50+ insightful toxic narcissist quotes to give you wisdom to cope with narcissists

50+ insightful toxic narcissist quotes to give you wisdom to cope with narcissists

According to WebMD, narcissism is extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of those around them, although everyone can exhibit narcissistic tendencies from time to time, true narcissists frequently disregard others and do not understand the effect that their behaviour has on other people. If you are currently with a narcissistic person, you may need to know how to deal with them. These toxic narcissist quotes will help you cope.

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toxic narcissist quotes
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How can you tell the person you are involved with is a narcissist? Narcissism falls on a spectrum. Those at the highest end of the spectrum are classified as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). However, others can have narcissistic traits and fall on the lower ends of the spectrum. It is important to note that narcissism is a trait, but it can also be part of a larger personality disorder.

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Insightful toxic narcissist quotes

A toxic person is someone who frequently adds varying amounts of negativity to your life. Being in a relationship with a toxic narcissist will drain you and may be impossible to survive without the right help. While these quotes do not substitute professional help for your situation, these selfish narcissistic quotes may just be what you need now.

Toxic narcissist quotes for him

toxic narcissist quotes
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Are you looking for selfish toxic relationship quotes to lift your mood? When dealing with a narcissist, you may feel like you are all alone. These quotes addressing toxic narcissists will help you see that you are not alone. These inspiring quotes will keep you motivated.

  • When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair.
  • You will never really see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air.
  • Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.
  • Intuition — once you have had a narcissist in your life, you must develop your intuition and learn to listen to it and act accordingly.
  • The ‘I’ is the ego that we must avoid at any cost if we truly wish to be different from narcissists. Instead of using ‘I’ repeatedly, it would be wise to replace it with ‘we’.
  • Narcissism is a grave condition of insecurity and desperately feeling unloved and unacceptable.
  • I am a recovering narcissist. I thought narcissism was about self-love till someone told me there is a flip side to it. It is actually drearier than self-love; it is unrequited self-love.
  • Narcissists will destroy your life, erode your self-esteem, and do it with such stealth as to make you feel that you are the one that’s letting them down.
  • I wish that people would stop destroying other people just because they were once destroyed.
  • Narcissists would rather lie and humiliate you than admit that they were in the wrong.
  • Narcissism is voluntary blindness, an agreement not to look beneath the surface.
  • Narcissists withhold affection to punish you. Withhold attention to get revenge. And withhold an emotional empathetic response to make you feel insecure.
  • Narcissistic love is riding on the rollercoaster of disaster filled with a heart full of tears.
  • You don’t attract narcissists because something is wrong with you. You attract narcissists because so much is right with you.
  • If you want to go from being adored to devalued in the blink of an eye, simply insult the narcissist.
  • No matter how socially skilled an extreme narcissist is, he has a major attachment dysfunction. The extreme narcissist is frozen in childhood.
  • What are narcissists looking for, after all? Just someone at their level that they can feel superior to.

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Final goodbye to narcissist abuse quotes

toxic narcissist quotes
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The only thing harder than being in a relationship with a narcissist is leaving that narcissistic relationship. While it may be difficult, you must empower yourself and take that first step to freedom. These walking away from a narcissist quotes will give you the strength to survive the consequences of falling out with a narcissist, and improve your day.

  • Some relationships are like broken glass. It's better to leave them alone than hurt yourself trying to put them back together.
  • If I cut you off it's because you handed me the scissors.
  • Breakups hurt but losing someone who doesn't appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.
  • Remember that sometimes not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck.
  • A narcissist will say 'get over it because your feelings are trivial to them. If it's not about them, they're not interested.
  • It's not the goodbye that hurts, it's the flashbacks that follow.
  • I didn’t leave because I stopped loving you. I left because the longer I stayed, the less I loved myself.
  • When they know you have figured out their game, you become the bad person and the crazy one.
  • I used to care about you until I realized I was crying over someone who simply didn’t care.
  • When something feels so right but brings you nothing but pain, it is a battle between you and your mind.
  • Dear narcissist, your lies are going to catch up with you.
  • She loved the narcissist with all her heart, he was unable to love anyone except himself.
  • You knew what you were doing and you knew it would hurt me but somehow that still did not stop you.
  • When we meet and fall into the gravitational pull of a narcissist, we are entering a significant life lesson that involves learning how to create boundaries, self-respect, and resilience.
  • Please repair your narcissism before you start loving your neighbour as yourself.

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Karma narcissist quotes you need to read

toxic narcissist quotes
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Spotting a narcissist can be extremely difficult. After learning that you are dealing with this personality, you might be tempted to change their behaviour. However, your best move is to walk away, no matter how hard it feels. These spiritual narcissist quotes are just the quotes you need now.

  • A strong woman doesn’t seek revenge. She moves on and lets karma do the dirty work.
  • When you mistreat someone who would do anything for you, you’re cheating yourself out of true loyalty.
  • You will give everything, and the narcissists will take everything and give you less and less in return
  • The one who hurts others will end up being hurt also. That’s called karma.
  • Let the players play, let the haters hate and let karma decide their fate.
  • A narcissist is the creator of their own doom and gloom, living in lies, manipulation and deceit.
  • Karma is like a rubber band. You can only stretch it so far before it comes back to smack you in the face.
  • Just a reminder that life gets so much better after you block the narcissist in your life.
  • I hope you have the day you deserve.
  • Karma has no deadline.
  • Pretty sure my dream job would be karma delivery person.
  • Some people create their own storms and get mad when it rains.
  • People who create their own drama deserve their own karma.
  • She found herself and the game changed.
  • This is the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do to you.
  • If your actions were to boomerang back on you instantly, would you still act the same?
  • The more love you give away, the more love you will receive.
  • When karma comes back to punch you in the face, I want to be there. Just in case it needs help.
  • Karma is the universe’s way of letting you know that you just thought you got away with it.
  • Please repair your narcissism before you start loving your neighbour as yourself.

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Are you dealing with a narcissist in your life? These quotes will help you get through it and show you that you are not alone in your predicament.

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