100+ jealousy quotes that will inspire you and help you overcome envy

100+ jealousy quotes that will inspire you and help you overcome envy

Feelings of envy can happen to anyone. However, how individuals work through it or brush it off matters so much. Irrespective of how you or people around you feel, gleaning the truth about this negative feeling from jealousy quotes shared by others can help make conscious efforts to overcome it before it takes the better of you.

jealousy quotes
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While jealousy happens to the best of people, even if it’s a difficult emotion, learning about its consequence can stir everyone up to do something fast at reeding themselves off it. Below are some jealousy quotes to help you undo and take away its power and grip over you.

100+ jealousy quotes

Sometimes, jealousy creeps in like a thief at night, leaving you surprised and mad at yourself. When you notice this, it is not the time to hate yourself but rather read through these 100+ jealousy quotes and frame them into pictures if possible until you have kept the emotion at bay.

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Top quotes about jealousy

One of the things that makes you human is the ability to feel. You can have both good or bad feelings. While the former is good, the latter could destroy you, and one of such feelings is uncontrolled jealousy. To avoid this, here are a compilation of powerful jealousy quotes to keep your emotions in check.

  • Your heart is too precious to allow hatred and jealousy to fill a space.
  • Jealousy is like the tug of war game, but you are fighting against yourself in this case.
  • When you envy others, you will be too busy to find out your potential and abilities.
  • Blowing someone else candles will not make yours shine brighter.
  • Rejoice when your neighbours are succeeding because it shows that God is in your neighbourhood.
  • When you envy others, it shows that you are inferior to them.
  • Jealousy is a reflection of how you see yourself. Walk with your head high and chin up. You are exceptional and valuable.
  • Comparison breeds jealousy and envy. Only mediocre compares. You are more than enough.
  • A flower does not think of competing with another flower next to it. It just blooms.
  • Love is not jealous or boastful, or proud.

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When jealousy consumes you quotes with pictures
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  • The sky is enough for all the birds to fly.
  • Life is too fickle to be wasted on someone who doesn’t even know what is going through your mind. You are better than that.

Jealousy quotes by renowned people

Jealousy is as old as the inception of humans and has always been a controversial topic that got a lot of people weighing in and defining it from their perspective. Here is a list of quotes about jealousy by some of the greatest minds.

  • Never underestimate the power of jealousy and the power of envy to destroy. Never underestimate that. ~ Oliver Stone
  • Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius. - Fulton J. Sheen
  • Don’t waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead; sometimes you’re behind. - Mary Schmich
  • There is no greater glory than love, nor any greater punishment than jealousy. - Lope de Vega
  • As iron is eaten away by rust, so the envious are consumed by their own passion. - Antisthenes
  • There’s no regret. You can’t regret. I mean, I’ve felt regret, but I’ve also refused to allow regret to sow a seed and live in me because I don’t believe it. You feel it; it’s like guilt, it’s like jealousy, it’s like all those horrible things. You’ve just got to snip them and get them out because they’re no good. - Jude Law
  • Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you are riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts; put your vision into reality. Wake Up and Live! - Bob Marley
  • It is not love that is blind, but jealousy. - Lawrence Durrell
  • Jealousy, that dragon that slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive. - Havelock Ellis
  • Jealousy is a disease; love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy - in fact, they are almost incompatible; one emotion hardly leaves room for the other. - Robert A. Heinlein
  • Anger, resentment, and jealousy don’t change the heart of others - it only changes yours. - Shannon Alder
  • Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up? - Sean Covey
  • Often those that criticise others reveal what he himself lacks. - Shannon L. Alder

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jealousy quotes
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  • Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy. - François Duc de La Rochefoucauld
  • O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on. - William Shakespeare
  • When you do well, everybody’s after you, and sometimes the motives are legitimate, and sometimes it’s envy and jealousy. - Robert Kraft
  • Envy blinds men and makes it impossible for them to think clearly. - Malcolm X
  • It is never wise to seek or wish for another’s misfortune. If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang. - Charley Reese
  • If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you can bet the water bill is higher. - Debbie Macomber
  • Envy is the coward side of hate, and all her ways are bleak and desolate. - Henry Abbey
  • Our envy of others devours us most of all. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  • Oh, what a bitter thing it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes. - William Shakespeare
  • To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self. - Joan Didion

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Envy and jealousy quotes

Whether you’re deflating the tyres of jealousy or working through your feelings of envy, here is a compilation of the perfect jealousy quotes to get you through.

  • Jealousy closes your eyes and heart from seeing the good in yourself.
  • Jealousy, I am sorry I can’t be the right kind of monster for you. I have got too much love in my heart to share.
  • Envy shoots at others and wounds itself.
  • Don’t get so hung up on what you don’t have that you will begin to think no one else deserves it.
  • True confidence has no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate.
  • Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not envy
  • People will always be better than you. It is God’s given opportunity to learn, not to hate.
  • Jealousy and envy are like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die of it.
  • Comparison and jealousy are thieves of joy.
  • Do not spoil what you have by focusing on what you don’t have and envying those who do.
  • To be envious of others is to underrate what you have and who you are.

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jealousy quotes
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  • The truest mark of being a strong man is not envious of anyone regardless of the circumstances.

Jealousy quotes for haters

Sometimes, people don’t like you for the wrong reasons, and you can not control that. So, anytime you try to do something great with your life, they always try to bring you down. While this may be disturbing, remember that people are taking time to think about you, which is something to draw strength from.

