US-Based Ghanaian Explains Why African Men Abroad Submit To Their Wives: “The Laws Favour Women”

US-Based Ghanaian Explains Why African Men Abroad Submit To Their Wives: “The Laws Favour Women”

  • US-based Ghanaian Odehyieba has called on African men in the US to respect their wives due to favourable US laws for women
  • He added that even though this is divergent from traditional African marriage values, it is the best thing to do
  • He warns against adhering to Ghanaian marriage customs in the US, citing instances where men face exploitation by wives who exploit legal systems

US-based Ghanaian, Odehyieba has entreated African men living in the US to show respect to their wives to sustain their marriages, diverging from

He argued that in the US, even though these are divergent traditional African marriage values, the laws abroad favour women, leading some African women to exploit them and assert dominance in relationships.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Odehyieba claimed that adhering to traditional Ghanaian marriage values could lead to marital collapse in the US, advising men to yield and become "the woman of the house" for marital success.

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Us-Based Ghanaian Explains Why African Men Abroad Submit To Their Wives: “The Laws Favour Women”
Us-Based Ghanaian Odehyieba speaks to DJ Nyaami in an interview Photo credit: @SVTV Africa
Source: Youtube

He highlighted instances where African men, unfamiliar with US laws, face exploitation by their wives who manipulate legal systems for personal gain, resulting in broken marriages and single motherhood.

Odehyieba suggested that some African men deliberately bring women from Africa to the US to exploit them, withholding information about legal systems to maintain control over their wives.

According to Odehyieba, the disparity in cultural values between Africa and the US necessitates a shift in gender dynamics within marriages to adapt to legal frameworks and societal norms.

Watch the interview below:

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Man happy his wife joined him abroad

Earlier, reported that a Ghanaian man in the US said, unlike other men, he has not regretted allowing his wife to join him abroad.

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Koo Ofori said his wife has been helpful since she joined him in America.

"My wife Gloria Ofori, Nana Ama from Dome, has helped me a lot. I've heard people bring their partners abroad, and then they start having issues, but as for me, my wife has helped me."

Ghanaian man says marriages in Ghana are better than those abroad

Meanwhile, Albert Osei Tutu, a Ghanaian in the UK, also said marriages in Ghana are far better than those abroad and gave his reasons.

Albert said most couples abroad divorce at the slightest provocation, compared to Ghana, where they'll at least try to solve their issues.

He gave an example of partners abroad not seeing each other often because of their work schedule, but in Ghana, couples are sure to see each other most nights.


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