Ugandan Woman with 44 Kids Discloses She's Struggling to Raise Them after Husband Dumped Her

Ugandan Woman with 44 Kids Discloses She's Struggling to Raise Them after Husband Dumped Her

  • Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye, popularly known as Mama Uganda, said she was struggling to pay school fees for her children
  • The doting mother of 44 children, from ages six to 28, said she worked three jobs to provide for her sons and daughters
  • The single mum said her husband abandoned her because she was giving birth to too many kids he could not care for

A couple may have one child but struggle to provide for the child because of various circumstances.

Mama Uganda narrates her challenges as a single mum.
Mama Uganda shares the challenges she faces as a single mother. Photo: Drew Binsky.
Source: UGC

A single mother faces a similar challenge, not with one or two kids but with 44 who look up to her for daily providence.

Are all Mama Uganda's kids hers biologically?

Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye, popularly known as Mama Uganda, takes care of dozens of kids who are all her biological children.

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The woman noted she struggles to care for the kids, aged six to 28, as she has no help.

"I take care of the children alone after my husband abandoned me. I was married off to him by my father when I was a very young girl, and because of the age gap, there was no love or relationship. He also had four more wives whom he cared for," she told YouTuber Drew Binsky.

Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye by 45-year-old man

Nabatanzi said her husband, who was 45 when he bought her from her father, left him because she was very fertile.

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She said her husband could not stand her bearing more children and walked away from her and the few kids they had.

"Most men only care for their children when they have grown up. For instance, if it is a girl, the parent would only want to be close with them because they would bring the family money through dowry," Brinsky's interpreter, Harriet, said.

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Mama Uganda abandoned at three days

Nabitanzi said she struggled to pay school fees for the kids and their medical expenses as it was expensive.

She also noted she worked three jobs to provide for her big family since she had no other support system.

"My mum abandoned me when I was three days old, and my father, who is still alive, sold me off for cows, goats and money," she shared.

Challenges teen dads face in Korogocho slums

In another story, struggling Korogocho teen dads worked odd jobs and were at risk of joining crime to provide for their children.

A survey released by the Africa Population and Health Research Centre revealed some of the main challenges teen dads faced in Korogocho slums. had a candid interview with an adolescent father who detailed his struggle to provide for his newborn child, the young mother, and a teenager.

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The teen father said working in construction sites was his only source of income, but he only got such jobs thrice a month at most, getting a meagre KSh 500 for each visit.

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Earlier, reported that a lady asked in an interview why she and her ex-lover broke up said it was because she regularly posts memes on social media.

She said her ex-boyfriend was against the idea of her posting memes on social media with the excuse that it portrayed her as someone who was unserious.

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