How does snap score work? How to check and increase your score

How does snap score work? How to check and increase your score

There is always something new coming out of social media platforms like Snapchat, as app creators work day and night to be better than their competitors. Even though Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are by far the most famous, they have been given a run for their money by alternative sites like TikTok and Snapchat due to their innovative solutions. For Snapchat users, a question that must have crossed their minds is 'how does snap score work?'

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How does snap score work
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Like most social media platforms today, Snapchat lets its users connect with friends, view live stories and explore news. One must download its mobile application from the app store to access this platform. At this point, a user will come across features like Snapchat score. Unfortunately, many users do not understand the snap score concept.

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What is Snapchat?

The Snapchat social media platform provides a fun way of getting in touch with friends and earning a score. In addition, the app's brilliant gamification features have helped it retain its users and expand the user base.

What is a Snapchat score?

A Snapchat score refers to the number logged by a user's username on their profile. The snap score is simply an indicator of a user's activity on the app but is displayed in the form of points. When a person taps on the score, two numbers are displayed, and they are meant to relay more user information.

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The first number reveals how many snaps have been sent, while the second shows how many have been revealed. The two numbers above do not total a user's full Snapchat score. Instead, several other factors are used to determine the total score based on the app's description.

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How does Snapchat score work?

How does snap score work
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It is innovative for a social media site to rank its users based on a scoring system. While it is not immediately clear how a user can benefit from a high score, users can be able to unlock trophies depending on what their total score is.

The significance of Snapchat trophies is to show a user’s special achievement on the app. These trophies are represented by various emojis. So, how does the snap score work?

Some things that can earn remarkable user achievements include using particular filters, achieving a certain score, sending creative snaps or even when a user's story is posted on Live Story. Other users can use this information to determine how active and popular you are on Snapchat.

How to get a higher Snap score

How does your snap score go up? The Snapchat score continues to increase with an increase in the in-app activity. There are many things a Snapchat App user can do to increase their snap score. When does your snap score go up?

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  • When you increase the number of snaps you send, the more snaps you send, the higher your score will be.
  • When there is an increase in the number of snaps you receive, your snap score will also steadily rise as you continue to receive more snaps.
  • When you frequently post new stories, points are earned with each new story you share and increase your score.
  • When you participate in a Snapchat streak. Snapchat streak is a creative way to ensure users return to the app time and gain. As long as the Snapchat streak is up, the snap score will also increase through earned points.
  • Other undefined factors.

Each time users post a snap to their story; they earn snap score points. Unfortunately, watching another user's story does not earn you extra points. Similarly, as much as you will receive points for sending or receiving snaps, no points are earned just for sending a plain message.

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Frequently asked questions

How does snap score work
A thread of snap messages. Photo: @snapchatsupport
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  1. How is a snap score calculated? The calculation is based on a user's in-app activity. The app rewards users with points when they send/receive snaps, post live stories or participate in Snapchat streaks.
  2. Can snap score go down? No, it cannot go down once the snap score goes up. This is because points are not deducted when a user stops being active on the app, so it can only go up or remain stagnant for inactive users.
  3. How can I see my Snapchat score? The Snapchat score can be viewed from a user’s profile by clicking on the profile icon.
  4. Can I see a friend's snap score? Yes, navigate to the "My Friends" section on your profile, and the snap score will be shown once you click on a friend's profile.
  5. How much does snap score go up per snap? A user gets one point for each snap sent, and another point for a snap received.
  6. Does having many Snapchat friends increase the snap score? Yes, having many friends increases your in-app activity; thus, your Snapchat score will increase.

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Many Snap chat features are straightforward, while others, like the snap score, require a little explaining for people to comprehend how they work. So how does snap score work? It is a scoring system used by app developers to rank Snapchat users. For example, a user can tell whether they have been spending too much time on the app or not through the score. shared how to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat. You're probably aware of the pain of missing out on someone's snaps on Snapchat, more so if they interest you.

Like other apps, Snapchat has different ways to detect if a fellow user has blocked you. These ways mostly use the app's features, and with them, you get to know you can't contact the person.

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