How to style the Gumby haircut: 10 different looks to try in 2024

How to style the Gumby haircut: 10 different looks to try in 2024

New hairstyles are continually evolving to suit all different orientation types, and old ones are continuously being recycled because of the demanding nature of fashion. The Gumby haircut is one of those hairstyles you must try in 2024. It was invented by Art Clokey and perfected by Bobby Brown.

bobby brown gumby's haircut
The Gumby haircut is based on the high-top fade and has existed for years. Photo: @bruce_the_barber206 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Gumby haircut is based on the high-top fade. It was named after Gumby, a clay humanlike cartoon figure that first appeared in the 1950s. Gumby has an inclined head comparable to the haircut hence becoming the inspiration for the renowned hairstyle.

Tracing Gumby's haircut origin, Bobby Brown's barber accidentally took off half of his high-top faded hair. Nonetheless, the singer embraced the look, not knowing he would produce an iconic style years later.

Gumby haircut ideas worth trying out in 2024

Adjusting your hairstyle is the simplest way to update your appearance, and the mid-fade haircut is the style to try in 202. Have a look at the various Gumby haircut ideas below:

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1. Tinted Gumby

Do you need a style that helps you stand out on any occasion and makes you a topic of discussion? Consider wearing the tinted Gumby. The beauty of this style is that you can choose any colour and tint your hair. Additionally, the tint can be positioned on any part of your hair, though strategically positioning it where it is visible will be better.

2. Star-studded drop fade Gumby cut

bobby brown's gumby haircut
Star-studded drop fade Gumby cut. Photo: @la_mastergroomer
Source: Instagram

Another technique to add flair to your facial outlook is to let your hair fade behind with some stars. The reality is that because the cut is truly absorbed into your scalp, this form of hair is unique and makes you the talk of the day wherever you show up. If you desire, add a zig-zag part by the side of your hair or leave it with a few stars of your choice.

3. Low-cut Gumby with a clean beard

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Confident men with short haircuts never seem to stop flaunting it. Nothing remains static when one refers to fashion and hairstyles, and the lofty and compact concept is no exception. Nowadays, you may retain the sleek look yet dramatic by pairing the finely shaved sides of your hair and beard.

4. Two steps Gumby

bobby brown gumby haircut
Two steps Gumby haircut. Photo: @eklipsesalonnashville
Source: Instagram

The classy and exceptional look the Gumby style offers the wearers is part of why the hairdo has become accepted by most men, especially fashionistas. In addition, if you make a visible part across your hair, you can achieve the two-step Gumby style.

5. High-top fade haircut for men

what is will smith's haircut called?
High-top fade haircut for men. Photo: @leslieshawnmobilebarber
Source: Instagram

You may quickly generate a contrasting and bold look while adjusting your face characteristics with the high-top fade. This type of mid-fade haircut will lengthen your face and sharpen your features. You may wear any beard style you choose with a high top fade because it affords you such a clean-cut image. Even a full mesh beard will not ruin it.

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6. Curly Gumby haircut with part

Men with thick and thin hair will benefit from cutting and perming their hair in a way that makes them gorgeous and attractive. It gives the illusion of a more enormous and prodigious mane to men with thin strands. Also, it gives men with thick curls a lighter hairdo without compromising their thatch's structure and thickness.

7. Triple-parted Gumby haircut

mid fade haircut
Triple-parted Gumby haircut. Photo: @sirgrooming
Source: Instagram

Being creative with your haircut is one of the things you can do to give yourself a fantastic facial look. To make your Gumby cut unique, you can make double lines across your head, dividing your hair into three parts. When you wear this style, you can conveniently command the attention of anyone that beholds you.

8. Gentleman's Gumby haircut

Did Bobby Brown start the Gumby haircut?
Gentleman's Gumby haircut. Photo: @royalcutsbarbershop
Source: Instagram

Do you like men's haircuts that are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Consider this well-dressed gentleman's hairdo. One of its essential features is that it may be used in any occasion or setting, from the most official to the most casual.

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9. High Gumby with a faded part

Men's short hairstyles are prevalent among young adults who appreciate their time because they need less styling or upkeep. As a result, choosing a high Gumby with a faded part can save you a significant amount of time and energy. Create a textured cut on the top and combine it with a fade on the sides and back if you want a noticeable and eye-catching silhouette.

10. Double parts Gumby hairstyle

Nothing beats front parts, particularly when matched with a low, medium, or high fade haircut. You can have a broad, fine line or two drawn by your stylist and go back as far as you like. Then, using a wax or style gel, hold your hair back and define your hard part.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who created the Gumby haircut? Art Clokey created Gumby in the early 1950s after finishing film school at the University of Southern California. But then, the first hairstyle was worn by American singer Bobby Brown.
  2. What is a Gumby haircut? It is a famous hairstyle spotted with Bobby Brown in which hair on either side is cut short, and the other is higher.
  3. Did Bobby Brown start the Gumby haircut? People first noticed his hairstyle while shooting the Every Little Step music video. So, it is not wrong to say that he started it.
  4. What is Will Smith's haircut called? He has two hairstyles: a short buzz haircut and a short curly haircut.
  5. What is the best Gumby hairstyle? It is based on an individual's preference. Some might prefer to add a part by the side, while others choose to dye a section of their hair.
  6. Who can wear a Gumby hairstyle? Anyone who desires to can style their hair accordingly.

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Switching haircuts can do magic in changing a man's appearance. There are so many hairstyles like the Gumby haircut that one can wear to look sleek, bold, and clean according to the person's desires.

Do you find it challenging to choose your next hairstyle? Consider feed-in braids. As published on, the hairstyles use hair extensions and join them stylishly to the natural hair to increase the length and density.

Interestingly, depending on your preference, there are different styles you can pick from, including jumbo plaits, zigzags, and fishbones. Check out the post to find some ideas.

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