  • A hater is someone who wishes they could be you. Thank them for admiring you and moving on.
  • Don’t let the voice of bitterness and jealousy get to you. Block your ears and only listen to the plea of success and positivity
  • Dear haters, jealousy is worse than the most deadly disease. Get well soon.
  • Dear hater, when I look at you, I am not angry because you are proof that I am doing things right.
  • Be happy. It drives haters crazy.
  • Slay them with success and conquer them with a smile.
  • Your hater has gone low, don’t go lower. You are more than that.
  • Never hate people who are jealous of you but respect their jealousy. You’ve got something good going on with you.
  • Jealousy is proof that you are on the right track. Losers have no enemies.
  • Never forget that haters are people who secretly wish to be you.
  • Learn to use the criticism as fuel, and you will never run out of energy.

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Jealousy quotes in relationships

Relationship comes with their emotions, and sometimes, jealousy is a part of them. You have all been jealous in your relationship, wondering why your partner looks at another person in a way and probably got hurt afterwards.

  • Jealousy is not a sharer. It hardly leaves space for love or anything beautiful.
  • Jealousy loves the company of misery, strife, and distrust.
  • Love shouldn’t be about jealousy or anything like that. It should be about commitment and being able to trust that person.
  • Jealousy is a joy killer. It questions everything.
  • Jealousy is a torment to yourself. You don’t deserve it.
  • The immature mind often mistakes jealousy for love or assumes the greater the love, the greater the jealousy. It is not true.
  • In jealousy, there is more insecurity, mistrust, and self-love than love for your partner.
  • If your love is only a will to obsess and fight, it is no longer love.
  • Jealousy kindles the fire in a relationship faster than distance.
  • They said that being jealous is an act of how much you love the person, and I said that if you love and you care for that person, you should also learn how to trust.

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jealousy quotes
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  • No matter how strong the bond of a relationship is, jealousy can break its strength.

Quotes about jealous friends

It is easy to get over jealous acquaintances. After all, they don’t mean so much to you. But when it comes to friends, it is hard because you care and love them so much. So here are quotes about jealous friends to strengthen you in making the right decision.

  • Be careful who you give access to you. A jealous friend is worse off than your greatest enemy.
  • You should not be friends with someone who hates your gut and life.
  • Friends want the best for one another. If yours don’t want you to be better, change them.
  • A jealous friend is a repulsive thing.
  • Any friend that turned into an enemy has been envious of you from the beginning.
  • Real friends should always be happy for you no matter what.
  • A jealous friend does better at research than the FBI.
  • Jealousy is the cousin of greed. We seem to focus on what we want and lose sight of what we really need.
  • Jealousy only eats up your beauty. Have more faith in yourself; you got something that other people don’t.
  • People only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.
  • Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits. To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood. Stay Strong.

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Funny jealousy quotes

Jealousy is not a good emotion to feel. But, unfortunately, it can consume your entire being and make you what’s referred to as a “green monster.” You can learn something from these compiled funny jealousy quotes.

  • Jealousy is the best compliment you can receive.
  • Being jealous of my beauty will not make you beautiful.
  • I have so much for you to be mad at. Just be patient.
  • I don’t give anyone a reason to hate me. They create their own drama out of pure jealousy.
  • The chances are that when someone hates you, it’s not about you at all. It’s about them. It’s their fear, their jealously, their boredom, and their insecurity.
  • Jealousy only eats up your beauty. Have faith in yourself. You have something only you have.
  • Jealousy is when you count someone’s blessings instead of yours.
  • Jealousy is a red horn monster, and you look like one when you act that way.
  • Jealousy is the niece of a cousin birthed from insecurity.

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jealousy quotes
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  • Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.
  • Don’t let jealousy fool you. It is just another name for insecurity.

Jealousy quotes in Islam and the holy book

According to the Islamic holy book, anger and jealousy are the two most harmful traits a person can have. If not tamed, both lead to actions that can usher in regrets. So, to tame this "lion," here are a few jealousy quotes you should take seriously.

  • Jealousy is destructive. It harms you more than one you are jealous of. It also don’t you of your good deeds. Avoid it - Mufti Ismail Menk
  • Be happy when others do well. Guard your heart against jealousy - one of the worst emotions that can consume and destroy you. - Mafti Ismail Menk
  • Beware of jealousy, for verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood. - Prophet Muhammad
  • Being envious and jealous of others will rot your heart. Ask Allah to increase His blessings upon them, and you’ll see your heart blossom.- Saad Tasleem
  • We live in an age of envy where envy is being taken to extremes. People are generally dissatisfied with their lives because they can’t achieve the lifestyle they want but which they see others have. This is dangerous. Be grateful for what you have before you lose it all. - Mufti Menk
  • The root of envy is ignorance. Ignorance of this truth; all blessings come in pairs. With every blessing is a test. You envy someone for their blessing because you don’t see their test.
  • Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. - Philippians 2:3
  • Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. - Romans 12:21
  • A sound heart is a life to the body, but envy is rottenness to the bones. - Proverbs 14:30
  • For where jealousy and faction are, there is confusion and every vile deed. - James 3:16
  • For wrath kills a foolish man, And envy slays a simple one. - Job 5:2
  • Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins. - Proverbs 10:12

Jealousy is a powerful force that must be overcome with conscious effort. However, some salient facts about this negative attitude captured in the jealousy quotes shared above should help in overcoming those swelling feelings and emotions. So, while you work at yours, feel free to share with your loved ones as well.

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