Ghanaian Nurse Joicel Sarpong Who Moved From UK To US Shares Experience From Both Countries

Ghanaian Nurse Joicel Sarpong Who Moved From UK To US Shares Experience From Both Countries

  • Joicel Sarpong, a Ghanaian nurse who worked in the UK for four years before relocating to the US three months ago, has shared her observations on the differences between the two countries
  • She noted that healthcare in the UK is free, leading to higher hospital visits, while in the US, healthcare comes at a cost, making her more cautious
  • She also mentioned the significantly higher income she earns in the US compared to the UK and her relatively easy acquisition of a brand-new car in the US

Joicel Sarpong, a seasoned nurse who embarked on a journey from Ghana to the UK for work and recently relocated to the US, has shared her insightful experiences in both countries.

Having spent four years in the UK before her move to the US just three months ago, she offered a comparative perspective on various aspects of life in these two nations.

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Healthcare Accessibility:

Joicel Sarpong highlighted the differences in healthcare accessibility between the UK and the US. In the UK, she noted, healthcare is free, which results in a higher volume of people visiting hospitals.

Joicel Sarpong from Ghana to UK and to US
A Ghanaian nurse who worked in the UK and US tells the differences Photo credit: Nanelle Griselda
Source: Youtube

This contrasts with the US, where healthcare comes with a cost, leading to a more cautious approach to seeking medical attention.

Safety Concerns:

The nurse expressed her concerns about safety in the US. She shared an incident where she encountered an individual openly carrying a gun while walking down the street, describing the experience as frightening. Consequently, she has become more vigilant and prefers to stay at home.

Income Disparity:

Joicel Sarpong also shed light on the significant disparity in income between the two countries. In the UK, her take-home pay amounted to 1,800 GBP, whereas in the US, she earns a substantial $5,500 in just four weeks, highlighting the higher earning potential in her new American home.

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Accessibility to Transportation:

Additionally, the nurse pointed out the ease with which she acquired a vehicle in the US. She shared her remarkable experience of obtaining a brand-new car with zero mileage in less than three months since her arrival, emphasising the accessibility and efficiency of car ownership in the US.

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