Woman Ditches Hubby To Move In With Divorced Lover, Only For Him To Reconcile With Wife

Woman Ditches Hubby To Move In With Divorced Lover, Only For Him To Reconcile With Wife

  • A woman who wanted it all in love lost after making the wrong calculations
  • The married woman walked out of her marriage believing that her office boyfriend loved her more
  • Since he was divorced, she figured it was easy to move into his house and nurture the relationship they had been having secretly for several months
  • No sooner had she moved in than the man informed her he had reconciled with his estranged wife and was rebuilding their marriage

In a heart-wrenching tale of love, betrayal, and shattered dreams, one woman's pursuit of happiness has taken a devastating turn.

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Woman Ditches Hubby to Move in with Divorced Lover, Only for Him to Reconcile with Wife
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The anonymous woman had left her husband for her work colleague, with whom she had been having an intense affair behind their spouses' backs.

Relationship created tension in respective marriages

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However, her dream of a future with her colleague has been shattered after he dropped a bombshell on her and left her alone.

The Mirror reports that the woman and her colleague had been close for many years, with their relationship always causing tension in her marriage.

Despite her husband's ultimatum to choose between him and her colleague before they got married, she chose her husband.

Yet, the other man was "never far from her thoughts."

Woman left hubby for lover

After both had gotten married to their respective spouses, the affair between the woman and her colleague reignited.

She disclosed that both expressed real feelings for each other and discussed leaving their partners to be together.

The woman took the bold step of leaving her husband and their home to pursue a life with her colleague.

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However, her lover's commitment to their relationship has come into question, as he has become flaky and distant.

Office lover wants to rekindle marriage flame

He informed her that his wife was trying to improve their marriage, leading him to reconsider leaving her.

Despite his earlier promises to leave his wife if she left her husband, the woman has been heartbroken as he now seems distant.

"I haven't seen him outside of work for three weeks. He's broken me," the woman lamented.

She now finds herself alone, grappling with the shattered remains of her dream of settling down with her colleague, who seems to have chosen to stay in his marriage.

Woman broken after married neighbour she slept with ignores her

In an earlier story, a woman disclosed that she was feeling hurt and confused after the married neighbour she slept with changed.

The two started talking after the single mum's kid developed a friendship with the neighbour's child.

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Not long after, the single mother and the man next door agreed to share passionate moments.

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