Mystic Monk Coffee scandal: All you need to know about the monks' fraud allegations

Mystic Monk Coffee scandal: All you need to know about the monks' fraud allegations

Throughout history, there have been numerous scandals involving various religious and business institutions. The Wyoming Carmelite monks, creators of the Mystic Monk Coffee brand, are one such religious organisation. Critics accused them on various occasions of fraud and product manipulation. But are the accusations true? Find out more about the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal.

Mystic Monk Coffee scandal
A Mystic Monk Coffee sachet (L) displayed on roasting coffee beans and (R) a Mystic Monk Coffee branded mug. Photo: @mysticmonkcoffee on Facebook (modified by author)
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Mystic Monk Coffee was founded in 2007 by Carmelite monks in Wyoming, USA. It makes coffee to support its monastery and religious endeavours. The brand is well-known among Catholics, coffee enthusiasts, and even influencers.

Mystic Monk Coffee scandal

The Mystic Monk Coffee scandal revolved around the Carmelite friars of Wyoming and their coffee brand. The alleged scandal consists of reports of misappropriation of funds, ethics behind sourcing their brew beans, and accusations of misleading consumers. Here is a detailed review of the allegations.

Misappropriation of funds

In 2011, critics reportedly unveiled a scandal involving the Carmelite monks and the donation funds meant to purchase their ranch in the mountains of Wyoming. The allegations claimed that the religious organisation misused the funds for other projects.

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In 2022, another alleged scandal of the misappropriation of funds by the organisation emerged. The new accusations centred on the funds meant to construct the new monastery. According to MporChards, higher-ranking monastery members diverted coffee sales to undisclosed accounts.

On 20 August 2008, the Carmelite monks started a fundraising campaign, the nonprofit New Mount Carmel Foundation, to raise funds for a ranch purchase. The fundraising campaign involved charity donations. The organisation also made money selling its Mystic Monk Coffee brand online and on various retail stores countrywide.

Though critics accuse the friars of misappropriating funds to purchase the desired ranch, the claims are not verifiable. The claims came out in 2011, while the organisation had bought the selected parcel of land a year earlier in 2010.

According to Canyon Real Estate, the New Mount Carame Foundation and the Carmelite monks of Wyoming purchased the 2,500-acre Elk Meadow Ranch in 2010.

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As for the 2022 allegations of misdirecting funds meant for the construction, no reputable news site reported about the allegations. Furthermore, the sources cited are labelled investigative journalists and independent sources, yet none published the allegations.

Mystic Monk Coffee operations

In 2022, critics accused the organisation of misleading consumers about the origin of their beans and the utilisation of subpar beans procured from dubious suppliers. Allegations included misleading customers about the origins of their beans and cutting corners in production and sourcing.

According to First Curiosity, an alleged investigation discovered Mystic Monk Coffee had misled customers. The revelations claimed the brand sourced their beans from dubious suppliers and that they were of low quality.

Despite the allegations of the company supplying its consumers with subpar-quality coffee, the brand still ranks high on reputable review websites. Mystic Monk Coffee blends boasts an average rating of 4.93 out of 5 based on 24107 reviews as of this writing.

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Is Mystic Monk Coffee made by monks?

Yes, it is. The organisation's official website markets the brand as coffee roasted by real friars at the monastery. The freshly roasted coffee is sold as grounds or as whole beans.

Who owns Mystic Monk Coffee?

The Carmelite monks of Wyoming, headed by Father Daniel Mary, own the beverage brand.

Is Mystic Monk Coffee Strategy a money maker?

Yes, it is. According to a case study by Ivy Panda, the coffee brand is a money maker focusing on the US Catholics as the primary consumers who purchase its product to support its ministry.

What is the mission statement of Mystic Monk Coffee?

There is no clear mission statement for the organisation. However, its goal is to generate adequate revenue to support its growing community.

Who is the founder of Mystic Monk Coffee?

The founder's brand is a small group of Wyoming Carmelite monks under the leadership of Father Daniel Mary.

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The Mystic Monk Coffee scandal involves the Wyoming Carmelite friars and their beverage business. The dispute centred on the organisation's donations and use of funds and the quality of its coffee brand. The disclosure aroused significant concerns about religious organisations' business openness and ethics. published a piece about the most controversial figures in American history. These figures include personalities and politicians whose statements or actions resulted in various scandals.

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