Man Arrested For Stealing, Forced To Dance To A Kpanlogo Beat By Residents

Man Arrested For Stealing, Forced To Dance To A Kpanlogo Beat By Residents

  • A young man has been arrested for allegedly stealing in one of the Ga communities in Accra
  • As atonement for his punishment, the young man was made to dance to a Kpanlogo beat, on a rare occurrence
  • The yet-to-be-identified alleged thief danced to exhaustion while residents of the community he went to steal looked on, with some hyping him up

A young man ran out of luck on his thievery endeavour after he was nabbed in one of the Ga communities in Accra.

In an awkwardly rare situation, the young man, who allegedly stole some items, was made to dance for several minutes as punishment for his nefarious behaviour.

Man arrested for stealing forced to dance
A man arrested for stealing
Source: UGC

In a video sighted by, the yet-to-be-identified man was captured dancing to some Kpanlogo beat.

While the alleged thief was dancing to atone for his sins, a male voice was heard in the background of the video encouraging and cheering him on in a seemingly sarcastic manner.

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"This one no be happiness dance ooo, na sadness dance bi that. You steal, you go dance. Steal and dance," the voice was heading saying.

The young man, wearing an all-black top and shorts, looked visibly exhausted as he kept dancing his sins away in the full glare of the residents of the unidentified Ga community that had gathered in the night to witness the action.

What makes this rare is that in most places in Ghana, alleged thieves are subjected to all manner of inhumane treatment without recourse to their human rights or the legal maxim, innocent until proven guilty.

It is unclear from the videos shared on Facebook by All Streetz Vibez what happened to the alleged thief afterwards; however, one could expect that he would be marched to a police station to face the law if he is found guilty.

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