Romantic Woman Gets Henna Of Lover's Name ‘Paul Kibe’ On Her Forehead: “Number Plate”

Romantic Woman Gets Henna Of Lover's Name ‘Paul Kibe’ On Her Forehead: “Number Plate”

  • A Kenyan woman, Lizah Njeri, went viral after she 'tattooed' her lover's name on her forehead in a viral video
  • Netizens have taken to social media to advise her, noting that it was not wise to mark herself in such a manner
  • The woman revealed that the henna was her way of showing her lover that she was committed to their relationship

A video of a woman getting her lover's name written on her forehead has gone viral.

Kenyan woman and her lover (left). Kenyan woman showcases her forehead with her lover's name written on it (right).
Woman inks her lover's name on her forehead. Photo: @_lizahnjeri.
Source: TikTok

Did Kenyan woman really tattoo her lover's name?

Lizah Njeri took to social media to share a video claiming that she had tattooed her lover's name on her forehead.

The woman said that she inked her love's name on her forehead because she loved him.

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While some fans are mistaking the art for a tattoo, some netizens have noted that it's henna art and will fade with time.

Njeri said:

"I tattoed my man's name on my forehead. Si mlisema gai haina number plate ni ya mwizi? (You all said a car that does not have a number plate belongs to a thief. So I have decided to place a number plate. I want to draw a tattoo of my man's two names."

Netizens in her comment section advised her to be careful of what she does for love, as she might later regret it.

Others lauded her, notiat they would love to find lovers like her who give their all.

Netizens react to woman inking lover's name on forehead

Here is what they had to say:


"Paul Kibe show us your ways master."


"Don’t forget rule number 5."

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"Search bar Paul kibe tell us the secret champion."


"Show us your ways master Paul Kibe."


"Paul Kibe release our girl in Jesus name."


"Aki utajua hujui... don'T put too much trust on this people.... I have a story to tell."

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