The ultimate white roses meaning guide: History, symbolism and occasions

The ultimate white roses meaning guide: History, symbolism and occasions

When gifting roses, their colour conveys the sentiment behind the flower, and the white rose stands out above the others for the brightness it can add to a space. They convey a feeling of purity, elegance, and honour. It can also reflect the innocence of life's most innocent moments. Here is the ultimate white roses meaning guide to help you learn more about the flower.

white roses meaning
White Roses of different sizes are seen outside the Soumaya Museum. Rose bushes were put to decorate and as a tourist attraction. Photo: Eyepix (modified by author)
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White flowers are suitable for many occasions. They can be used in various arrangements and represent nothing particularly passionate. They are ideal for decorations in boardroom sessions and for welcoming formal guests since they represent honour and admiration. They are also used during baby showers, funerals and graduation parties.

The history of the white roses

The white rose was a long-ago symbol of the goddess Aphrodite, whom the Romans eventually called Venus. This symbolism dates back to ancient Greece. Aphrodite personifies the ideal of female sexuality, love, and beauty.

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According to a tradition, all roses were once white before the goddess wounded her foot on a thorn and spilt her blood across the flowers, turning them red. This is said to have occurred after Cupid or Eros unintentionally shot the stems with an arrow, causing the blossom to develop thorns.

In ancient Greece, it was customary to provide floral offerings at the gods' temples. What does giving a woman a white rose mean? Giving flowers has evolved to signify your affection for your loved one and your belief that they are a goddess.

White roses meaning

The meaning of the flowers might vary depending on when it is received and to whom it is given. Although they can be used as gifts in any circumstance, you should be assured that you comprehend the message you are trying to convey. What do white roses symbolise in the Bible? Here are some of the spiritual meanings associated with the flowers:

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What do the white roses mean in love? They symbolise a more everlasting and spiritual love beyond physical attractiveness, unlike red roses, typically associated with romantic love.


The flowers represent tranquillity and serenity, making them the ideal choice to convey a wish for harmony and compassion.

New beginnings

The blooms represent new beginnings and are frequently used at weddings to symbolise the start of a fresh chapter in a couple's lives together.

white roses meaning
During a plenary session in the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg, a bouquet lies in the place of the recently deceased AfD state parliament member Klaus Dürr. Photo: Marijan Murat
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White roses are an appropriate tribute to pay respect and appreciation for a friend or relative who has passed away because of their purity and innocence.


White roses are frequently used to express compassion and condolences, symbolising the hope and optimism that can be discovered even in the darkest circumstances.


The flowers symbolise the soul's journey towards completeness and are frequently linked with spiritual progress and enlightenment.


The white flowers are associated with a person's pure and undamaged feelings, such as purity and honesty.

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Symbolism for occasions

The flowers are frequently given on important occasions such as anniversaries or to express sympathy during difficult circumstances. They can also be given as thoughtful gifts for key events such as birthdays, weddings, and first dates. Check out the following meaning of white roses as a gift.

Graduation parties

Graduates are frequently given white roses to express gratitude for their accomplishments and to convey optimism and honour for their fresh beginning. In contrast to its symbolism at funerals, a white rose at a graduation ceremony expresses hope and optimism.


White flowers aren't only used to commemorate a happy occasion and to express sympathy or during a funeral. What does a white rose symbolise in death? They convey a sense of cleanliness and a connection to holiness, wishing those who have passed away well on their journey to heaven. They help to provide comfort to a mourning family during an emotional time.

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Is a white rose a symbol of love? The flowers can represent the bride's youthful love for her soon-to-be husband. They can convey messages of purity, faithfulness, and innocence, and as a result, they are frequently at the heart of every wedding decoration concept. The roses are also associated with forming a foundation of a strong relationship.

Hospital visitation

White flowers may symbolise hope and a method to bring balance back into someone's life. Given their symbolic importance, white roses are the ideal gift to send to an ill or needy person.


A bouquet of roses may be a gorgeous centrepiece for a birthday party. They are also a terrific way to send happy birthday greetings and wishes.


What does the white rose mean in a relationship? They are symbolic of trust and commitment in a relationship. The ability of the spouses to support and trust one another is crucial for living a tranquil and happy existence. The two should have a strong enough tie that nothing can drive them apart.

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What does the white rose mean in friendship? The flower bouquets are appropriate for commemorating an exceptional friendship or Friendship Day. On Friendship Day, you can show your friend your love and appreciation by presenting a bouquet of white roses.

white roses meaning
In the atrium of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU), white roses can be seen at the resistance group "White Rose" monument. Photo: Sven Hoppe
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Valentine's Day

The most popular Valentine's Day flowers worldwide are red roses, but white roses are also an excellent option. In contrast to the powerful and passionate love that red roses represent on Valentine's Day, white roses signify a peaceful and serene love.

Mother's day

Because of the Roman folklore surrounding them, white roses are particularly associated with Mother's Day. They represent motherly love because Mother Mary is their patron saint. Therefore, the flower's significance on Mother's Day is unwavering, unadulterated love.

White roses with tips meaning

Several meanings are conveyed when white roses are paired with other rose colours on the tips. What does each of these combinations mean?

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Blue tips

White flowers with blue tips are exceptional and enigmatic, much like the blue roses. Giving them to someone signifies purity and respect for their individuality.

Red tips

The red tips on white roses are not merely beautiful. When you put them together, they also become a symbol of oneness. A bouquet of white roses with red tips would make the ideal romantic present!

Green tips

Roses that are white with green tips might represent rebirth and fertility. Together with the white rose's body, they might signify fresh beginnings or abundance and represent peace.

Pink tips

Having pink on the ends of your white roses represents completion and joy. You can gift them out on special occasions or to recognise someone for their remarkable deeds.

White rose symbolism in numbers

Were you aware that the number of white roses also plays a role in interpreting their meaning? Ensure you know the floral significance before gifting them to someone.

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  • 1 count – Affection at first sight
  • 2 count – Mutual love and reciprocated love
  • 3 count – I adore you
  • 4 count – We are destined to be together for the rest of our lives
  • 5 count – You're unique
  • 7 count – We complement one another
  • 10 count – You're perfect
  • 12 count – Become mine
  • 13 count – You are everything I need
  • 15 count – Everlasting love
  • 20 count – We will always be together
  • 25 count – Congratulations
  • 30 count – I am dedicated to you
  • 50 count – We will always be together
  • 70 count – My devotion to you endures forever
  • 75 count – You're my soulmate
  • 99 count – I would love to grow old alongside you
  • 100 count – Commitment, everlasting love
white roses meaning
White rose flower bouquet. Photo:, @thatguycraig000
Source: UGC

What does the single white rose mean?

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The sole white rose sends a powerful and profound message of respect, optimism, and love. It expresses the utmost sincerity of genuine affection and deep regard. What does the white rose flower mean in love? Giving a single white flower symbolises two people's unwavering love and commitment for one another and a certain level of humility.

Above is the ultimate white roses meaning guide. They have a symbolic connotation in spirituality that denotes growth and change for the better. Additionally, it might convey your ability to trust your feelings and show unwavering affection.

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