What are hunter eyes? Understanding what they mean and the aesthetic appeal

What are hunter eyes? Understanding what they mean and the aesthetic appeal

Certain facial features have earned a reputation for their mesmerising attractiveness and enigmatic charm. One such feature is the hunter eyes. Often associated with intensity, self-confidence, depth, and allure, hunter eyes uniquely appeal to many. But what are hunter eyes, and what do they symbolise?

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Lucky Blue Smith, Rege Jean, and Matt Bomer are some of the celebrities with hunter eyes. Photo: @luckybsmith, @regejean, @mattbomer on Instagram (modified by author)
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Hunter eyes are characterised by elements that create a sense of focus, strength, and intensity. While the term is somewhat subjective, several distinguishing features are often associated with them. Discover the meaning of hunter eyes, their distinct characteristics, and why they are visually appealing.

What are hunter eyes?

What does it mean to have hunter eyes? Hunter eyes refer to a specific eye shape characterised by an almond shape, positive canthal tilt, hooded eyelids, and little or no visible sclera beneath the eye, particularly when looking straight ahead. Here is a deeper analysis of their characteristics:

  • Hooded eyelids: They are typically set deeper into the skull, resulting in minimal or no visible upper eyelids that add dimension and depth to the eyes. This depth highlights the shadows around the optics, enhancing their mysterious allure and creating a super intense gaze.
  • Almond shape: They have a pronounced almond shape, with a sharp outer corner that may slightly tilt upward. This shape contributes to the sense of determination and intensity associated with this eye shape.
  • Positive canthal tilt: They feature a subtle downward slope in the outer corners rather than tilting upward. These intrinsic features naturally make the eyes sharper and livelier. It's the penetrating stare of a steely-eyed apex hunter on the prowl.
  • Piercing gaze: Perhaps the most distinguishing attribute of these eyes is their piercing glance, which conveys confidence and authority. Individuals with hunter eyes frequently have eyes that appear to penetrate deep into one's soul, expressing a sense of focus and awareness.

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Why are hunter eyes attractive?

A tiger walking on snow.
Hunter eyes are uniquely appealing to many people. Photo: pexel.com, @pixabay (modified by author)
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Having a set of hunter eyes is considered more appealing in men because it's more masculine and dominant. Males with hunter eyes exude facial masculinity, which women find extremely attractive. This is because they resemble apex predators such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs and look like they could protect women.

Men with deep-set eyes are said to resemble exotic predators waiting for their prey. They have a prominent, penetrating gaze that women find fascinating. Women see guys with hooded eyes as a beacon of protection.

From an aesthetic standpoint, females with hunter eyes are also considered attractive, exuding confidence and charisma. Makeup techniques such as highlighting and contouring can further accentuate their angular shape and depth, intensifying their gaze and enhancing their allure.

Are hunter eyes genetic?

While certain facial features can be influenced by genetics, hunter eyes are not entirely determined by inheritance. However, genetics can play a role in the overall shape and structure of the eyes, thereby contributing to their appearance in some individuals.

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How to get hunter eyes naturally

Many people use various face exercises and techniques to achieve the coveted 'hunter eyes' look. While bone structure heavily influences eye shape, focused facial techniques can improve circulation and muscle activation to help you reach your genetic potential. Here are a few efficient ways:

1. Mewing

Mewing is one of the natural techniques used to achieve hunter eyes. It works by using the tongue to apply light upward pressure to the maxilla bone during swallowing or at rest. Over time, this continual force progressively remodels the face structure beneath, promoting further forward and upward growth.

In theory, a larger maxilla and higher cheekbones increase structural support for the eyes. This can help reduce eye bags and dark circles, which are caused by a loss of bone density as one age.

Furthermore, mewing may enable mild hooded folding of the eyelid area in those genetically inclined. With the mewing technique, the expected results vary depending on genetics, facial malleability, and age.

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2. Chewing mastic gum

An Indian man leaning on a wall.
One way to get hunter eyes naturally is by chewing mastic gum. Photo: pexels.com, @jay-rane (modified by author)
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Chewing mastic gum regularly exercises the facial and jaw muscles, which helps shape the lower facial features. Chewing mastic gum differs from passive gnawing actions in that it requires active chewing.

The increased muscle activation increases bulk in the jaw's masseter muscles and generates more cheekbone fibres, which are responsible for bite clenching and chewing force.

Over time, the lower face becomes visibly more chiselled and defined. The angular style highlights hunter eyes by framing the glance with muscular geometry.

3. Orbital bone massages

The posterior orbit structure behind the eyeball comprises little fragile bones, whereas thicker, larger craniofacial bones surround the external eye sockets. Carefully massaging these outer orbital bones seeks to improve blood circulation in the tissue.

Furthermore, continuously touching facial tissues near the bone may promote fractional regeneration in some cells. This could explain anecdotal accounts of slightly increased definition along some people's cheekbones and optic sockets following months of daily massage.

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4. Jaw exercisers

Jaw exercisers, often made of food-grade silicone, are devices that fit discreetly inside the mouth. Users bite down and maintain tension with their jaw muscles to keep the open position.

The continual isometric contraction activates all lower facial muscle groups, such as the internal pterygoids, temporalis, and masseters. Over time, using a jaw exerciser for several 5 to 10-minute sessions results in masseter muscle development.

The enhanced angular bottom construction highlights the hunter's eyes, framing the piercing gaze.

Which eye shape is the most attractive?

While beauty is subjective, hunter eyes are commonly regarded as one of the most appealing optic shapes. Their angularity and depth generate a sense of mystery and intensity that is universally alluring. However, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and each eye shape has its distinct appeal.

What are hunter eyes? 'Hunter eyes' is a term used to refer to a specific eye shape where the upper eyelid exposure is almost invisible. They are called so because they mimic how hunters look at their prey. This eye shape exudes focus, dominance, self-confidence, intensity, and beauty.

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