valuable than a PhD from Ghana

Netherlands-based Ghanaian influencer Kofi Gabs gave his TikTok followers a glimpse into his extravagant lifestyle in the Netherlands. The video showed a room filled with boxes of sneakers, with Gabs expressing his desire to expand his collection further.

Kofi Gabs flaunts room full of expensive sneakers
Kofi Gabs showing off his sneakers. Photo Source: kofigabs
Source: TikTok

Casually sipping on a beer, Kofi Gabs captured his expensive collection of Nike and Jordan footwear on camera. For weeks now, Gabs has been trending after his controversial claim about PhDs from Ghana.

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Gabs’ claim that his Dutch passport holds more value than a PhD from Ghana has catapulted him to fame. This statement, coupled with his display of wealth, has kept him on the lips of many Ghanaians.

The influencer’s sneaker collection is just one of the many properties Gabs has been showing off. Recently, he showed Ghanaians the five-bedroom house he had built back home. The influencer continues to fuel the Dutch passport versus PhD debates with regular posts on social media regarding the topic.

Kofi Gabs' lifestyle sparks reactions

YEN.com.gh gathered some reactions from social media users.

Realzee_samuel said:

Even almost everything he wears,it is customized oo. Especially those kicks of his.

Stéfãn Governor reacted:

Kofi Gabs in not poor.. He has a travel and tour company. He has a graphic designing company in Ghana. He built his own in Ghana long ago before relocating to the Netherlands

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Miss Betty said:

Pride won’t allow some Ghanaians to agree with Mr Happiness,they know deep down he is telling the truth

Twene Jonas fires Kofi Gabs

In another story, Twene Jonas fired shots at Kofi Gabs, the Netherlands-based Ghanaian influencer who had been trending after claiming his passport was more valuable than Ghanaian PhDs.

The social commentator insulted Kofi Gabs, stating that he talks too much and added that people with better passports were quiet.

His comments sparked reactions from Ghanaians, who found his response ironic as he had been creating similar content before Kofi Gabs for years.

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