Joselyn Dumas Shares Struggles Of Single Mothers: "Most Men Don't Want To Marry Born 1"

Joselyn Dumas Shares Struggles Of Single Mothers: "Most Men Don't Want To Marry Born 1"

  • Actress and TV presenter Joselyn Dumas has shared some of the struggles single mothers face in their lives
  • According to the actress, society discriminates against women with children, making it difficult for them to marry
  • Speaking on his Keeping It Real show, she shared the story of her male friend to buttress her point

Ghanaian actress and media personality Joselyn Dumas has opened up about the challenges single mothers encounter when attempting to re-enter the dating world.

In the latest episode of her Keeping It Real show, she shed some light on the prevailing societal attitudes and prejudices they often face.

Dumas recounted a conversation with a friend who expressed reluctance to date a woman with a child, citing concerns about raising a child who is not biologically his.

Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas has opened up on single parenting difficulties Photo source: @joselyndumas
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"Let me tell you why we don't go out and marry. I spoke to a friend of mine here, Anthony. He said, 'Me, I will never be with a born one'," Dumas revealed. "His reason was, 'Why would I come and raise somebody else's child? That's not my bloodline. He doesn't have any trace of my DNA in him. Why am I going to help someone's bloodline grow now? What about mine?'"

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The Adams Apple actress contended that this mindset contributes significantly to the reality that many single mothers remain unmarried as they face societal prejudices.

A single mother with an already-grown daughter, Senia, Joselyn Dumas also highlighted the double standard in attitudes toward adoption, arguing that raising a child who is not biologically one's own should not be viewed differently.

Dumas emphasized that single motherhood is often a result of sacrifice and necessity rather than a choice to lead a single life.

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Joselyn Dumas stuns in white

Meanwhile, Joselyn Dumas recently modelled in a stunning white dress that most women can wear to formal events.

Joselyn Dumas rocked the perfect designer shoes to add a bit of colour and style to her look for the photoshoot.

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Some social media users commented on Joselyn Dumas' beautiful white dress and hairstyle.


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