Why Some Women Are Proposing Marriage To Their Men After Years Of Dating: An Expert's Opinion

Why Some Women Are Proposing Marriage To Their Men After Years Of Dating: An Expert's Opinion

  • Some women have taken action to pop the question to their significant lover after years of dating
  • Apart from the long period of dating, these women break universal norms to ask the marriage question to seal the relationship
  • YEN.com.gh reached out to African-American intimacy coach Erica Daniel to discuss why some women propose to men

Proposing marriage to one's boyfriend after years of dating is a significant step towards moving the relationship to another level to seal the love.

While the proposal could have a meaningful impact on the relationship, a woman must consider the cultural context and other factors before proposing marriage to her man.

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Besides the cultural context, the lady must assess whether her man would appreciate a public declaration of love. She must also consider his personality and interests when planning the proposal.

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She must also know that every relationship is unique and personalise her proposal to suit her boyfriend's best preferences.

Some data on women proposing to men

Michele Velazquez, who works with The Heart Bandits to help arrange proposals, says she has yet to notice an uptick in the number of women proposing in the 13 years she has been in business. She estimates that barely three heterosexual women contact her each year, said Time.

Video of lady proposing to her man

While Rosemary Hopcroft, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, thinks that the male proposal has been profoundly ingrained in society over millennia, things are changing.

See a woman proposing to her man in the video below:

Why some women propose marriage to their men

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Certified African-American intimacy coach Erica Daniel tells YEN.com.gh that, albeit uncommon, a woman proposing to her man can affirm her love for him.

''Finding love can be challenging. Some men don't find the courage to propose because they fear rejection. A woman proposing, while uncommon, may allow a man to know categorically just how much the woman loves him.
''It takes away the fear of rejection and helps one to feel loved and appreciated. This is not ideal for everyone, but it could be the missing link for some,'' Daniel told YEN.com.gh.

According to the Times, while some women confidently propose to their lovers, studies show that throughout various cultures, women appreciate men who propose and are providers.

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